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11, February 2014.
After dharshan returned back to Cheyyar bus stand and crowd was swelling. People were fighting  to get a seat and some reserve seats  before the bus enters in to the bus stand. Since the bus to Kanchipuram from  Cheyyar  is limited waited for an hour, watching the peoples behavior.  After Vembakkam the bus dropped me a diversion road to Thiruppanangadu.  The temple is about 1.5 KM off main road with tamarind trees on both sides.

On the way I also visited the theerta tank. Iron grills are erected to guard the same. It was believed that Iraivan created this water source for Sundarar after he gave kattamuthu. It is only a hearsay.  But this is not mentioned in Periyapuranam written by Shekkizhar. When I reached the temple Urchavar arrived after thiruveethi uzha.

09 – VANPARTHAN PANANGATTUR. ( Now this place is called as Thiruppanangadu ).

This is the 9th Devarampaadal Petra Shiva Sthalam in Thondainadu. Sundarar has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple. 

Iraivan : Sri Thalapureeswarar
Iraivi    : Sri Amithavalli
Agasthiyar worshiped.

Iraivan : Sri Kirupanatheswarar
Iraivi    : Sri KirupaNayaki.

Some of the important features of this temple are…
  1. There are two Shiva sanctum sanctorium  with separate palipeedam, Dwajasthambam and Nandhi( in an elevated position ). The Nandhi’s horn in front of Kirubanatheeswarar sanndhi is very small.
  2. There is an entrance arch and there is no Rajagopuram. But there is a 2nd level 3 tier Rajagopuram after nandhi mandapam.
  3. There is no sannadhis in the outer prakaram.
  4. In the inner prakaram sannadhi for Ambal Amithavalli, Ambal Kiruba Nayaki, Palliayarai in between, Devakottai Periya Ekappachettiyar’s moortham ( who had done a lot of thirupani to this temple ), 63var, Naalvar, Vinayagar, Meenakshi samedha Chokkalingar, Sthala Virukshama stone sculpture, Mahalingam, Gajalakshmi, Valli Devasena samedha Subramaniyar on peacock vahanam ( face of the peacock is on the right instead of left ), Navagrahas with their vahanams, Sandikeswarar by the side of Sri Kirupanatheswarar, Natarajar Saba, Bairavar, Chandran and Suryan.
  5. In koshtam of Sri Thalapureeswarar sannadhi, Ganapathy, Dhakshinamoorthi ( like a separate sannadhi ), Lingothbavar, Brahma and Durgai.
  6. In koshtam of Sri Kirupanatheeswarar, Ganapathy, Dhakshinamoorthy, Vishnu and Brahma.( No Durgai ).
  7. Dwarabalakars are at the entrance of Sri Thalapureeswarar sannadhi.
  8. Dwarabalakis are painted in front of both Ambal sanndhis.
  9. Relief of  Vaali and Sukreevan fight, Nagalingam, Egapathamoorthy, Garudalvar, Vishnu, Yoga Dhakshinamoorthy, Anjaneyar, Agasthiyar, Pulathiyar, Sthala viruksham ( at the entrance of Kirupanatheeswarar sanndhi ) are chiselled on the pillars looks cute.
  10. Both Shiva sannadhis vimanam are of gajabirushtam type.
  11. Kottai Muneeswarar temple is in front of Shiva Temple.
  1. From Kanchipuram to Cheyyar bus via Vempakkam passes through this place.
  2. Chethpet – Peramanallur – Cheyyar – Kanchipuram via Vempakkam passes through this place.
  3. Kanchipuram to Kalavai bus Passes through this place.
  1. The temple is kept open between 07.00 Hrs. to 12.15 hrs. and 16.30 Hrs. to 20.30 Hrs.
  1. Sivachariyar Devaraja sharma may be contacted  through his mobile 9843568742 for details and pooja. 
Theertha kulam on the way to Temple. It was said that the theertham was did not dried up even during the peak of  summer 
 A sign board to the temple 
Temple Complex view from out side 
Temple complex view from out side 
Rajagopuram with Dwajasthambam
Rajagopuram with Dwajajasthambam on both sides and the entrance arch
Nandhi in front of Thalapureeswarar
Sri Valli Devasena Samedha Subramaniyar - Peacock's face is on the right side 
Sri Chokka nathar, Sri Meenakshi and the sthala Viruksham
Dhakshinamoorthy in Sri Thalapureeswarar temple  koshtam.
Naga Lingam - a relief
Vaali & Sukreevan are  fighting - A relief
A relief of Vishnu
Agasthiyar ? or Pulathoyar ?
Hanuman - a relief
Hanuman - relief
Devakottai Ekappa Chettiyar who had done thirupani to this temple
Lord Shiva as Neelakandewarar and Ambal - thiruveethi uzha  during this Masi Maham festival - A rare occasion to see.



