Tuesday, 20 September 2011


20, September 2011

On 17th September 2011, went to ( last leg of Nadu Naadu Temples ) the Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalangal near Cuddalore. Really I enjoyed this trip, since I travelled  in all mode, walking to a distance of 3 Kilometers, pillion rider on the motor cycle, then on the Mahindra / TATA kutti yanai, town bus, share auto. etc. There are 4 temples near Cuddalore. With this I had completed all the 22 Paadal Petra Sthalangal of Nadu Naadu. The route I followed is as follows.

Chennai to Tindivanam ( about 2.30 Hrs by bus from Guindy )- Tindivanam to Pondy by Private bus (which goes inside the villages ( Reader/ devotees do not travel by type of transport )- Pondy to Cuddalore - Thirupathiripuliyur Paadaleeswarar Temple ( By walk from bus stand &  return to bus stand by walk- Thiruchopuram by Town bus ( Parangipettai) - got down at Thiruchopuram - Thiruchopuram to Alapakkam - (By   mahindra mini transport vehicle - From Alapakkam to Mettupalayam by Town bus - From Mettupalayam to Thiruthinai Nagar ( Theerthanagiri ) - half way by Motor cycle and half way by town bus - Therthanagiri to Mettupalayam by Mahindra Mini lorry  - from Mettupalayam to Cuddalore by Town bus- From Cuddalore to Thirumanikuzhi by Town bus and walk to about 1.5 Km by walk - From Thirumanikuzhi to Thiruvandhipuram by pillion rider on TVS mopet and Thiruvandhipuram to Cuddalore by share auto. - from Cuddalore to Chennai by bus via Tindivanam Thambaram. The private vehicles do not charged me any thing. Hence I extend my sincere thanks to those drivers to carry me to complete the dharshan yatra.


This is 50th Devaram Padal Petra Shiva Sthalam and 18th sthalam of Nadu Naadu on the banks of river Kedilam. Thirunavukkarasar has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple.

Iraivan: Sri Paadaleeswarar, Sri Shivakozhulundeesar,  Sri Karaiyearteeswarar.
Iraivan: Sri Bruhindanayagi, Sri Periyanayagi, Sri Aruvantha Nayagi.

Some of the important features of this temple are....
  1. Architecture of the temple sculptures are  very nice and beautiful.   
  2. Ambal sannathi is built separately. 
  3. Thirunakkarasu  Swamikal was thrown in to sea with stone tied on his body  by Samanars. By Gods grace Thirunavukkarasar came to shore (Kadal karai ), hence Iraivan is called as Karaiyearteeswarar). 
  4. Viyakkarapatha Munivar ( Pulikal Munivar ) worshiped in the temple hence the place  end with puliyur ( Thirupathiripuliyur ).

  1. It is centre of the new Town Cuddalore and very near to bus-stand and railway station.
  2. Frequent buses are available from  all the major cities of Tamil Naadu to Cuddalore.
  1. The land line number is +91 4142  236 728.
Rajagopuram view from inside temple
Vimanams of the prakaram sannadhis
Sudhai sirpangal of the rajagopuram
View of the front mandapam with rajagopuram 


This is the 38th Deavaram Padal Petra Shiva Sthalam and 6th stalam in Nadu Nadu. ThiruGanasambandar has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple.  

Iraivan : Sri Mangalapureeswarar, Sri Thiruchopuranathar.
Iraivi    : Sri Thyagavalli ( Near by place is called a Thiyagavalli), Sri Velnedinganni,               Sri Sathyakshi.

Some of the important features of this temple are...
  1. Once the temple was completely submerged in the sand and latter the same was renovated by Madurai Ramalinga Yogi. 
  2. From the history after removing the sand it was observed that the lamp near the Shiva deity was burning. This shows that regular pooja was conducted by devars/ Munivars eventhough the moolavar was completely covered with sand.
  3. Epigraphs of Chozhas and Panya’s period are available in this temple. 
  4. There is no Rajagopuram and the temple is facing west.

  1. Town bus going to Parangipettai goes via Thiruchopuram.
  2. Cuddalore to Chidambaram road, get down at Alappakkam  and 2 KM from main Road.
  3. Very near to  Nagarjuna Oil refinery, which is under Construction.
  1. The mobile number is +91 94425 85845.
Moolavar  vimanam
Saba mandapam vimanam
( Entrance of the temple with bell maadam  on the top )

(Now the place is called as Theerthanagiri.) 

This is 37th Devaram Padal Petra Shiva Sthalam  and 5th Shiva Sthalam in Nadu Naadu. 

