Sunday, 24 June 2012


24, June 2012.

Utilizing the opportunity of this yathra, we had been to local sight seeing. On 10th June 2012,  first we had been to the local Everest mountain service through Yeti Airlines a domestic Nepal airline. They charged Rs 6000.00 for this one hour trip. It was a great experience to see the Mount Everest and other snow covered mountains.


( View of the mount everest )


After breakfast we had been to Sri Pasupathy nath Shiva temple. Since in Nepal cows are treated as god, leather items are not allowed in the temple which includes, belt, purse, watch strap, etc. The temple is in huge area. The Karpa kirugam has 4 entrances, The moolvar has four faces are chiselled on all the four sides. Unlike other temples the moolavar Gopuram is constructed in wood similar to Buddist monastry / Chinese temples. There is a huge Nandhi in front of the moolavar, covered with brass metal sheet. This has got the recognition of UNESCO. There are about 1008 Shiva lingams are installed, which will take at least 15 minutes to go around them. Peoples from India throng this temple on all days. The last rites were conducted for those who died at the temple and burnt near the temple ghat.
( Pigeons are fed by the devotees) 
                                             ( Temple entrance - Nandhi is partiallay visible )
( Corridor to the temple )


This Buddhist temple is on a small hill, which has steps on both side to climb up and down. From the hill Kathmandu can be viewed.


The statue is installed in a pool of water, made of stone. The statue has the amsam of  Shiva, Vishnu, Rama, Krishna, Buddha. Vibhuthi is applied to the fore head & Snake around the arms are the symbols for Lord Shiva. Lying one the 11 headed snake is the symbol for Vishnu, Naamam for the symbols Sri Ram, Sangu and Sakaram in hands are the symbol for Krishna and Kundalam hanging from the years is the symbol for  Buddha. Hence Hindus and Buddhists throng this temple and offered prayers. There is  a  wonder  that top of the statue is visible under the water. It is to be noted that this variety of stone is not available any where in Nepal. From the story that this statue was excavated from a farmers land and installed here.
( Entance sila moorthangal )                                                     
                                                        ( The silamoortham on the path )  


This temple is very near to Sri Pasupathy nath temple. 4 to 5 KM distance from airport. The is one of the Sakthi peedams  in India and Nepal. Sri Kukkeeswari is power full since there are lot of people throng this temple since early morning. We 4 people went to this temple from hotel after hiring a Taxi, from the Hotel. 

 ( The main shrine entrance through some steps )


 ( A section of devotees who had undertaken the Kailash Yathra )



 24, June 2012

Aimed to do the dharshan of  all the 276 Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalangal. Would like to make yathra to Kailash and Manasorovar, before getting too old. From the web site learnt that most of the travel operators and Govt restrict the age limit to 60 years. After seeing the advertisement of M/s  Samrat Holidays, decided to join their June Tour to Kailash. Since the it was suggested that the June month is an ideal period to have a dharshan of Mt Kailash without rain and cold. Paid Rs 10001 as an advance and booked for the June 9th batch.


While preparing for the the yathra,  I thought it might be simple. The travel agency has given a list of materials to be carried and the amount of money to be carried. Already paid Rs 16500 towards air ticket from Chennai to Delhi and Delhi to Kathmandu and back. And the balance amount of Rs 60000.00.   Skipped Mukthinath yathra since I have to take 5 more days leave. So decided not to  opt for the same. Consulted the Dr and bought the medicines. For the high altitude sickness we have to take Diamox tablet. Dr Aravind, Clinic at EB colony, advised me to take sulpha content tablet to watch the reaction ( A Test dose ). Since there was no symptom of reaction Dr advised me to take Diamox tablet if required. Slowly purchased the required materials. For the shirt and pants planned to use my old shirts and pants and purchased trekking suits from rex fashions.

Prepared the eatables like chocolates, cashew nuts, Patham nuts, dry  grapes and packed in small small sealed packets. Winter clothes like monkey cap, thermal wear, wollen socks bought from flower bazaar market. After getting ironed my pants and shits weighed for the actual weight ( allowed. 20 kgs  and 6 kg for the hand bag ). To carry manasarovar water thought of taking one litre bottles 3 nos  instead of carrying 5 litre can, as advised. 