A Continuation of the previous post ........
                                                                                               11, February 2014.
After dharhshan, I had to deviate from my original plan of going to Thiruvothur directly. Since there is no direct route to Thiruvothur from Maakaral, I had taken the route via Kanchipuram.  When I reached Thiruvothur preparation are on for Swamy’s thiruveethi uzha with Kailaya vaathiyam. It was interesting to note that the  instruments are being played by the young children.  This is the first time I had  seen that Natarajar is taken out for thiruveethi uzha as urchavar. There were  many temporary shops erected for this Masi Maham festival along the street.

8 – THIRUVOTHUR.  ( It is part of Cheyyar, also called as Thiruvathipuram )

This is the 8th Devaram Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam in Thondai Nadu. Thiruganasambandar has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple.

Iraivan : Sri Vedhapureeswarar, Sri VedhaNaathar.
Iraivi    : Sri Balakujambigai, Sri IlamulaiNayagi.

Some of the important features of this temple are…..
  1. The temple is facing east with a 6 tier Rajagopuram.
  2. A mandapam with Palipeedam, dwajasthambam and Nandhi are at the front.  Nandhi is facing opposite to moolavar.  ( The story behind this is Iraivan sent Nandhi  along with King Thondaiman to conquer a king called  Visvavasu. To represent this Nandhi is facing opposite to moolavar )
  3. In the outer prakaram sannadhi for  Sthala Viruksham, Thillai Shivaperuman, Sandeswarar, Thirukalathinathar, Thiru Aanaikka, Thiru Annamalai, Thirukkachi Ekambam, Ambal sannadhi, Palliyarai, Navagrahas and Santhana kuravarkal.
  4. On the left of the entrance, moortham of Thiruganasambandar with Shiva and Sthala viruksham are in the form of stone.
  5. Ambal sannadhi is like a separate temple  with Koshta  moorthangal. There are old tamil inscriptions also found around karuvarai walls. Ambal is in sitting posture.
  6. Entrance to the inner prakaram, sannadhi for Vinayagar, Balamurugan, Veerabathrar, Vinayagar, Nagalingam.
  7. In the inner prakaram sannadhi for  Lingam, 108 Lingam, Naalvar, 63var, Valampuri Vinayagar, Lingangal, Naagars, Valli Devasena Subramaniyar, Murugan sudhai sirpam, Bairavar, Suryan,  Thirumal and Chandran.
  8. In the front mandapam iympon urchava moorthams are kept. Some of them are  Pitchadanar, Ambal with Chandrasekar, Arumugaperuman with Valli Devasena looks cute.
  9. In koshtam Vinayagar, Dhakshinamoorthy, Mahavishnu, Naanmugan, Durgai.  A Perumal / Vishnu statue is installed in front of Durgai. The Chakra is  in vertical position against horizontal.
  10. Sandeswarar is with mazhu in his right hand.
  11. Rajathirajan, Kulothungan, Rajendran, Vikramachozhan period tamil inscriptions are found around karuvarai walls.
  12. Standing at one place in the front mandapam, we can have the view of Moolavar, Ambal, Vinayagar, Murugan, Navagrahas, Sthala Viruksham ( partially visible – obstruction due to sannadhis )
  1. Govt. buses are available to Cheyyar from Kanchipuram, Chennai, Thiruvannamalai, salem, etc. and the temple place Thiruvothur is about 1.5 KM from bus stand.
  2. Private buses and Govt. Town buses are also available  from Kanchipuram.
  1. The temple is  kept open between 06.00 Hrs. to 12.00 Hrs. and  16.00 Hrs. to 20.30 Hrs.  And the poojas are 08.00 Hrs. 12.00 Hrs.  16.00 Hrs. and 20.30 Hrs.
  1. Mr. Ashok, an office clerk 9842416402 and Sivachariyar Dhakshinamoorthy  9688612660 may be contacted for pooja and other  functions.
The 5 tier Rajagopuram 
Inner view of the second level Rajagopuram with mandapam 
Ambal sannadhi vinmanam
Moolavar Vimanam
Sthala viruksham 
Temple Complex view with Dwajasthambam and nandhi mandapam
Nandhi is facing opposite to moolavar
Arumugaperuman - Peacock is facing on the right side 
Urchavar with Ambal 
Sandeswarar with mazhu on the right hand 