Iraivan: Sri Shivakozhuntheesar, Sri Shivalingeswarar
Iraivi: Sri Neelathakshi, Sri Oppila Nayagi, Sri Karuthadanayagi.

Some of the important features of this temple are.....
  1. As per Sivanadiyar Ramalingam Vairakannu the present name of "Theerthana giri" is a changed name  from the ancient name of "THEERTHA NAGARI" This information is from the British manual, a book of inscriptions of Madras presidency. 
  2. The name Thiru Thinai Nagar called by devotees  is from a story, which is chiseled in the form of relief available on the temple wall. The story is,  Lord Shiva in the form of Vellalar, sowed the millet Thinai and grown. Lord Shiva on the rishabha vakanam gave dharshan to the vellalars. 
  1. Town Bus route No 34  available from Cuddalore. For more details please refer the comments.
  2. Town bus roué No 39 available from Mettupalayam ( Mettupalayam is about 20 KM from Cuddalore to Chidambaram route ) starts from Kurinjipadi

  1. Archakar Subramania Ayer can be contacted for dharshan  on 9047140464, 9150151195 & 04142 278324
  2. Alternatively this mobile may be contacted 94434 34024

Bus stop at Mettupalayam to Theerthanagiri Map : CLICK HERE
Sthala purana pudai sirpangal on the wall
Sthala purana pudai sirpangal on the wall
Narthana vinayagar in koshtam
Moolavar vimanam
Rajagopuram view from Dwajasthambam
Ambal temple view from Dwajasthambam 


This is the 49th Devaram Padal Petra Shiva Sthalam and  17th sthalam on the banks of river Kedilam in Nadu Nadu. Thiruganasambandar has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple. 

Iraivan : Sri Vaamanapureeswarar, Sri Uthavinayagar, Sri Manikkavarathar
Iraivi    : Sri Ambushakshi, Sri Uthavinayagi, Sri Manikkavalli.

Some of the important features of this temple are...
  1. As per hear say  this temple is the 1st  among 1008 Shiva temples. 
  2. This is the only Shiva Sthalam, where one can have  dharshan with the help of Archakar. 
  3. It is believed that Shiva is always with Ambal and is guarded by Sivagana Beemaruthrar  ( also known as Beemangaran  printed on the front screen). Hence aarathi will be shown first to Beemarutharar to get permission and then to Shiva. After aarathi  screen will be closed. Since Shiva is always with Ambal there is no palliayarai in this temple. 
  4. It is believed that Thirumal worshiped Lord Shiva of this temple at the end of Vaamana Avathar ( to remove sin caused by killing Mabali Chakravarthy ). 
  5. Also it is believed that by worshiping Shiva in this temple will be equal to worshiping of 16 times Kasi, 3 times Thiruvannamalai and 3 times Chidambaram. 
  6. Sthala puranam is chiseled on the front entrance of sannathi.
  7. SPIC- PHARMA, cuddalore employees also participated in the lighting of main temple. Thanks to their service.
  1. Cuddalore to Panruti buse 16 & 16 are going through Thirumanikuzhi. ( 1.5  Km walk and cross the river bridge )
  1. Archakar can be contacted for dharshan  Gurukal Natarajan  +919486387154
  2. Alternatively this land lime may also be contacted +91 4142  224 328.
Rajagopuram side view
Moolavar vimanam
Temple complex view from moolavar vimanam
Sthala puranam pudai sirpangal in front of moolavar sannadhi
Sthala puranam pudai sirpangal in front of moolavar sannadhi 


  1. Sir,
    Your description about how to reach Theerthanagiri is not clear.Please clarify, edit your blog

  2. Dear Suresh,
    The place Mettupalayam is on the bus route Cuddalore to Chidambaram and 20 km from Cuddalore. Get down at Mettupalayam. From Mettupalayam on the west side road Junction you can get a bus to Theerthanagiri route No 39 which comes from Kurinjipadi.

  3. the name theerthana giri.is a changed name .the real ancient name was THEERTHA NAGARI.this information I got from a british manual.the book of inscriptions in madras presidency.thiru thinai nagar also called by devoties and a story also written and the villagers also known this.
    cuddalore is my home town iam living in Chennai for past 50 years.i have visited all these places by my two wheeler.

    1. Thanks Ramalingam, for the valuable information. I will correct the same in the post.

  4. Hi Mr. Veluswamy--- I was really delighted with the finer details you've provided. I've just been to thirupadhiripuliyur and I am planning to visit the other temples near cuddalore(as listed by you) and other padal petra thalangal near panruti and vridahchalam. Please could you shed some light on the details for temples near panruti and vridahchalam as well.

