Monday, 3 September 2012


03, September 2012

This time I would like to cover the Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalangal  in and around  Chidambaram and Kattumannar Koil. On 01-09-2012, Saturday early morning by 02.00 hrs started from Chennai and reached Chidambaram around 06.30 hrs. After leaving the luggage at Hotel Sabanayagam near east Rajagopuram, had the dharshan of Lord Natarajar, CHIDAMBARAM. This time I was fortunate enough to witness both “Thiruppalli ezhuchi” and “ Artha jaama pooja”. It was a wonder full experience. Even though I had been to Chidambaram temple two times earlier  I could not visit all  the temples in side the complex. In this visit I could make the same.
01-09-2012, SATURDAY
Hired an auto to visit the temples THIRUVETKALAM, which is inside Annamalai University. The temple priest was kind enough to explain me  about the sthala puram and I could take photos of the Sthala purana pudai sirpams chiseled on the pillars. Then went to the temples THIRUNELVAYIL ( Sivapuri ) and THIRUKAZHIPALAI (about ½ km from Thirunelvayil - Sivapuri). Hired the same auto visited the temples THIRUNALLUR PERUMANAM (Aachalpuram – Thiruganasambandar after marriage with his wife and relatives went in to the Shiva Jothi.), and THIRU MAYENTHIRAPALLI ( Mahendrapalli ) via Kollidam. For Mahendrappalli dharshan,  we picked up the Sivachariyar  from his residence, ( about 2 km away from the temple ). I could make the dharshans  of all the  6 temples in the morning session.

Since I was not prepared for the evening  temples visit, like to cover Sirkazhi and near by temples. From Sirkazhi  went to THIRUMULLAIVAYIL by town bus and  from there  to THIRU KURUKKAVUR. For this temple I walked to about 1 KM from the main road, a place called Vadakaal. Returned to SIRKAZHI and had the dharshan. From Sirkazhi hired an auto up to THIRUKKOLAKKA which is about 1.5 Km from the old bus stand and returned to bus stand by walk. In the evening session I could able to cover 4 more temples.

02-09-2012, SUNDAY.

Today’s plan was to cover the FOUR temples  around Kattumannarkoil. After vacating the lodge boarded a bus to Thirunaaraiyur. On the main road, THIRUNAARAIYUR  was about 1 km. Pollapillayar is power full in this temple. The temple is also called as Pollapillayar temple, by the locals. On return walked up to main road and reached Kattumannarkoil. Hired an auto to go to      KAANATTUMULLUR ( Kaanattampuliyur),  OMAMPULIYUR ( One of the Atta Veeratta sthalam ) and MELAKKADAMBUR.  (The road was very very bad, in spite of the DMK Ex  Minister Pannerselvam’s native of Muttam  is at the centre of all these temples.)  On the way to Melakadambur visited the Keelkadambur  Sri Raudhrapathy Temple, a Devara Vaipusthalam   This temple is under the control of Tamil Nadu archeological Department. It seems that reconstruction was done some extent.  After dharshan at Melakadambur  returned to Kattumannar Koil and also had the dharshan of Sri Veeranarayana perumal, a Vishnu temple Deatils and photos up loaded in the next post).  Reached Chennai around 20.30 hrs via Chidambaram. 

55/1. KOYIL    (Chidambaram )

This is the 55th Devaram Paadal Petra Shiva sthalam and 1st Sthalam on the north side of river Cauvery in Chozha Nadu. This place is called as Chidambaram. Thiruganasambandar, Manikkavasagar has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple. 

