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1, February 2014. 
Continuation from the last Post…..
17. THIRUVENPAKKAM  (  Before construction of Poondi reservoir the temple was at Thiruvalampudur ( a village submerged in the reservoir) and a new temple was reconstructed in the present place called Poondi )

This is the 17th Devaram Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam in Thondai Nadu. Sundarar has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva and requesting  for the eyesight back, which he lost on the way to  Thiruvarur from Thiruvotriyur. When Sundarar asked whether Iraivan is in the temple ( கோயில் உளாயோ" ), Iraivan replied “ Yes” and asked him to proceed  (யாம் உளோம் போகீர் “).  After hearing this Sundarar has sung the pathikam of பிழை உளன பொறுத்திடுவர் “

Iraivan :  Sri  Aadharadhandeswarar, Sri  Oontreeswarar.
Iraivi    : Sri Minnoliammai, Sri Dhathgowri Ambal.

Some of the important features of this temple are…..
  1. The temple was once in Thiruvilampudhur, which was shifted to the present place while constructing the Poondi reservoir during 1968. 
  2. The present temple  has no Rajagopuram and the entrance arches are on South and east side. The temple is facing east. Constructed like a mada koil with steps.
  3. Nandhi and palipeedam are in an elevated position. Dwajasthambam was installed recently.  Nandhi  is of original and old moolavar was shifted to Purasavalkam Shiva Temple, at Chennai  ( For details CLICK HERE) and a new moolavar was installed.
  4. Maha Ganapathi and Subramaniyar are at the entrance of moolavar sannadhi.
  5. Nandhi without one horn and Sundarar sila moortham are opposite to moolavar.  When Iraivan gave the oontrukol, Sundarar got angry and threw away the oontrukol,  which hits the right side horn and  got broken.
  6. Ambal sannadhi is on the right side of moolavar and facing south. It was believed that Ambal has shown the way to Sundarar after he lost eye sight to this temple in the form of lightning. Hence Iraivi is called as Minnoliammai.
  7. In mandapam  sannadhi for Suryan, Chandran, Navagrahas, Naalvar, Bairavar, Arunagirinathar,
  8. In the inner prakaram sannadhi for Vinayagar, Sri Valli Devasena Subramaniyar, Mahalakshmi ( no elephants ), and Sandikeswarar.
  9. In koshtam  Vinayagar, Dhakshinamoorthy,  Lingothbavar, Brahma, Durgai.
  10. The present version of old kalvettukkal  throws light about the donations given to the temple for Pooja and burning of lamp.
  1. From Thiruvallur, Town bus T52 is available on 06.00 Hrs, 07.00 Hrs, 07.15 Hr, 08.30 Hrs and 10.30 Hrs in the morning.
  2. Also there is another town bus No T41 from Thiruvallur to Ponnoorpettai is passing through this village.
  3. A Place Neyveli on the Thiruvallur to Uthukkottai, about 3 KM from Thiruvallur and Poondi is 2 KM from there.
  1. Sivachariyar Subramanya Gurukkal may be reached  through his mobile 99432 09387
 South side entrance arch 
East side entrance arch 
East side dwajasthambam, Palipedam and nandhi in an elevated position  
South side entrance to the main shrine 
 Sundarar with out eye sight 
 Nandhi without right side horn
Dwarabalaki in front of Ambal sannadhi  
 Moolavar sanctum vimanam 
 Moolavar sanctum Vimanam 

திருவளம்புதூரில் கிடைத்த கல்வெட்டுக்களின் படி எடுக்கப்பட்டு எழுதப்பட்ட பிரதிகள் . அம்பாள் சன்னதியின் பின்புறம் உள்ளது.

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