When I searched in the website about the altitude sickness, it was threatening. Then comes the trekking. Mr Velusamy who  is coming for the second time gives me a hope. Planned to trek parikrama by walk without hiring  the yak or the pony ( From the e-mail from Samrat Holidays,  that  we have to pay 2000 Yuvans towards that- it was a  threatening news ).     Hope Lord Shiva only has to give me courage to face the hurdles.  After the initial preparation I was eagerly waiting for the  Saturday morning ie 9th June 2012 to come. ( Supposed to start from Chennai )

When the Saturday was nearing   my heart was functioning at a faster rate due to increase of anxiety. The news from the past yathris and web site  information increases my anxiety level further.

One Tuesday 5th June 2012 was also an important day for me. Our Sr.  Chairman Dr AC Muthiah and Achi called me to their residence and blessed me for my yathra.    It gave me more energy and strength to make this Yathra.

On Wednesday  afternoon 6th June 2012 weighed the bags  and it was about 15 Kgs and  back bag  was about 6 Kgs. I made minor adjustment to reduce the weight of the back bag to 5 kgs.

The day of stating the yathra came to  true on 09th June 2012, when I boarded in the plane to New Delhi.

09-06-2012. SATURDAY

The flight to Delhi took off at 06.50  Hrs  from Chennai airport, for which we had checked in around 04.00 hrs and I could-not meet Mr Vasu who came to airport to see off me. Since we have to go up to Kathmandu, we have booked the luggage up to Kathmandu and obtained two boarding passes through Jet airways. The e-ticket was booked in advance. The flight at Delhi landed at 09.45 Hrs. After immigration boarded the flight to Kathmandu around 12.00 Hrs and reached 13.45 hrs. After Passport verification landed in the Star hotel Park Village, which is about an hour journey from  airport.  A briefing session was conducted for the benefit of yathris at night.

10-06-2012. SUNDAY

As per the schedule today is the local visit day. We had been to mountain flight service, Sri Pasupathy nath Temple, Jala Narayanan Temple and Suyambunath, a Buddish temple. ( Details with Photographs are up loaded in a separate post )

11-06-2012. MONDAY

Since the hotel room was booked up to 12.00 Hrs, we have to vacate and stay in a hotel Kailash Manasarover Guest house, at Kodari near the border. We have deposited our belongings and Indian money at hotel locker and exchanged Indian rupee to Chinese Yuvan for Rs 25000.00.  Packed the clothes required for Yathra and other materials in the tubble bags.  Reached Kodari a place near the border. It has become uncertain, of crossing the border to day as scheduled, due to non receipt of Group VISA. During our journey to Kodari to Kathmandu,  we have observed landslides occurred in many places.  The river Bada koshi was flowing along the bus route.

12-06-2012. TUESDAY

Rest day at Kodari. Morning went to walk up to Tatopani Hot springs and many yathris had taken bath, some took a dip in the bada koshi river. Spend evening time in the guest house and participated in bajans.

13-06-2012. WEDNESDAY

We have not received any information about visa. In the morning Sherpas with cooking vessels arrived to Kodari. Morning went to Tatopani hot springs again. After  breakfast under took a trekking to a Buddhist monastery above Kodari village. The pictures painted on the walls were very colour full. Returned to Guest house and waited for the good news from   Mr Srinivasan  about VISA, who had personaly went to Delhi to get the Group Visa. At last around 20.00 Hrs it was a happy news that Visa has been issued and we will be starting 09.00 Hrs    on 14-06-2012.

14-06-2012. THURSDAY

It was a great day for us. After breakfast and early lunch, we had crossed the border around 11.50 Hrs. After verification of our visa and passport at Chinese Lasa Port, boarded in the bus to Neyalam. The road to Neyalam was very good and passes through two tunnels. It was interesting to see the precautions taken to avoid land slides by the Chinese Govt. In some places roadside stone portions were sprayed with concrete. The bus journey was pleasant.