    Many thanks, om nama sivaya....



  5. Dear Mani,
    Here the details which I know, If you want to cover some more temples you can get details from Raju's temple visit
    Temples near Panruti 1. Thiruvadhikai 2. Thiruthuraiyur

    Temples near Virudhachalam 1. Thirunelvayil Arathurai ( Thiruvattathurai ) 2. Pennadakam ( Pennadam ) , 3. Erukkathampuliyur ( Rajendra Pattinam ), 4. Koodalaiyartrur, These are Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalangal.
    Also temples of Murugan at Kownchiappar and Srimushnam a Perumal temple is on the route to Koodalaiyartrur )

    all the best

  6. Thank you so much for your response.... Mr. Veluswamy. With this I reckon, I would finish visiting the remaining 10 odd padal petra sivasthalams in nadu naadu. Hoping I'd complete this within the end of this year.

    Ellam eesan arul. Om Nama Sivaya....

  7. I've visited the Vridhachalam Pazamalainathar temple yesterday, the temple is really massive and still has the antique look and gives a great sense of solace. The only little thing annoying was that the gurkkal who was so absent minded and left some flowers that I've brought in the sanctum sanctorum somewhere. Anyways, Lord Shiva would have definitely accepted my flowers though it was not placed upon the lingam. Planning to visit Panruti thiruvadhigai next weekend.

    I am still wondering how did you manage to visit all the temples near cuddalore on the same day? any tips???


    1. Dear Mani,
      All the temples around Virudhachalam are covered in a single trip. Early morning I reached Virudhachalam. took a Taxi, had the dharshan at . Pennadakam ( Pennadam ), Erukkathampuliyur ( Rajendra Pattinam ), and Koodalaiyartur, Get dropped at Virudhachalam for Evening dharshan. Then returned to chennai.

      The temples around Cuddalore are covered in a single day. In the morning session had the dharshan at Thirupathiripuliyur, Thiruchopuram and Theerthanagiri.
      In the evening session had the dharshan of Thirumanikuzhi and Thiruvandhipuram Perumal temple.

      As far as possible for one day trip try to take food / lunch - like tamarind rice, Lime rice along with you. Mornings you can manage with banana fruit with tea. Evening around 21.00 hrs you can reach home if you are from Chennai.


  8. Hi Mr.Velu, I've just got 6 temples(hurrah!!) remaining in nadu naadu viz, thiruchopuram, thiyagavallli & 4 other temples around vridahchalam.

    Please could you help me with a few questions.

    what time do you normally board a bus in chennai in the morning?
    which is shortest route to cuddalore? Chennai - Pondy -cuddalore or Chennai - Panruti -Cuddalore?
    You said you've visited temples around vridahchalam in a car. Which travels in Vridahchalam did you travel with? Any phone number?
    Was a day time sufficient to visit all 4 temples in vridhachalam as temples remain open only until 12 in the noon and reopen not before 4:30 in the evening?
    Were the priest friendly enough to open the temples in we reach there after it was closed?

    Thanks for all your help. Looking forward to getting these queries answered.

    Om nama sivaya.

  9. Dear Mr Manikandan,
    Far off places like Cuddalaore, Virudhachalam I used to start between 02.00 Hrs to 03.00 Hrs from Asarkana / Thambaram bus stop.
    I For Cuddalaore I went through Chennai – Tindivanam – Pondy – Cuddalaore. The shortest route is Chennai – Pondy – Cuddalore through ECR .
    You can cover easily the 4 temples around Virudhachalam if you engage a Taxi. I went through a taxi and the agency I could not remember now, sorry.
    You can go like this Pennadam – Nelvayil Arathurai ( Thiruvadurai, Thiruvathurai ) – Erukkathampuliyur ( Rajendrapattinam ) and koodalaiyatrur ( Archakar’s house is in front of the temple) and you can cover the Vishnu temple at Srimushnam on the way
    At Cuddalore I followed the route Thirupathiripuliyur – Theerthanagiri – Thiruchopuram in the morning session and in the evening session Thirumanikuzhi ( Without archakar you cannot have the dharshan here since the screen will always hung infront of moolavar since it was believed that Ambal will always with Shiva ) and Thiruvadhigai ( Vishnu temple ).
    Do not plan too much since most of the temples opens during one kala pooja and closed after pooja, it will be un predictable the opening times.
    Any way Try your best and lord Shiva will give dharshan either through Archakar or through Meikavalars.
    All the best

  10. I visited thiruchopuram today. As I went around 04 PM, the archakar wasn't around. An old lady who has been delegated by the archakar to help devotees with dharshan helped me. I appreciate her help very much . Planning to go to Theerthanagiri on Gandhi Jayanthi. Sorry, I am troubling you with more questions again.

