Saturday, 18 June 2011


18, June 2011.
Self and one of my friend went to SABARIMALA  and had very good dharshan of Lord Sri AYYAPPAN on 15th of June 2011, shrine opens for the monthly pooja. . The river pampa is running with full of water and we had a good bath. The water current is also so  high. Since it is the  rainy season  there was  intermittent  showers  throughout our journey. The path was completely paved with granite steps and without steps.( Only slope ). It was a very good journey and nice experience  to climb the hills during heavy rain with holding the IRUMUDI on the top of the head. The rain water flowed like a stream in the concrete slope paths and steps. The crowd was much less and we had a good dharshan without waiting more time in the Q. The following are the photos taken through my mobile X10 mini

 ( Pathinettampadi )
 ( Self at pathinettampadi )
 ( Myself with my friend Mr G. Shunmugasamy )
 ( Main shrine ) 
 ( Main shrine )
 ( Mancha madha sannadhi )
 ( Steps in the slope to the sabarimalai)
 ( Steps in the slope to the sabarimalai)
 ( Green forest while climbing down ) 
( The water is flowing to the brim level in Pamba river )

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


01, June 2011 
This is one of the five  Shiva temples built along the river Manimuthar. These five temple's main shiva lingas are of  suyambu. There is a belief that worshiping  the 5 temples in a single day will remove all the sins. This temple was built by the Chola king Koprakesari, which is more than 1000 years old. But there is no sign of Cholas / Cheras period architecture. There are about 15 kalvettugal available in the temple. The sthala Puranam claims that temple is a padal petra sthalam by Sundara Nayanar, but that particular song is not known. 

The Sthala puranam was told by Nandhi devar to Sanatha munivar, which has 672 songs. Once, Brahma was sitting on the lotus among the Devars, Munis,  Asuras and 4 Vedas in the form of  pasus. Every body appreciated the unique creation power of Brahma. After hearing all these happenings the Muni SUGAR, ( The voice of the muni is similar to that of Parrot’s voice) who is a Lord Shiva devotee, went and told everything to Devi Saraswathi. This muni was born to Muni Vyasar and Thilothamai, who has a Parrot face. When Brahma known this he cursed the Muni Sugar to become a Parrot ( King of Parrot) and the curse will disappear at Salem after worshipping Lord Shiva.

While Muni Sugar worshipping Lord Shiva  in the form of parrot, a hunter Vachirakanthan  killed sugar along with other parrots, who tried to save Lord Shiva statue. The weapon also hits Shiva statue and blood was oozing from the lingam. On seeing this the hunter  also killed himself. Lord Shiva appeared and blessed the parrots and the hunter. Muni Sugar also got the original appearance.  To show this there is Urchavar and moolavar of Muni Sugar with Parrot face is installed in the temple. Some of the photographs taken through my X10 Mini mobile are uploaded below.
  1. The temple is heart of Salem City.
  2. Frequent buses are available from various parts of Tamil nadu 
  3. The temple is very near to old Town bus stand  
Pudai sirpangal in koshtam of  Subramaniyar Sannadhi
Pudai sirpangal in koshtam of  Subramaniyar Sannadhi
Entrance Rajagopuram on the east side 
Sudhai Rishabaroodar
Subramaniyar sannadhi
Temple complex view with Subramaniyar sannadhi
Suga munivar whose nose is like parrot nose