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06, October 2013
This October 2013, months’ Uzavarapani was at Arulmigu Sri Thokeeswarar Shiva Temple at Villiampakkam, near Chengalpattu. Lord Shiva has given me another opportunity last  week on  06-10-2013 to join with “Thirukkoil Uzhavarapani Mandram “ ( திருகோயில் உழவாரப்பணி மன்றம் -வேளச்சேரிசென்னை -600042 ), under the head of thiru Adalarasan.  The Villiampakkam is  on Chengalpattu to Kanchipuram Train and bus route. The Thirupani was painting and removal of vegetation on the unused land inside the temple. The morning breakfast and lunch was organized through donors.  About 500 Shiva devotees participated from various places. It was like star in the sky, could not count when looked from sky. Most of the devotees  are regular participants  and  very few are new comers like me.  With the Iraivan’s blessing I was lucky enough to participate in October month’s thirupani with out any phone calls.

After reaching Chengalpattu around 06.45 Hrs through train, boarded in a private bus to Villaiamapakkam, which is about 7 KM. The temple was about a KM from bus stop after crossing the railway line. The temple is small but the area is little large. The total area of the temple was protected through compound wall and Thirukulam is at front on east side.  The temple was a reconstructed temple and looks like new. Kumbhabhishekam was performed about 5 years before. The Vimanams and sudhai sirpams were painted with gold colour. These were not painted during this uzhavarapani.

I joined with a group to clean the cobwebs in the mandapams and cleaning of mandapams kodungai built with concrete. Started little earlier before the breakfast. After the breakfast we continued our job. I was very tired due to sun’s heat  and we worked till 11.30 Hrs. Could not take rest inside the temple due to rush ( devotees are everywhere ) and rested out side. Since I was too tired, after a good lunch pushed off from the temple around 14.00 Hrs. Missed the Kailayavathyam with drums and old horn instruments, sung by the IOC devotees. A devote dropped me in his car at Villiampakkam Railway station to catch train to Guindy where I kept my Motor cycle.
Iraivan : Sri Thokkeeswarar
Iraivi    : Sri Sornaambigai
Some of the important features of this temple are ....
  1. Only entrance arch from the south side and the temple is facing east with a thirukkulam in front. There is also an arch at east side with a small gate.
  2. There is no Dwajasthambam.
  3. Sannadi in the outer prakaram for Sri Vijayaganapathy, Sri Vetrivel Murugan with Sri Valli Devasena, Ambal sannadhi with simha vakanam, Navagrahas, Sri Bairavar, Sri Chandran and Sri Suryan.
  4. In Sri Vijaya Ganpathi sannadhi’s koshtam  Sri Saraswathy ( In standing posture - a rare moortham, Sri Lakshmi ( Moortham  is not there ) and Sri Brami.
  5. In Vetrivel Murugan’s koshtam, Sri Gugan, Sri Dhandayuthapani and         Sri Subramaniyar.
  6. In Moolavar sannadhi;s koshtam. Sri Dhakshinamoorthy, Sri Vishnu,         Sri Brahma and Sri Durgai.
  7. In Ambal sannadhi’s koshtam Sro Koumari, Sri Vaishnavi, Sri Brami,         Sri Maheswari and Sri Varahi.
  8. The temple premises have buildings for a store room, an office room and a class room for the Night study.
  9. It was sad to see a epigraph with old tamil inscriptions was lying near the gate and is being used for different purposes. Looking at it the temple must be  200 to 300 years old.
  1. On the Chengalpattu to Kanchipuram route on bus as well as on train the place called Vilampakkam and the temple is about 1 KM off main road and station.
Entrance arch - on the south side
Moolavar sannadhi with mandapam in front
Moolavar sannadhi east side entrance arch
Ambal sannadhi
Moolavar sannadhi vimanam
Navagrahas with their vahanams
Thirukkulam / pond
Entrance arch on the east side
Nandhiamperuman with palipeedam
Sri Saraswathi in Vinayagar sannadhi's koshtam in standing posture - A rare moortham
Old Tamil inscription / Kalvettu lying near the gate - proper care is not taken
Moolavar vimanam view from terrace - looks cute
Ambal vimanam view from terrace
Sri Vetrivel murugan sannadhi - view from Ambal sannadhi 
Preparing for the Uzhavarapani and breakfast
Uzhavarapani in progress - Clearing of vegetation 
                 Uzhavarapani in progress - Cleaning of moolavar sannadhi mandapam - kodungai 
                                                            Uzhavarapani in progress
                                        Uzhavarapani in progress- Painting of Ambal sannadhi 
                                                           Uzhavarapani in progress
           Uzhavarapani in progress - Cleaning of compound wall  with high pressure water jet 
                              Uzhavarapani in progress - Cleaning with  high pressure water jet
                                       Uzhavarapani in progress - Cleaning of Ambal sannadhi 
           Uzhavarapani in progress - Cleaning of Moolavar vimanam with high pressure water jet 
Preparation of lunch in progress

Chandran sannadhi - with half pirai ( half moon ) behind his head
Navagrahas sannadhi and Bairavar sannadhi in front 
Ambal sannadhi after painting 
Sri Murugan  sannadhi after painting 
Entrance arch - south side 
Compound wall  with temple, view from outside

Next month’s Uzhavarapani will be at Arulmigu Thiripurasundari  udanurai Arulmigu Ilavapureeswarar temple at Vilangadupakkam, Near Redhills on 03-11-2013. All are requested to join in this uzhavarapani

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