Sunday, 18 August 2013


18, August 2013
Almost all the ancient temples will have a connection with some Siddhars or Munivars  either in the construction of that temple  or reconstruction of  the same at a latter state.  Both the temples at Thirukkachur  ( The Shiva Temple  one on the Hill top  and the other at the base of the Hill )  are associated with Sri Kuzhandhaivel Swamykal, a Siddhar  and his disciple  Sri Veerasamy Swamykal. I tried my best to present the details collected at the end of this post. I had the opportunity of visiting the above siddhar madam during this week end temples visit.

I did not planned  for  any temples visit  out side the City this week. When my wife asked me, “ are you going to any temples this Sunday or you will be at home.“ ( She might have expected me to do some help for her on Sunday ). This made my mind to plan for this wonderful trip to THIRUKKACHUR on 18-08-2013, to have the dharshan of Lord Shiva and Siddhar Peedams. Let us see the details of the temples  first and the Siddhars associated to the temples after.

The archakar came around 08.45 Hrs when,  I  reached the temple.  The main shrine was opened and had the dharshan of Sri  Maruntheesar.  

This is the 26th Devaram Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam in Thondai Naadu. Sundarar has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple.   


Iraivan : Sri Maruntheesar , Sri Owshathagreeswarar
Iraivi    : Sri Irulneeki Ambal , Sri Anthakaara Nivarani.

Some of the important details of this temple are…..
  1. Aswini Devars worshiped Lord Shiva   and Ambal for the medicinal herb “ Palai Athipalai “  to cure their deceases. Lord Shiva gave this hill as  “The hill earth itself a medicine .“
  2. When Sundarar came to this temple after girivalam, Iraivan served food after getting food from the villagers as picksha ( Yasakam ).
  3. The temple was constructed during First Kulothungan and Chozhars period. There was no Kalvettukal  found.
  4. Two kala Pooja is being performed  with the effort of Sri Kuzhandhai swamykal and Sri Veerasamy swamykal. The construction of Rajagopuram will be after the arrival of new disciple to Sri Kuzhandhaivel  Swamikal.   
  5. Relief ( pudai sirpangal ) of  Dwarabalakars, Ambal, Sundarar, Appar,  Pattinathar, Vallalar,  Vinayagar, Dhandapani are in the mandapam pillars.
  6. The temple is facing west and the entrance to the main shrine is from south.
  7. Palipeedam , New Dwajasthambam and Nandhi mandapam  are on the west  and Iraivan is visible through salaram.
  8. In the outer prakaram sannadhi for Gana Ganapathy,  Naagars, Chathurmuga Sandeeswarar ( Brahma mugam – a special in this temple only ), Bairavar, Suryan and Navagrahas.
  9. Ambal Sri Irulneeki Amman is in a separate sannadhi  in standing posture and facing west.
  10. In koshtam Durgai, Brahma, Sri Mahavishnu in place of Lingothbavar, Dhakshinamoorthy and Ganapathy.
  11. Ganapathy and Subramaniyar are in front of moolavar karuvarai.
  12. Theertha well is the owshatha well with steps constructed beautifully.
  13. Brahma  Worshiped Lord Shiva of this temple hence Sandikeswarar is in the form of Brahma Sandikeswarar with Chathur mugam.

  1. The temple is on the bus route from Chennai to Sriperumbudur through Singaperumal Kovil.
  2. On the train route get down at Singaperumal Kovil and share autos are available from Railway gate.

  1. The land line and mobile numbers are : 044 2746 4325 and 93811 86389.

 Palipedam, Dwajasthambam with Nandhiyamperuman mandapam are on the west side
 View of the temple from west side  ( moolavar can be seen through the salaram )
 Moolavar vimanam
 Steps constructed for the theertha -owshatha - well
 Ambal temple vimanam with bell tower
 Ambal temple
 Front Maha mandapam with relief of dwarabalakars on the pillars
 Chathurmuga Sandeswarar and  Bairavar
 Dwarabalakar and  a relief of Agasthiyar with ambal 

 Front Mottai Rajagopuram 

When I came out to go for the base temple, one of the devotee guided me to the   Sri Kuzhandhaivel Swamykal Siddhar Madam in front of Maruntheeswar sannadhi. The details are written below separately.  