Iraivan: Sri Natarajar, Sri Ambalakoothhar, Sri Chirtrambalmudayavar,   
            Sri Ambalavaanar.
Iraivi   : Sri Sivakami, Sri Sivakamsundari

Some of the important features of this temple are....
  1. Cirtrambalam : Roof was covered by gold. To see moolavar – Natarajar not the usual Linga baanam ( Spadika lingam kept in a box under the feet of Natarajar. Abhishekam is usually conducted to this Spadika lingam and lingam is taken to Palliyarai after artha jaama pooja. ) - we have to climb 5 steps made of stone. Hence Iraivan is called as kartralippadiyar. Right side of moolavar ( “Chidambara rakasyam”  in the form of golden  vilva leaf maalai is hanging on the wall - which signifies the lord shiva is with out aadhi and andham and roopam and aroopam.).
  2. Ponnambalam : Front portion of the chirtambalam.
  3. Perambalam: Panchamoorthykal and 100 pillar mandapam, Nandhavanam.
  4. Nirutha Sabai: South side of Kodimaram. Iraivan danced in this palce and the dance is Urthuva thandavam.
  5. Raaja sabai: 1000 pillar mandapam. Ceremony of Chozha kings  used to take charge ( Mudi sootikkolluthal ) in this mandapam.
 Some of the Miracles happened in this temple are :
  1. Manikkavasakar defeated Buddha  and make the dumb girl to speak.
  2. Thiruganasambandar treated all Thillai andhanars as Sivaganis.
  3. Umapathy siva sung the Kodikavai to hoist the kodi ( Flag ).
  4. Senthanar sung the song to make the Chariot to move / run.
  5. In this temple only Thirumaraikal came to this world after it was locked in a room after many years.( Devaram, Thiruvasagam etc., )
  6. Iraivan  asked Sekkizhar to write the Siruthondar puranam with the first step given by lord. .
  1. From all cities of Tamil Nadu bus facility if available to Chidambaram and Temple at the center of the city.
  1. Mobile number is + 9194439 86996
 ( Golden plate covered Cirtrambalam )
( Rajagopuram of Sri Perumal's temple inside the Shiva/ Sabanayagar's Temple complex)

 ( 1 Pillar ( ஒற்றை கால் மண்டபம் ) Mandapam )
 ( Mural / Paintings on the ceiling )
 ( Mural / Paintings on the ceiling )
 ( Temple tank view with west side Rajagopuram)
 24 Pillar mandapam near Theertha kulam )
 ( South Side Raja gopuram )
 (Stucco  Nandhi Mandapam)
 ( Sudhai sirpangal on the South side of Rajagopuram)
 ( Kali amman )
( Agastiyar ? or Kings? in the Rajagopuram entrance )
( Sudhai sirpam of Dheekshithars gave reception  to Manikkavasakar at East Rajagopuram)
( Dawn view of East Rajagopuram where the moon appears on the top)

56/2. THIRUVETKALAM (Chidambaram - Annamalai Nagar)

This is the 56th Devaram Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam  and 2nd sthalam on the north side of river Cauvery in Chozha Nadu. Thiruganasambandar and Appar has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple. 

Iraivan: Sri Paasupathheswarar, Sri Paasupatha nathar
Iraivi   : Sri Sargunambal, Sri Nallanayagi.

Some of the important features of this temple are......
  1. Separate sannadhi for  Sri Siddhi Vinayagar, Sri Somaskanthar, Naalvars, Sri Sokkanathar, Sri Meenakshi, Sri Subramaniyar and Sri Mahalakshmi.
  2. Iraivan and Iraivi are in Veduva vadivam,  war with Arjunan,  Arjunan doing dhabas, Rishaba roopa dharshan are  well chiseled on the pillar of the front mandapam.
  3. Uchi Pillayar, Narthana Ganapathi, Dakshinamoorthy, Brahma moorthangal are in koshtam.
  4. Urchavar sila roopam Iraivan and Iraivi are  in  Kuravan and Kurathi
  1. Just after Annamalai University, We have to go through Annamali university.
  1. Gurukkal may be contacted through his mobile 9842008291
 ( Moolavar Vimanam )
 ( Arjunanan is fighting with Lord Shiva as Veduvan )
 ( Arjunan is doing dhabas )
 ( Shiva and Parvathi as Veduvan and Veduvathi )
 ( Tmple complex front view )
( Rajagopuram)

57/3. THIRUNELVAYIL  (Sivapuri )
This is the 57th Devaram Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam and 3rd  sthalam on the north side of river Cauvery In Chozha nadu. Thiruganasambandar has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple. 