    Mettupalayam - Is that on the kadulur - Chidambaram route. Will all buses to chidambaram pass via this place. Or travelling by a town bus from cuddalore, the only option. I'll anyway get in touch with the archakar with details you've provided above.

    OM nama sivaya.


    1. The Place Mettupalayam is on the ECR from Cuddalaore to Chidambaram. Nearly 2 to 3 KM from Alappakkam. From Alappakkam the route is - Vigneswara Polytechnic College - Mullai Hotel ( on the right )- Indian Oil Petrol Bunk and Mettupalayam Bus Stop. To Theerthanagiri you have to take the west side or the right side diversion. Ordinary Govt Buses and Private buses will stop at Mettupalayam Bus stop. After Mettupalayam the ECR will take a turn. Some of the buses going to Parankipettai will also stop at Mettupalayam Bus Stop. Mettupalayam and surrounding people has to use the Theerthanagiri Bank near the temple. After reaching Mettupalayam, you can get lift through some passerby or Town bus. You can get some more details also from the Sivachariyar, whose contact number is given in my blog. The place Mettupalayam Bus Stop can be viewed in the Google maps.

      Mettupalayam Bus Stop, Adinarayanapuram, Tamil Nadu 608801

      All the best

    2. Dear Manikandan,
      Edited my blog and I had given the link for the bus stop google map Hope this will do for you.
      OM Sivaya Nama

  11. HI Sir,

    I' ve visited Theerthanagiri yesterday (Oct 2, being a holiday). Reached the temple so early by 3 PM. The archakar's hospitality was highly appreciative. He gave me shelter in his home & some hot bajjis and tea. May Sivanaar shower the choicest of his blessings on them. Was blessed enough to see the pradosha pooja and came back home around 12:30 AM night. The buses with route no 6 & 34 pass by the temple street.

    Planning to visit other four temples around vridahchalam in the weekends to come. OM nama sivaya.

  12. Dear manigandan,
    As I told you, plan for for your travel and leave the rest to Lord Shiva, who is the ultimate authority to decide to give dharshan or not. So do not plan too much. Sitthan pokku sivan pokku. All the best for your Muthukundram (Virudhachalam ) trip. Lord Shiva's blessings will be with you always.

    My plan for this week end is for the Uzhavarapani at Villiyampakkam near Chengalpattu.

    All the best Mani.,

  13. HI Mr.Velusamy,
    I've completed my nadu naadu thala yaathirai completely with thirukoodalaiyaatrur on last christmas and then did go to sirkaali and thirukolakka... before last couple of weeks... what is the plan for siva rathri.... I am goona be pleading for a day off from my manager. Need some tips for covering kongu naatu thalangal on the weekend during tamil new year. Could you please help sir..... Many Thanks for all your help with nadu naadu thalangal, Sir.

    1. There are 7 Shiva temples in Kongu nadu and 5 are around ERODE. Thiruchengodu is on east, Bhavani is on west and Kodumudi, Karur, Vejamakoodalur is on south of Erode.

      The last three are in a line. Example. Stay/ reach at Erode ( Good Lodging facility is available ). Early morning start 5 Hrs from Erode reach Kodumudi have dharshan and go to Karur. From there catch a bus to Venjamakoodalur. After dharshan return back to Karur for Pasupatheeswarar dharshan since the temple will be open till 12.30 Hrs.

      After dharshan return to Erode have your meals near bus stand go to Bhavani. It will be 1/2 hour journey. 5 to 5.30 return to Erode and get a bus to Thiruchengodu. Around 6 to 6.30 you can reach hill top. Go through bus from bus stand to Hill top.
      Return back to Erode and stay at night.
      Once again start from there, catch a bus to Coimbatore and get down at Avinasi. After dharshan catch a bus ( Opposite side of the temple you can get bus ) to Thirupur and get down at Thirumuruganpoondi ( about 5 KM from Avinasi after crossing new bus stand - try to see the Sirpangal manufacturing on the same street to temple - some of them are exported to foreign countries ).

      After dharshan around 11.00 Hrs you can push off to your place Via Thirupur or Erode.
      Hope you can complete in 1 1/2 day. Hope you got it. If you have doubt call me.
      You can see my blog to get more details.
      All the best