Thiruganasambandar, Shiva Lingam & Sthala Viruksham Palm Tree
Lord Shiva with bow and arrow - a relief on the mandapam pillar
Swamy's purapadu to Thiruveethi uzha
Natarajar is taken for Thiruveethi uzha a rare sight to see.
Kailaya vathyam - children are playing 
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11, February 2014.
I was fortunate  enough to have Lord  Shiva’s dharshan during Masi ( A Tamil month ) thiruvizha / Bramotshavam at Maakaral, Thiruvothur and Vanparthan Panangattur  ( Thiruppanangadu ) on 09-02-2014. It was a tough journey to all three places.  Since the Sunday was a muhurtham ( Marriage ) day, crowd, crowd everywhere. All most throughout my journey,  I had to travel by standing.

The Journey route was Guindy – Poonamallee – Kanchipuram – Maakaral – Kanchipuram – Cheyyar( Thiruvothur ) – Thiruppanangadu ( Via Vembakkam ) – Kanchipuram – Poonamallee - Guindy.  From the Bus stand / Bus stop to Temple preferred to walk.  Due to scorching sun found very difficult to walk,  also did not took any food, since morning to evening. It aggravated further and I got completely  exhausted.

Even-though I had been to these temples earlier twice, want to make it, again to take photographs and to get  Lord Shiva’s blessings too.  Before start of this travel I had collected details of these temples and Phone numbers.  Since I was able confirm the temple will be kept open for Bramotshavam at Thirupanangadu, hence decided to keep it in the afternoon session.   In all the three places I could not take the full view photograph  of the Rajagopurams due to pandal ( Kottakai in Chettinadu ) erected  for urchavam. The details of the temples are written below as per the order I visited.


This is the 7th Devaram Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam in Thondai Nadu. Thiruganasambadar has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple.

Iraivan : Iraivan is called by 12 names different names and they are Sri Adaikalam              Thantha Nathar ( Parikara name), Sri Maham Vaazhvithavar,                                Sri Udumbeesar, Sri Paarathazhumbar, Sri Putridangondaar, Sri Nilaiyitta              Nathar, Sri Mangalangathavar, Sri Parinthukathavar, Sri Agastheesar,                    Sri Abathsahayar, Sri Maakaraleeswarar, Sri Thaduthatkondavar.
Iraivi    : Sri ThirupuvanaNayagi, Sri BhuvanaNayagi.