Iraivan: Sri Uchinaatheswarar, Sri Uchi natha swamy
Iraivi   : Sri Kanakambigai.

Some of the important features of this temple are........ 
  1. The temple is facing east with 5 nilai rajagopuram and water tank with neerali mandapam.
  2. Sannadhi for  Sri Vinayagar, Sri Subramaniyar , Pancha Lingams, Sri Sani Bhagavan, Sri Suryan and Sri Chandran.
  3. Ambal in a separate sannadhi
  4. Naalvar pudai sirpangal in pillars.
  5. Moolavar is small on a square aavidayar.
  6. There is no Navagraha sannadhi.
  1. By the side of Annamali University, reach the main road via Kavarapattu road, go via Perampattu road to reach the temple.
  2. Town bus available from Chidambaram bus stand to Sivapuri.
  1. Gurukkal may be contacted for dharshan through his mobile 9842624580
 ( THe straight 5 tier Rajagopuram )
 ( Back side view of the temple karuvarai - Ligothbavar)

( Moolavar vimanam with Dhakshinamoorthy sannadhi )

58/4. THIRUKAZHIPALAI ( Sivapuri )

This is the 58th Devaram Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam and 4th sthalam on the north side of river cauvery in Chozha Nadu. Moovar has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple. 

Iraivan: Sri Paalvannanaatheswarar.
Iraivi   : Sri Vedhanayagi.

Some of the important features of this temple are .......
  1. This is a reconstructed / relocated temple. The original temple was 11 KM from the present place on the banks of Kollidam river. The old temple was damaged due to flood.
  2. Adhikara nadhi with his wives in the nitches on both sides of the Rajagopuram.
  3. Moorthangal of Suryan, Vinayagar, Giratha moorthy, Mahavishnu, Navagrahas, Kaalabairavar and Chandran in prakaram are in the prakaram.
  4. In Natarajar sabai, Ambal Sri Sivakami  with their friends on the same peedam.
  5. Moolavar is small in size with a small “kuzhi” on top, in which abisheka milk is collected. Other abishekams are for Aavudayar’s only. Moolavar is in square shape and looks like thulasi maadam.
  6. Back of moolavar Iraivan and Iraivi pudai sirpam in standing posture.
  7. Separate sannadhi for Kaala bairavar.
  1. ½ KM from Sivapuri.
  1. Mobile number is 98426 24580
 ( Various sila moorthangal in the outer prakaram )
 ( Moolavar vimanam with Sandikeswarar sannadhi )
 ( Temple front view with nandhi mandapam )
 ( Temple front view )
 ( Adhikara Nandhi under the nitches of Rajagopuram with his wife on both sides )
( 3 Tier Rajagopuram ) 

59/5. THIRU NALLURPPERUMANAM  (Now this place is called as Aachaalpuram )

This is the 59th Devaram paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam  and 5th  sthalam  on the  northern side of river Cauvery in Chozha Nadu. Thiruganasambandar has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple. 

Iraivi: Sri Sivalokatheyagesar, Sri Perumanamudaya Mahadevar.
Iraivi:  Sri Venneertru Umainangai, Sri Swetha Vibhuthi Nayagi.