After Dharshan  of Siddhars proceeded to Thazha Koil or Aala Koil - the base temple. On the way happened to see the name board of Iranthiteeswarar Temple. This temple is also a shiva temple where Iraivan gave food to Sundarar after getting food from the villagers as picksha. The sudhai relief is on the top.

 Iranthitteesar sannadhi
Another view of Iranthiteesar Sannadhi 


Iraivan: Sri Virunthiteeswarar, Sri Virunthittavarathar, Sri Kachabesar,                Sri Thiyagaraja swamykal.
Iraivi   : Sri Anjanakshi Amman.

Some of the important features of this temple are….
  1. Sri Narayanan lost his strength by helping to get amirtham to Devars. So he worshiped lord Shiva of this temple to get back his strength. Hence Iraivan is called as Kachabesar. 
  2. The temple is facing east with a thirukulam on the right and Sri Vinayagar temple is in front. In between there is a 16 pillar mandapam.
  3. There is no rajagopuram and a base was constructed long ago, looks mottai gopuram.  
  4. Palaipeedam, Dwajasthambam with Nandhimandapam are at the entrance  of the mottai rajagopuram.
  5. In the outer prakaram sannadhi for Maha Ganapathy, Sri Valli Devasena Subramaniyar,  Virunthiteesar, Sundarar and Bairavar.
  6. Sri Thiyagesar is in front Nakshathira mandapam and facing east. 
  7. The entrance to the Moolavar sannadhi is on the south from Nakshathira mandapam. 
  8. Moortham of Naalvar, Ganaganapathy, Choleeswarar, Sri Kalatheeswarar, Sri Maheswarai, Sri Maarkasakaeeswarar, Naagalingam, Naagarajan, Ramanatheeswarar, Kashi Viswanathar, Sri Valli Devasena Subramaniyar are in the inner prakaram.
  9. In koshtam Vinayagar, Dhakshinamoorthy, Mahavishnu ( in place of Lingothbavar ), Brahma and Durgai.
  10. Moolavar is suyampu and short.
  11. A separate sannadhi for Ambal  and facing south in standing posture.
  12. Urchava vahanagal are kept  in mahamandapam.
  13. The annual festival is being celebrated during Chithirai month. On the fifth day Iraivan’s Chin mudra vaibavam is a special one. The Urchavam is for the Thiyagarajar only.
  14. Lot of Old Tamil inscriptions are found around Karuvarai walls, which belongs to First Kulothungan's and chozhar's period. 

  1. SP Koil or Singaperumal Koil is on the bus and Train route from Chennai to Chengal Pattu after Maraimalai Nagar.  Get down at Singaperumal Koil.
  2. From Singaperumal koil rly way station The Village Thirukkachur is about 2.5 KM.
  3. Thirukkachur Malai Koil is about a KM from Base temple Ala Koil.
  4. Route no 82c passes through the main road from Chengalpattu to Sriperumbudur. From the bus stop the Village is about a KM.
  5. Auto facility is available from Singaperumal Koil bus stop.

  1. Archakars  Murali and Shanmugam  may be contacted for more details and Pooja on their land line number 044 27463514 and the office number is     044 – 27464325.
  2. Alternatively the mobile number can also be contacted 93811 86389.

  1. The temple is open between 09.00 Hrs to 11.00 Hrs and evening 18.00 Hrs to 19.00 Hrs. 

 Virunthiteesar sannadhi
 Sundarar Sannadhi
 Gajabirushta Vimanam
 Temple view from entrance
 Palipeedam, Dwajasthambam, Nandhiamperuman with bell tower view
 A closer look of - Palipeedam, Dwajasthambam, Nandhiamperuman with bell tower view
 Temple entrance view - Nakshathira Mandapam 
 16 Pillar mandapam
Mottai Rajagopuram 
Lord Shiva who gave food to Sundarar also gave me too. The annathanam was organized through Velachery Thirukoil Uzhavarapani mandram lead by Mr Adalarasan. ( Mobile Number 9445121080, 9884892575 and 9841155511 ).  This is being conducted every Sunday between 10.00 Hrs to 13.00 Hrs.


