Wednesday, 2 October 2013


2, October 2013.
Thirukkoil Uzhavarapani  Mandram ( திருகோயில் உழவாரப்பணி மன்றம் - வேளச்சேரி, சென்னை -600042), is conducting the Thiruvasakam mutrum othuthal ( திருவாசகம் முற்றும் ஓதுதல் ) on every Makam nakshathiram ( Manikkavasakar entered in to the Shiva Jothi )  at Dhandeeswarar Shiva Temple, Velachery, Chennai.  I had the chance of participating the same on  02-10-2013. The program was scheduled to start by 09.00 Hrs,  but they had started ½ an hour earlier to finish early. At the beginning there were only 3 Sivanadiyars and latter few more people joined. They expected around 50, since it was a holiday.  At the beginning I was asked to read some of the portions. I found difficult  and I could not align with the other sivanadiyars, since  they sung the thiruvasakam with raagam and this was my first experience.

The mutrum othuthal  has came to an end around 13.15 Hrs and  I was sitting almost 5 hours  without standing. In the middle they offered tea twice. At one point one sivanadiyar fanned to all of us with his towel.   Sivanadiyar Neelamegam explained the importance of the day. The Guru pooja of Arul Nandhi Sivam  ( One of the Santhana Kuravars and he is the Guru for Meikandaar. ) and the prathosam happened on the same day. The mutrum othuthal has ended with a pooja to the laminated picture of 63 nayanmars. The lunch was  hosted by one of the Sivanadiyar.

Next Mutrum Othuthal will be held on 29-10-2013, 
Pooja was carried out for 63 vars 
 Sivanadiyar Neelamegam on the left 

Another section of sivanadiyars  

After taking a rest of ½ an hour at home and returned back to the Dhandeeswarar Temple for the prathosam. Had the dharshan of Nandhiyamperuman’s abhishekam and could not see the abhishekam of Lord Shiva, since the way and the prakaram was completely occupied by the ladies, without giving opportunity to other devotees.  ( the same thing happens during  Maha Shivarathri days  also ). Some of the photos I had taken are uploaded, which may not be clear due to poor lighting. 
 Paal (Milk) abhishekam to Nandhiyamperuman
 Nandhiamperuman after Abhishekam 
 Swamy;s thiru uzha starting from Alankara mandapam 
Swamy's thiruuzha near dwajasthambam
The 5 tier Rajagopuram the south entrance was recently painted through Uzhavarapani


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