Some of the important features of this temple are......
  1. This is the place where Thiruganasambandar entered in to the Shiva jothi along with his wife Thothira Poornambigai and relatives.
  2. Thiruganasambandar Kalyana mandapam in which Thiruganasambandar marriage festival  will be conducted every year. Moola thirumeni to be seen.
  3. Moorthis  of Thiripura samharar, Chandrasekar, Sekizhar, Pitchadanar, Thiruneelakanda Yazhapanar, Madhanga soolamani, Neela nakkar, Muruga nayanar, Thiruganasambandar in the prakaram.
  4. Sannadhi for Vinayagar, Subramaniyar, Ranavimosanar, Mahalakshmi, Bairavar, Sattanathar, Suryan and Chandran, Sri Rina vimosanar.. Koshta moothis are Sri Vinayagar, Sri Dakshinamoorthy ( to see the beauty ), Sri Lingothbhavar, Sri Brahma,  and Sri Durgai.
  5. Sudhai sirpam of Thiruganasambandar with his wife entered in to Shiva jothi above entrance of  moolavar sannadhi.
  6. A separate temple for Sri Thiruganasambandar and his wife Sri Sthothra Poornambigai in kalyana kolam in front of kodimaram.
  1. Town buses  from Chidambaram & Sirkazhi to Mahendrappalli passes through this Village.
  2. 8 KM from Kollidam on the left side.
  1. Contact phone number 04364 278272
 ( Vinayagar Sannadhi )
 ( Ambal sannadhi )
 ( Dwarabalakikal sudhai sirpangal )
 ( Thiruganasambandar's marriage  sudhai sirpam in the rajagopuram )
 ( Dhakshinamoorthy sudhai sirpam above Dhakshinamoorthy sannadhi )
( 5 Tier Rajagopuram )

 60/6. MAYENDRAPPALLI ( Now This place is called a Mahendrapalli (near by village Koyiladippalayam )

This is the 60th Devaram Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam and 6th sthalam on the north side of river Cauvery in Chozha Nadu. Thiruganasambandarhas sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple. 

Iraivan: Sri Thirumeniyazhagar, Sri Somasundarar
Iraivi   : Sri Vadivambal, Sri Vadivambigai, Sri Vadivammai

Some of the important features of this temple ..........
  1. Indiran, Mayendran, Chandran worshiped Shiva of this temple.
  2. 3 tier Rajagopuram.
  3. Sannadhi for Vinayagar, Kasiviswanathan, Thirumal with their wives, Shiva Lingams, Bairavar, Suryan and chandran.
  4. In  Vavvalnethi mandapam, Ambal Sannadhi and in  Natarajar Sabai, Natarajar with Sivakami and Manikkavasakar.
  5. Natarajar was taken from nearby place called Theevukkottai. Mohinipanam is being paid be govt to Natarajar and Temple ( செவி வழி செய்தி ).
  6. Suryan rays are falling on the moolavar  every year 1 week in Tamil Panguni month.
  7. Dwarabalagars are in suthai pudai sirpam.
  1. Buses are available from Chidambaram, Sirkazhi, Thanjore, Kumbakonam.

  1. Gurukkal may be contacted through his land line 04364 292309
 ( Moolavar vimanam with Dhakshinamoorthy sannadhi )
 ( 3 Tier Rajagopuram )
 ( Beautifull painting in front of Ambal sannadhi )
 ( Front view of moolavar sannadhi )
 ( Beautifull Nandhi )
( Beautiful Sudhai dwarabalakar ) 

61/7. THEN THIRUMULLAIVAYIL (Thirumullaivasal )

This is the 61st Devara Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam and 7th sthalam on the north side of river Cauvery. This temple has got the Thiruganasambandar devara pathikam. This place is now called as Then  Thirumullaivasal, since there is also another padal petra Shiva Sthalam near Chennai with same name and is called as Vada Thirumullaivayil.

Iraivan: Sri Uthika Parameswarar, Sri Mullaivaneswarar,                                                    Sri  Mullaivana nathar.
Iraivi    : Sri Sathyanantha Soundri, Sri Kothaiammai.                         
             Sri Anikondakothai.

Some of the important features of this temple are as follows.
  1. Moolavar is little big.
  2. Dwarabalagars are made of sudhai.
  3. In koshta moortham only Dhakshinamoorthy.
  4. Sila roopam for Vinayagar and Subramaniyar.
  5. There is no Rajagopuram and Kodimaram is with out kavasam.
  6. Mandapam is of flat stone slabs roof. ( Very cool in the evening hours )
  7. Sannadhi for Ganapathy, Lingams, Pitchadanar, Thiruganasambandar.
  8. Moorthis of Single stone sthla varalaru, Naalvar,  Bairavar,  Mahalakshmi, Navagrahams, Chandran , Suryan are in prakaram.
  9. Sthalaviruksham Mullai on the Kiluvai maram.
  10. Chozha King's Bramahathi dhosam was cured after worshiping lord of this temple. ( Story - Moolavar appeared after cutting the mullai plant by the king with his sword and the blood came out of moolavar.)

