Sunday, 13 January 2013


It  was a holiday for 4 days in connection with Pongal and I had not planned for anything special. Suddenly thought of spending pooja holiday usefully. So decided to go to Ottiambakkam and Ponmar where I had bought a piece of land about two years before. ( duel purpose ). These places are  on the way to Medavakkam to Mambakkam bus route, Town buses are available from CMBT, T Nagar and Saidapet. The frequency is limited. The bus to Karanai passes through Ottiyambakkam. ( But I went through my Bullet Motor cycle from Velachery wich is 19 KM from my residence.)  Prince Vinkateswara Engineering college is at Ponmar. Utilizing this opportunity I had visited both the temples. The details are follows.


Iraivan : Sri Otteeswarar
Iraivi    : Sri Mangalambigai 

Some of the important features of this temple are....
  1. This temple is very near to the Ottiyambakkam bus terminus.
  2. Baanam is little big.
  3. Moolavar vimanam is gajabirustam type .
  4. The temple is maintained properly.
  5. In koshtam Narthanavinayagar, Dhakshinamoorthy, Lingothbavar, Brahma and Durgai.
  6. Sannadhi for Ganapathy, Valli Devasena sametha Siva Subramaniyar, Naagars, Kubera Lingam, Kaalabairavar and Navagrahas ( written as Nava Thevars).
  7. Ambal is in standing posture and facing south.
  8. The history behind the temple is not known.
  9. Regular poojas are conducted.
  10. No Tamil inscriptions are found to assess the age of the temple.
  11. Thirukkulam is maintained neatly.

 Gajabirushta Vimanam
 Kubera Lingam Sannadhi 
 Ambal Sannadhi 
 Sri Valli devasena Samedha Siva Subramaniyar and Gajalakshmi sannadhi
 Sri Ganapathy sannadhi 
 Ambal sannadhi 
Karuvarai view from Nandhi and Pali peedam
 Thirukkulam is maintained properly with fencing 


Iraivan: Sri Sathyapureeswarar ( Sri Sakthipureeswarar )
Iraivi   : Sri Sathyapureeswari

Some of the important features of this temple are....
  1. The temple at Ponmar is very old. May be  400 hundred years old. There are some  tamil inscriptions found at the base of temple karuvarai, which are neither legible, nor readable. 
  2. The temple was built with stone. ( Reconstructed ) and facing east and entrance through south side. 
  3. Provisions are found for the koshtamoortham, but was not installed at the time of re - construction.
  4. Only Brahma is in his place.
  5. Lingothbavar is not installed since size was not matching with the nitch provided.
  6. There is a second small Shiva sannadhi  on north side.
  7. The temple tank is not maintained properly.
  8. There is no compound wall around the temple.
  9. Understand from the locals only Prothosam is celebrated, (doubt of regular pooja.)
  10. Even the Iraivan and Iraivi’s names are written out side the temple. ( Kept locked most of the time ) 

 Karkoil only Karuvarai with vimanam 
 An unfinished  moortham  standing below the nitch ( Not in correct place - )
 Brahma is in right place installed at a latter stage 
 View of the temple  from west side 
 South side entrance of the temple 
 Beautifully carved pillar on the karuvarai wall
 Single stone pillars top
 east side view of the temple 
 Shiva lingam installed separately out side the temple 
 Tamil insrciptions are at the base of the karuvarai stones
( The details also can be obtained from the Link Click here )

View of the temple complex from south west side 

----- OM SHIVAYA NAMA ----

Thanks for Bhushavali for the information about Iraivi and other details. More details may be obtained from her blog, through the link ( Click here )


  1. Regarding Ponmar temple:
    I updated the info in Wikimapia. Info that i got from temple kurukal.

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  3. That's a nice post Mr.Veluswamy! Crisp and informative. I've been to that Ponmar temple once. Lord Shiva's consort here is Sathyapureeswari. Here's my blog post on the temple: Bhusha's TRAVEL BLOG - Sathyapureeswarar Temple

  4. Dear Mam,
    Thanks for the info of Iraivi Sathyapureeswari ( The same was up dated ) and also the epigraphy. As you mentioned the temple is not facing South. The temple is facing east only and the entrance is from south. Normally a jolly work will be installed in front of the dwajasthambam and Palipeedam to see moolavar. This sort of arrangement is available in many of the temples of Tamil nadu, including many Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalangal. This is to contain the power of moolavar within the temple.
    Thanks and regards