Monday, 4 November 2013


4, November 2013
This week’s temple visit was to a Shiva Temple at Vilangadupakkam near Redhills. Actually this visit is for the month November 2013th, Uzhvarapani organised by Thiru Adalarasan of “Thirukkoil Uzhavarapani  Mandram“ ( திருகோயில் உழவாரப்பணிமன்றம் - வேளச்சேரிசென்னை -600042), The Vilankadupakkam is about 5 KM from Redhills.  The Thirupani was painting and removal of vegetation on the unused land inside the temple. Also there was a concrete laying of floor on the back side of temple – outer prakaram. The morning breakfast and lunch was organized through donors.  About 300 Shiva devotees participated from various places.  

Since the day being a Sunday and next to Deepawali, some of the buses were not operating. So we reached Vilangadupakkam around 09.00 Hrs from Redhills. Participated in, brushing of walls for paiting, removal vegetation and transporting of debris to the footpath  from main road. The vegetation growth was too high and I had boil on both hands while removing the same. Managed to do the other jobs covering the boils with cloth.   The details of the temple are as follows.

Iraivan : Sri Elavapureeswarar (ஸ்ரீ  இலவபுறீஸ்வரர் 
Iraivi    : Sri Thiripurasundari.

Some of the important details are..
  1. It was believed that Lava ( Lava – kusa ) had worshiped Lord Shiva of this temple. But as per the records the temple is more than 1000 years old.
  2. As per records the temple has 32 acres of land and the temple is in poor condition, even without outer walls.
  3. The Rajagopuram looks like mottaigopuram and also it may collapse at any time.
  4. The dwajasthambam was also damaged and the same was removed in the recent years.
  5. There is mandapam / temple in front of the main temple in a ruined /diaplated condition – must be Ganapathy temple.  This may be one of the reason for the condtion of this main temple.
  6. The moolavar and ambal vimanams  were constructed in recent years but the maha kumbhabhishekam was not performed.
  7. After mottai rajagopuram comes the Arasamaram with a neem treeon a platform.
  8. The next is the Nandhi mandapam (Sevisaitha nandhi -   ) with palipeedam.
  9. In the outer prakaram sannadhi for Vinayagar is in the unfinished stage. Lot of Shiva Lingam reliefs on the walls.
  10. In the ineer prakaram sannadhi for, Suryan, 63var, Naalvar, Nagalingam, Mahaganapathy, Bala Ganapathy, Saraswahy, Lakshmi, Paathala, Bootha, Kashi Viswanathar Lingangal, Valli Devasena Sri Subramaniyar, Navagrahas ( Suryan is little higher ), Kaalabairavar, Chandran, Sandikeswarar ( without mandapam ).
  11. In moolavar Sannadhikoshtam, Nardhana ganapathi, Dhakshinamoorthy, Mahavishnu, Brahma and Siva Durgai – not standing on bull.
  12. Ambal sannadhi is in parallel with moolavar sannadhi facing east on the moolavar’s left side.  In koshtam, Vaishnavi, Sankari, Narayani, Brahmini, and Vishnu durgai.
  1. Vilangadupakkam is about 5 KM from Redhills near Vadakarai and Vada perumbakkam.
  2. Town bus route no 56K is passing through the village from Red hills to Tollgate. Frequency is limited.
  3. Town bus route No 38G passing through the village from Broad way to Vzhuthugaimedu.
  4. Share auto is available from rice market and it will depends on the passenger strength.
 Moolavar vimanam before painting 
 Ambal vimanam before painting 
Both moolavar and Ambal vimanams
 Devotees are on the job of painting 
 Devotees are on the job of removing vegetation 
 Main entrance  after painting 
 Temples view after painting Shiva Lingam reliefs on the walls    
 Temple view from main road 
Mottai gopuram
Old ruined mandapam / temple Just opposite to main temple - Must be Sri Vinayagar Temple.

---- OM SIVAYA NAMA -----