  1. Both Private and Govt town buses available from Seerkazhi town bus stand ( old bus-stand ).
  1. Mobile number is 94865 24626

 ( Front entrance view )

 ( Moolavar vimanam with dhakshinamoorthy sannadhi - Sthala virukasham Kiluvai tree )
 ( Dhakshinamoorthy with sanagatha munivars )
 ( Single stope pudai sirpam of Naalvars)
 ( Single stone sirpam of sthala puranam )
 ( Ambal temple vimanam )
( A shiva temple sudhai sirpam near bus stand ) 

67/ 13.  THIRUKKURUKAAVUR. (Thirukkadavur )

This is the 67th Devaram Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam and 13th sthalam on the north side of river Cauvery In Chozha Nadu. Sundarar and Thiruganasambandar has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple. This place is called as Kurukkavoor. 

Iraivan: Sri Velvidai nathar, Sri Vedhapureeswarar, Sri Suwetharishameswarar.
Iraivi   : Sri Kaviyanganni ambal, Sri Nilothbhava Visalakshi.

Some of the important features of this temple are......

  1. Moolavar is small in size.
  2. There is no Kodimaram and Rajagopuram. The temple is waiting for the kumbhabhishekam oppertunity. .
  3. Silaroopam for Vinayagar, Sri Viswanathar, Kasi Viswanathar, Naalvar.
  4. Separate sannadhi for Valli Deivanai sametha Sri Subramaniyar, Vinayagar, Karumanikaperumal, Suryan, Bairavar, Sri Mariamman, Sri Iyannar, Sri Saneeswarar, Sri maavadi vinayagar, Sri Sivaloga nathar, Sri Boologa Nathar.
  5. In koshtam Ganapathy, Dhakshinamoorthy, Lingothbhavar, Bramha.
  6. A Separate temple for Ambal and Ambal and moolavar nandhis are in 90 degree angle.

  1. On the bus route Thirumullaivasal to Seerkazhi, get down at the place called Vadakaal, and the village is about 1 km off main road.
  1. Mobile number is : 92456 12705
 ( Agasthiyar in standing Posture )

 ( Moolavar Vimanam with Dhakshinamoorthy sannadhi )

 ( Temple complex view )
 ( Beautifull Lingothbavar looks like made of cast iron )
 ( Moolavar and Ambal sannadhi Nandhis - 90 degrees alignment )

( No Rajagopuram - but only an entrance arch)

68/14.  SIRKAZHI  ( Seerkazhi )

This is the 68th   Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam and 14th sthalam on the north side of river Cauvery in Chozha Nadu. Moovar has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple.The temple is in the heart of  Seerkazhi city.

Iraivan: Sri Brahmapureeswarar, Sri Thiniappar, Sri Chattainathar.
Iraivi: Sri Periyanayagi, Sri Thirunilai Nayagi.

Some of the important features of this temples are as follows.
  1. This is the birth place of Thiruganasambandar and he was fortunate to receive milk ( Ganappaal) from Ambal,  when he was a child.
  2. Gananatha nayanar has done thiruthondu in this temple.
  3. Murugan, Kali, Brahman, Thirumal, Guru, Indiran, Suryan, Chandran, Agni, Adhishesan, Raghu, Kethu and Viyasar worshiped this temple Iraivan.
  4. Separate sannadhi for 63 var, Somaskandhar, Thiruganasambandar ( Aaludaaya pillayar).
  5. A unique malai Koil with  3 tiers above moolavr, Thoniyappar – beautifull big sila roopam signifies Kailayam and 3rd tier, Chattaiyappar- can be viewed through window.
  6. The place Seerkazhi was called in different names via, Brahmapuram, Venupuram, Pukali, Venkudu, Thonipuram, Poontharai, Sirapuram, Sambai, Kazhumalam.
  1. Buses are available from different parts of  Tamil nadu to this temple town
  1. Land line number is  04364 270235
 ( 5 Tier Rajagopuram )
 ( front Mandapam )
 ( Temple tank with temple view )
 ( Sudhai sirpam on the wall )
 ( Moolavar and Sattanathar vimanam )
                                               ( Moolavar and Sattanathar vimanam ) 