Some of the important features of this temple are….
  1. The temple is facing east with a 5 tier Rajagopuram. Sthala Viruksham is lemon tree and theertham is Agni Theertham.
  2. The temple is about 1500 years old  and Iraivan gave dharshan to king Rajendra Chozhan in the form of golden Udumbu (உடும்பு  = a Monitor Lizard  ).
  3. The moolavar is like Udumbu tail. As per Gurukkal, Moolavar was made out of navapashanam  and worshiped by Agasthiyar.
  4. The two asuraras called Maaharan and Maalayan worshiped Lord Shiva of this temple.
  5. The moolavar Vimanam is of gajabirushtam type and the sanctum sanctorum is in the form of agazhi.
  6. Urchava moorthams are kept in the artha mandapam.
  7. In koshtam Vinayagar, Dhakshinamoorthy, Brahma  and Durgai.
  8. In the prakaram sannadhi for Aarumugaswamy ( sitting on peacock vahanam (Peacock’s face is on the right side, is an unusual one ), Adhikara Nandhi along with 63var, Valampuri Vinayagar, Mahavishnu, Valli Devasena samedha Subramaniyar, Ambal sannadhi, Arthanari Bairavar ( back side of Ambal sannadhi ), Murugan on white elephant ( story with picture is up loaded below ). 
  9. After Murugan killed Surabadhman, he married Deivanai. On that occasion,  Indran asked Murugan to sit on his white elephant Iravatham in presence of Thirumal. Also it is be noted that elephant was his vahanam before Peacock.  
  1. Ilayanarvelur – Kanchipuram – Perungkattur bus passes through this place Maakaral.
  2. Buses from Kanchipuram to Uthiramerur via Orikkai passes through this place Maakaral
  1. Shaunmuga Sundara Gurukkal may be contacted through his mobile 9444810396     for poojas, Parikaram, etc., and his residence is nearby.
Gajabirushata Vimanam
Subramaniyar is sitting on peacock. Peacock's face is on the right side 
Sri Murugaperuman is on the white elephant
Closer look of Sri Murugaperuman on white elephant
Arthanari Bairavar
View of Front mandapam, Dwajasthambam, Nandhi mandapam
Front sudhai sirpam of mandapam
Nandhi mandapam ( facing moolavar )
Another view of the temple complex
The 5 tier Rajagopuram

Thiruvothur and Vanparthan Panangattur details are written in the next posts.

Sunday, 2 February 2014


2. February, 2014
As planned went to Poondi  Oontreeswarar Shiva temple for the  Uzhavarapani Under the leadership of Thiru Adalarasan, from "Thirukoil Uzhavarapani mandram" திருகோயில் உழவாரப்பணிமன்றம் - வேளச்சேரி, சென்னை -600042),  To our disappointment no body was there  when we reached around 08.30 Hrs. Even though I started 05.00 Hrs in the morning  it took 3.30 Hrs to reach Poondi, due to breakdown of the bus to Thiruvallur and also due to non availability of bus to Poondi.  It was learned that they had taken up Uzhavarapani at Thiruvallur Theertheswarar Shiva Temple. Returned back  to Thiruvallur and joined with the them. The Shiva temple is just back side of the Sri Veeraragava Perumal temple. Comparatively large number of devotees participated to this month’s uzhavarapani. With lot of confusion, work was carried out. Only compound walls & mandapams were painted and gopurams were left out.  Participated till 12.00 Hrs and returned back to Chennai.


Iraivan : Sri Theerthapaaleeswarar
Iraivi    : Sri Thiripura Sundari

Some of the important details of this temple are ….
  1. The temple is managed through a permanent trustee  Thiru Ravi Gurukkal and it was learned that this temple is not under the control of HRCE.
  2. The temple is facing east with a three tier Rajagopuram.
  3. The moolavar Sannadhi is on the left side with Dwajasthambam, palipeedam and nandhi mandapam are at front.
  4. There is no moortham in the arthamandapam. In Koshtam, Ganapathy, Dhakshinamoorthy, Vishnu, Brahma and Durgai.
  5. In the outer prakaram sannadhi for Naagar, Sandikeswarar, Valli  Devanai samedha Sri Subramaniyar, Ambal Sri  Thiripura Sundari, Iyappan, Dhandayuthapani and navagerahas.
  1. The temple is in the center of the city and on the back side of Sri Veeraragava Prumal Temple. and by the side Perumal  of Thirukulam on the Bazar street.
  1. This temple is being managed through private arangavalars, Sivachariyar’s house is adjacent to temple on the banks of Thirukkulam.

 Entrance lane behind Sri Veeraraghava perumal Temple 

 Shiva temple mandapam
 Moolavar Mandapam with dwajasthambam Palipeedam and nandhi mandapam.
 Devotees on  uzhavarapani 
 Devotees on uzhavarapani
 Moolavar Vimanam ( not painted in this uzhavarapani )
 Naagars under the sthala viruksham makuda maram
 Reliefs on the ceiling of moolavar temple mandapam looks cute.
  Reliefs on the ceiling of moolavar temple mandapam looks cute.
  Reliefs on the ceiling of moolavar temple mandapam looks cute.
 Reliefs on the ceiling of moolavar temple mandapam looks cute.