15-06-2012. FRIDAY

During morning hours we went for a trekking to the nearby mountain for two hours. It was a different experience to see the snow capped mountains from the top of the small hill. After break fast around 10.00 hrs we started our journey to SAGA. The half of the distance was not good. From Neyalam to Saga  there was no trees on the hills. It changed to desert. On the way we could find many villages with mud houses. After  5 hours travel we have reached SAGA,   which is on the banks of Bramhaputra River.  Accommodated in a star hotel.

16-06-2012. SATURDAY

Started our journey around 06-00 hrs to Manasarovar lake. Had the first dharshan of mount KAILASH south east face  from the banks of Manasarover lake around 19.30 hrs and taken a bath. Collected holy water and some stones. On the way we had our lunch in one of the road side Rest house at Old Tompha. Spend time from 00.00 hours  to 5.30 hrs morning waiting on the banks of Manasarovar lake to watch the wonder-full sight of  Rishis and Devars taking bath and worshiping Mt. Kailash. It was too cold to sit on the banks of the lake Manasarovar. Around 03.49 hours my camera clicked mysterious photos of stars, which I had uploaded in this post.

17-06-2012. SUNDAY

Morning Homam and Pooja was conducted through the Kumbakonam group who brought the Sivachariyar. All participated. Started from Manasarover and reached the hotel at  Dharchan. After a brief rest went to Astapath. The land cruiser ( Charged us 75 Yuvans  per head and 4 persons were accommodated )  dropped us before 2.5 KM. Treked through ice river and went to Astapath. We had the dharshan of Mt Kailash - south face very close. Some of us collected the Holy Mt. Kailash water  which flowed from the melted ice )

18-06-2012. MONDAY. ( First day of our PARIKRAMA )

Started from the Darshan Hotel and reached to Emathwar. It is believed that after  one who came through the Emathwar will not be having the fear of EMAN. The trek distance was 12 KM. It took us 4 hours to complete. We ( Self and Mr Kumar ) have not hired the Horse, but only porter for which we had paid 600 yuvans. The trek was pleasant and we had the dharshan of south west  and West side of Mt Kailash. Our sherpa was helpful and he always makes us to reach the next destination before others arrives. Stayed in hotel Parmarth Ashram maintained by Richa Tours at DIRAPUK. The altitude was 4860 meters above sea level. We had the dharshan of North face of Mt Kailash from the Hotel.

19-06-2012. TUESDAY  ( Second day of PARIKRAMA)

Started our second day of our Parikrama. The trek was 22 KM. After crossing the frozen river hired a horse  to cross the DOLMA PASS, which is again 850 meters above DIRAPUK and also the Oxygen level was very very low. Since we do not want to strain our heart, we hired a horse  up to Dolma pass ( 4 KM ) and the horse man charged us 600 Yuvans. It is to be noted that the horse man and the horse did not stopped in the middle. After reaching the top everybody was asked to  descend quickly to avoid breathing problem due to less oxygen. On the way, we had the dharshan of Gowrikund and collected water from Gowrikund for which I had paid 100 Yuvans for one litre.  ( Rs 1000 in Indian currency ). The rest of the stretch was  not so difficult. The sky was very clear, with some cloud here and there. Hills with rocks and muds no tree or  grass. We have noticed that the Chinese govt had installed some mobile repeater stations for the communications with solar energy. Reached the Camp at Zithulpak  and took us approximately 8 Hours and accommodated in a tent.

20-06-2012. WEDNESDAY.  ( Third day of PARIKRAMA)

Started our third day of our Parikrama. The distance was about 8 KM and took us approximately 2 hours to reach the Zorcom hill point from where we boarded  the bus and reached Darchan. The journey was little risky and walked through  steep valley and a river was flowing below us.  In the valley every body was asked to walk even though they hired a horse. We could see the hills with different colours of rocks.

After lunch at Darchan hotel, proceeded to Pariyang  around 14.00 hours. Accommodated in a hotel at Pariyang. En-route  we could see small villages and sand hills.

21-06-2012. THURSDAY

To complete our schedule we have to travel at least 500 KM. to reach Neyalam.  After breakfast started from Pariyang and our next halt was at Neyalam. Half of the distance the road was very bad and we have been diverted  ( Town Shann young Lu ) in the mud road which took us more than 2 hours to cross. We had our lunch under hot sun in an open space. The total journey time was around 9 hours and reached Neyalam.  Accommodated in the Neyalam hotel 2nd floor.