69/15. THIRUKKOLAKA (Part of Seerkazhi )

This is the 69th Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam and 15th temple on the north side of river Cauvery. This temple has got Thiruganasambandar and Sundarar devara Pathikam. This temple is about 1.5 KM from Sirkazhi Sri Thoniyappar Temple

Iraivan: Sri Sabthapureeswarar, Sri Thiruthalamudayar,                            
            Sri Thiruthalapureeswarar.
Iraivi   : Sri Osainayagi, Sri Osaikodutha nayagi, Sro Thonipranthambal.

Some of the important features of this temple are as follows.
  1. Moolavar is little large.
  2. There is no kodimaram, Rajagopuram and Navagraha sannadhi..
  3. Separate Sannadhi for Periya Pillayar, Somaskandhar,  Sri Subramaniyar, Sri Mahalakshmi, Naalvar.
  4. In koshta moortham Vinayagar, Dhakshinamoorthy, Lingothbhavar, Brahma, Vishnu Durgai ( Astabujam ), Iyappan, Suryan and Chandran.
  5. Ambal in a separate Temple with separate entrance but with an interconnecting gate ( Main entrance is locked )
  6. Iraivan gave thalam to Thiruganasambandar.
  7. There was a story that a dump boy was able to speak by grace of Shiva of this temple, hence his father denoted a golden thalam to this temple, which is available at the temple.
  1. 1.5 Km from Thoniappar temple.
  2. Local people used to call this temple as “ Osai kodutha nayagi temple”.
  1.  Land line number is 04364 274175
 ( Moolavar Vimanam with dhakshinamoorthy sannadhi )
 ( Ambal sannadhi Koshtam moortham  Kiriya sakthi )
 ( Corridor view )
( Dhakshinamoorthy with sanagatha munivars )


This is the 87th Devaram Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam  and 33rd sthalam on the noth side of river cauvery. This temple has got Appar and Thiruganasambandar devara Pathikam.

Iraivan: Sri Soundareswarar.
Iraivi   : Sri Thiripurasundari.

Some of the important features of this temple are.....
  1. Kantharuvan  turned to Narai due to Dhurvasar's sabam and worshiped lord Shiva  of this temple to get back his original roopam.
  2. Nambiyandarnambi was born in this place.  With the blessings of Pollapillayar of this temple he  was able bring the Devara thirumurai to this world from the locked room at Chidambaram temple.
  3. There is no kodi maram and inner rajagopuram is of 3 tier.
  4. In the inner prakaram Moorthys of Thiruganasambandar, Thirunavukkarasar, Sundarar, Manikkavasakar, Sekizhar, Agathiyar & Bagamunivar, Narayana Munivar, Ganapathy.
  5. In Santhanachariyar sannadhi moorthangal for Meikanda devar, Arul nandhi Sivachariyar, Marai Ganasambandar, Umapathy Sivachariyar.
  6. Pollapillayar is  suyambu ( Pollal = to make with chisel ). Pillayar was on his own with out chiseled.
  7. Valampurivinayagar.
  8. In the inner prakaram paintings of  how Nambiyandar Nambi found out the Devara thirumurai.
  9. Sila roopam of Nambiyandar nambi and Rajaraja Chozhan in Polla Pillayar Sannadhi.
  10. Urchava moorthaangal for Naarai, Pollapillayar, Rajarajan, Chandrasekar, Naalvar, etc.,
  11. In koshtam Agasthiya Vinayagar, Dhakshnamoorthy, Annamalayar, Brahma & separate sannadhi for Durgai Amman.
  12. Separate Sannadhi for Thirumoolanathar and Sandikeswarar. In Navagraha sannadhi moortham for Saneesawarar, 3 Bairavars, Suryan, Pollapilayar, Subramaniyar and Gajalakshmi.
  13. Ambal in a separate Temple near Rajagopuram.
  1. On the bus route Chidambaram to Kattumannar Koil via  Kumaratchi,  get down at Polla Pillayar temple bus stop and  Narayur is   1 Km.( Town Bus routes are  23, 28 from Chidambaram)
  2. 16 KM from Chidambaram
  1. Mobile numbers are  94425 71039 and 94439 06219
 ( Temple entrance with 3 tier Rajagopuram )
 ( Polla Pillayar sannadhi )
 ( Moolavar Vimanam )
 ( Gajalakshmi )
 ( Moolavar vimanam )
 ( Painting of Naarai worshiping Shiva painting at the entrance of moolavar sannadhi) 
 ( Paintings at the entrance on both sides - on the left Polla pillayar helped Nambiyandar Nambi to recover the Devara Pathigams and on right Narai worshiping Lord Shiva )