This madam is in front of Maruntheeswarar Temple on the hill. The jeeva Samadhi of Guru and his disciple  are in the madam. Sri Kuzhandhaivel swamykal was born in Padappai,  a small village near Chennai in weavers family. He got married to Malai Kozhunthu and had three children after his father’s demise at his young age. When he came to know that his brother was a thief, who  had stolen the gold covered rudraksham of his friend and tried to sell. So Swamykal  got dejected and gone to Kashi. He has done seva To Lord by making garland in the Kumaraguruthasa madam ( Bamban swamykal has got the kaashayam in this madam only ). The mut’s Gurunathar accepted Sri Kuzhandhaivel swamykal as his disciple.

One day Lord Shiva Maruntheesar came in his dream and asked him to come to this temple and take care of the temple.  When he came to Thirukkachur annual festival was in progress. After the festival he introduced himself to the villagers and came to the Malai Koil and stayed in the temple it self and continued his thirupani. When he tried to came out of the temple his both eyesight were  gone and it came back, once he entered back in to the temple. He had done lot of siddhus for reconstruction of the temple, converting iron to gold, etc. He had done Kumbhabhishekam for Lord Shiva shrine, Ambal shrine, Vinayagar & Navagrahas. 

During construction of the rajagopuram Swamykal had a conflict with the Dhrmakartha Sivasankaran. The Dharmakartha wants to construct in his name and the money also to be deposited in to his account, for which Swamykal refused to do so.  In that conflict the dharmakartha tried to kill Swamykal through koolies. In the first attempt Swamyji escaped through his siddhu of Navakanda yogam ( to show the body in nine pieces ). After he attained mukthi / jeeva Samadhi and the Dharmakartha’s koolies cut his body thinking that  he is alive. The koolies  also died with the same wounds that they had done to Swamykal.  Swamykal used to say do duty only to Lord Shiva and not to him.


After Sri Kuzhandhaivel Swamykal attained Jeeva Samadhi Sri Veerasamy Swamykal had taken over the temple’s thirupani. He was born in a small village near Chengalpattu. He  become the disciple of Sri Kuzhandhaivel Swamykal when his ancestors property was divided among his relatives with difference of opinions.  During his period the vimanam’s for moolavar and Ambal was constructed. Swamykal used to be in mounam most of the time. He used call every body as Shiva. He was also an instrumental for the temples thirupani at Dharmaraja temple at Korrukkupettai, Throwpathi amman temple at Saidapet, before he came to Thirukkachur. He has not done any siddhus like his guru Sri Kuzhandhaivel swamykal.  Swamykal attained samathi on 10-04-1999. The maruntheesar temple’s 1 Kala Pooja and the present  2 Kaala pooja are the personal effort of Sri Veerasamy Swamykal

Girivalam has become famous during his period on every Karthikai month’s 3rd Somavaram  since 1980’s in addition to monthly Girivalam and the same is being continued even now also. Annathanam is being offered to the devotees during that day.  It was believed that all the prayers will be succeeded if a devotee undertakes Girivalam and worshiped Lord Shiva Maruntheesar.

Liberal donations are requested for the reconstruction of Rajagopuram, Sri Subramaniyar Temple, Theerthakulam renovation, construction of Mandapam for the urchava vahanams, Thirutheir thirupani, Girivala route renovations etc.,
For details please contact

Arul migu Maruntheesar Thiyagarajar Thirukoil Iraipani Saba
Kuzhandhaivel Swamy and Veeraswamy Madam
No 74, Malai Koil Street, Thirukkachur

Mobile number 9445693021
 Sri Kuzhandhaivel swamykal jeeva samadhi - Siddhar Madam. 
Sri Veerasamy Swamykal jeeva samadhi 

--- OM SHIVAYA NAMA : ----