22-06-2012. FRIDAY

Started from Neyalam to Kathmandu. Reached Lasa Port where we have completed the formalities and crossed the friendship bridge and entered in to Nepal. It was observed that landslip occurred in three places between Neyalam and Lasa port which were cleared by the Chinese Govt ( Due to rain in the previous night ). After crossing the friendship bridge, we had our lunch at Kodari, Kailash Manasarovar Guest House ( With the usual menu of Chappathi, dal, fried bitter guard and vegetables ). After 2 hours delay ( due to land slip, – there was a rain in the previous night ) we proceeded to Kathmandu by bus and reached around 17.30 Hrs.

23-06-2012. SATURDAY

Since we had enough time to leave for airport  around 11.00 hrs, thought of visiting Kukkeeswari Temple, one of the Sakthi Peedam. Four of us went to the temple (Hired a Taxi - Rs 500 Indian currency ) and had a nice dharshan. After breakfast left the hotel for airport to Chennai. Boarded the flight to New Delhi after completing the formalities of immigration & check out etc. At new Delhi airport transferred the luggage to Jet airways counter  from international and boarded flight to Chennai at domestic terminal. Reached safely to Chennai around 20.45 Hrs and home at 23.30 Hrs.

We are really very  happy that the Lord Shiva showered his blessings on us for making this yathra a successful and memorable one through clear sky and good weather.

I extend my sincere thanks to My Chairman & Achi, Samrat Holidays, Mr Srinivasan,   Mr Kumar and the co- yathris  for helping me complete this life time ambition of  doing this Mt Kailash & Manasarovar Yathra.


“If you have strong desire with Lord Shiva’s blessings you can do this Kailash and Manasarovar Yathra a pleasant one.” 

( The friend ship bridge between Nepal and Tibet ( China ) - From here we have to cross the border when we go through Kathmandu - Nepal route  )
 ( Chinese Lasa Port at the border  after Friendship bridge )
( Hotel at Nyalam where we stayed )
( Beautiful snow capped mountains between Nyalam to Saga )
( The first sight of Mt Kailash from the bank of Manasarover lake )

 ( These  mystry Photos were taken around 3.49 Hours  from the banks of Manasorovar Lake - There was nothing  before and after the photos taken . )

                              ( The South face  of Mt Kailash -Photo was taken  during Astapath )
                            ( The South face  of Mt Kailash -Photo was taken  during Astapath )

          (Self and Mr Kumar. Both used to travel together -  South face of Mt Kailash, during Astapath)
                             ( The South face  of Mt Kailash -Photo was taken  during Astapath )
                              ( The South face  of Mt Kailash -Photo was taken  during Astapath )
( Emathwar- It is believed that those who go through this ema thwar after Circumambulate  3 times will not have the fear of Eman. )
( Emathwar- )
                                            ( The west face of Mt Kailash after Ema Dhwar )

                                           ( The west face of Mt Kailash after Ema Dhwar )

                                            ( The west face of Mt Kailash after Ema Thwar )

                       ( The North face of Mt Kailash - Photo was taken in the evening hours )

( The North face of Mt Kailash - The photo was  taken during early hours  - பொ ன்னார் மேனீ யனே )
(Gowri Kund- The green colour water frozen to ice- It is believed that Sri Parvathy takes bath every day, that's why the colour of the water is in green colour- when we take it  will be colour less )
                                      ( Materials are being transported to next camp through yak)

                                       ( The Sherpa who escorted us throughout the parikrama )

                                                      ( Yathris are travelling on horse )

                                                          ( View of desert / sand hills )

 ( This is the dangerous plant - also called as thael chedi ( தேள் செடி )- when you touch it, the throns will hid  and the pain will be at least 4 hours- experienced the same- so care to be taken not to come in contact with your body )
( View of the snow capped mountains )
                                                 ( Very few flowering plants also in the hills )
                                           ( Paddy fields between Neyalam and Tibet border ) 

                    ( The vaal berry tree in the Park Village hotel - view from the room  window )