86/ 32. THIRUKAANATTUMMULLOOR (Now this place is called as Kanaattampuliyur )

This is the 86th Devaram Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam and 32nd  sthalam on the north side of river Cauvery in Chozha Nadu. Sundarar has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple. 

Iraivan: Sri Pathanchali Nathar
Iraivvi : Sri Kaanar Kuzhali, Sri Ambujakshi, Sri Kolavalaikkaiyal

Some of the important features of this temple are ..... 
  1. A small temple built with bricks.
  2. East facing temple.
  3. In the inner prakaram sannadhi for Ambal, Natarajar Sabai, Subramaniar, Gajalakshmi.
  4. Sila roopam for Pathanjali.
  5. Vikrama Chozhan period tamil inscriptions are found.
  6. It was once a private property and now thiruppani is being carried out and preparing for kumbhabhishekam.
  7. In koshtam Vinayagar, Dhakshinamoorthy, Mahavishnu in place of Lingothbhavar, Brahma.
  8. Sannadhi for Sri Nirthru Vinayagar, Subramaniyar, Kashi Viswanathar, Gajalakshmi, Kashi Visalakshi.
  9. Silaroopam for Naalvar, Pathanjali munivars, Saneeswarar, Suryan. There is no chandran and Navagraha Sannadhi.
  10. The temple is under renovation  for construction of compound walls / plastering, Pavement of floors with granite slabs etc.
  1. On Kattumannar Koil  to Omampuliyur bus route a place called Muttam. Temple is 2 Km from muttam.
  2. You can come from Omampuliyur also  via Muttam.
  1. In-charge of this temple Mr Jayachandran may be contacted at his mobile 9790333377. 
 ( Moolavar Vimanam with Dhakshinamoorthy sannadhi )
 ( Outer parakaram pavement of stone slabs in progress )
 ( Front view & Thirupani in progress )
( Rajagopuram  3 tiers ) 

85/31. OMAMPULIYUR (Omampuliyur )

This is the 85th Devaranm Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam and 31st sthalam on the north side of river Cauvery in Chozha nadu. Appar and Thiruganasambandar has sung hymns in praise of Lord shiva of this temple.

Iraivan: Sri Pranava  Viyakrapureeswarar, Sri Thuyartheertha Nathar,                               Sri Pranavapureeswarar.
Iraivi   : Sri Pushpa Lalithambigai, Sri Poongodinayagi.

Some of the Important features of this temple are...... 
  1. Viyakrabathar worshiped lord Shiva of this temple.
  2. As Dakshinamoorthy  Lord Shiva explained the meaning of Pranavam to  Sri Umadevi.
  3. Omam- Velvi in tamil ( OM – aam- Puliyur = Omampuliyur)
  4. The temple is facing east with 3 tier Rajagopuram.
  5. There is a  small Shiva Temple on the bank of Gowri theertham.
  6. Moolavar is  little higher on a square peedam.
  7. Shiva gave chakrayutham to Thirumal to kill Salanthan. Shiva Lingams of all five Puliyurs pudai Sirpam on the walls.
  8. Lord Shiva inside as Dakshinamoorthy  hence this sthalam is called as Gurumoorthy sthalam and hence Abhishekam is done first to Dhakshinamoorthy.
  9. Natarajar and Dakshinamoorthy nitches  are inter changed.
  10. Tamil inscriptions of 3rd Kulothunga Chozhan.
  11. There is no navagraha sannadhi.
  12. In koshtam Vinayagar, Dhakshinamoorthy, Annamalaiyar, Brahma, Vishnu Durgai.
  13. Sannadhi for Vinayagar, Pathra lingeswarar, Subramaniyar, Iyappan, Anjaneyar, Gajalakshmi, Saraswathi, Sandikeswarar.
  1. Bus facility is available  from Chidambaram and Kattumannarkoil.
  1. Jagadeesa Gurukkal may be contacted for dharshan at his residence landline number 04144 - 264845
 ( Moolavar Vimanam )
 ( Outer prakaram sannadhis )
 ( Moolavar vimanam  with sthalaviruksham view )
 ( Temple complex view )
 ( Ambal sannadi vimanam )
Rajagopuram with nandhi mandapam ) 
88/34. KADAMBUR Now this place is called as Mela Kadambur 

This is the 88th Devaram Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam  and 34th sthalam on the north side of river Cauvery In Chozha Nadu. Thiruganasambandar and Appar has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple.

Iraivan: Sri Amirthakadeswarar
Iraivi   : Sri Vidhyu Jothi nayagi, Sri Jothiminnamai.

Some of the important features of this temple are ...
  1. Indiran worshiped and got the Amirtha kalasam & Sri Subramaniyar worshiped and got  bow.
  2. Angaragan dhosha nivarthi sthalam.
  3. There is no kodi maram .
  4. Nagarathar thirupani for this temple.
  5. In the outer prakaram sannadhi for Navagrahas. Natarajar Sabai is in inner mandapam and thirumeni is of very old.
  6. Mollavar is slanding on one side and paanam is sharp on the top. There is story for this. Indiran  without the permission of Pollapillayar tried to take karuvarai with Moolavar for his mother's worship. This act was stopped by Pollapillayar by pressing his right leg on the ground. Due to this Pillayar also in slanding posture.
  7. In prakaram moothangal for Vinayagar, Naalvar, Mahalakshmi, Dhurvasar, Bairavar, Sanibhavan, Chandran, Suryan, etc.,
  8. Ambal on the laps of Lord Shiva as aalingana moorthy in Pudai sirpam  on the karuvarai wall. ( Beautiful to look ).Karuvarai and vimanam are built like chariot with horses pulling.
  1. On the bus route Chidambaram to Kattumannar Koil via Eyyalur
  2. On the bus route Kattumannar koil to Eyyalur  after Keel kadambur is Melai Kadambur
  1. Gurukkal Selva Ganesan 09715639212 & Land line 04144 264638  and auto driver at Kattumannar Koil  Ravi 9994220346
 ( View of Keel Kadambur  reconstructed Sri Rudhrapathy Shiva Temple - a Vaipu sthalam. Now under the control of Tamil Nadu Govt archaeological dept control )
 ( Moolavar Vimanam and Karuvarai outer is complete of sirpangals on a Chariot with wheels and horse is pulling )
 ( Dhakshinamoorthy  sitting on rishabam - A straight through hole  from right to left ear of the Dakshinamoorthy sila moorthy)

 ( Agasthiyar and Ganapathi on both side of Arthanaareeswarar )
 ( Sirpangal of Aalinganamoorthy, Pathanjali munivar )
 ( Aalinganamoorthy sirpam )
                                                              ( A three tier Rajagopuram ) 

  --- OM SHIVAYA NAMA --- 


  1. Very nice blog..Thank you for sharing your experiences...Pls add the temple timings..

  2. OM Namasivaya.
    This is a village temple and the timings are not followed. The Gurukkal ( Phone number is given in this post ) may be contacted for the dharshan. The Gurukkal is doing pooja for more than one temple including My friend's native Poovizhunthanallur. All the best and May shiva's blessings will be with you always.
    Thanks & regards

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