Tuesday, 4 March 2014


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4, March 2014.
After Dharshan, visited the  Pallava Period Rock cut Temple or kal mandapam. The details are written in a separate post after covering the temples. 

11 - THIRUMARPERU ( Now this place is called as THIRUMALPUR )

This is the 11th Devaram Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam in Thondai Nadu. Thiruganasambandar and Thirunavukkarasar has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple.

Iraivan : Sri Manikandeswarar, Sri Dhayanatheeswarar, Sri Pravaleswarar,                          Sri Saatharupar, Sri Pavalamalaiyar, Sri Vaattamthavirthar,                                  Sri Malvanankesar. But called by the first name Sri Manikandeswarar.
Iraivi    : Sri Anjanaatchi Amman, Sri Karunambigai.

Some of the important features of this temple are …….
  1. Thirumal and Chandran worshiped Lord Shiva of this temple. Thirumal worshiped lord Shiva with 1000 lotus flowers. When one more number was required to complete 1000, to get back his Chakrayutham. So Thirumal pluged out one of his eye to complete 1000 lotus flowers. To prove this story there is a Thirumal’s urchava moortham is available with a Lotus in one hand.
  2. The temple is facing east with a Rajagopuram is of 5 tiers without sudhai sirpangal.
  3. Palipeedem, Dwajasthambam and Nandhi are in an elevated level under a kottagai.
  4. Pancha moorthy’s sudhai sirpangal are on the top of  entrance.
  5. In the inner prakaram sannadhi for Suryan, Naalavar, Soleeswarar, Pancha maathakkal, Balaganapathy, Uchista Ganapathy, Chidambareswarar, Gajalakshmi, Valli Devasena Samedha Subramaniyar,  Veerabathrar, Bairavar and  Chandran.
  6. At the entrance of main shrine Ganapathy with 10 hands to be seen on the left and Murugan on the right. Thirumal is standing at the centre worshiping Lord Shiva behind Nandhi.
  7. In the mandapam reliefs of Dhakshinamoorthy, Suryan, Mahavishnu, Balasubramaniyar, Appar, Sundarar, Thiruganasambandar,  Vinayagar, Murugan, Naanmugan ( all the four faces are visible ), Ambal worshiping Lord Shiva, Kaalinga narthanam, Kamadhenu, Bairavar, Veerabathrar doing dhabas standing on one leg.
  8. In the saba mandapam, Natarajar with Ambal and Manikkavasakar.
  9. Moolavar is suyambu theenda thirumeni ,  cone shape at the top and always covered with Kavasam. Punuku is only applied.
  10. In koshtam  Dhakshinamoorthy, Mahavishnu, Brahma, and Astabuja Durgai.
  11. Urchava moorthangal are in artha mandapam.
  1. Buses are available from Kanchipuram. A Private bus KRC from Kanchipuram to  Panapakkam passes through this place.
  2. Another private bus  Bharathi from Arcot to Kanchipuram passes through this place.
  3. Chennai / Chengalpattu to Thirumalpur train facility is available and the place is 5 Km from the station. The Rly station Place is called as Pallur. Share autos are available to Thirumalpur.
  1. The temple is kept open between 07.00 Hrs to to 12.00 Hrs. and 17.30 Hrs to 20.30 Hrs.
  1. Sivachariyar Shanmugam Gurukkal, Mobile number 9444386442  may be contacted for more details and Pooja.
Temple front view 
Chariot  - during masi maham festival 
The 5 tier Rajagopuram view from inside 
Front view of Ambal sannadhi
Front mandapam - Sivanadiyars mutrum othuthal
Ambal Sannadhi gopuram
Perumal moortham worshiping Lord Shiva
Perumal  Impon moortham - a lotus in his hand 

Sri Ashtabuja Durgai
Adhikara nandhi under the nitch of Rajagopuram
After dharshan of Lord Shiva Sri Manikandeswarar, came to Bus stop and waited. It took 1 hour to get a bus, since I missed one bus, which left just 5 minutes before my arrival to the bus stop. Around 13.30 Hrs reached Kanchipuram.

Kanchipuram Temples visit continued.....


  1. Nice information..but I shocked on your photos of Gods/murthies inside the temple :( .. they may allow for rupees..Don't you think taking photos of vikrahas (made in stones) are not advisable and spoiling the holiness power of those vikrahas ?.Stop your damn of taking photos on god ..do not spread this bad attitude ..coz evey one has mobiles with camera...!..pls take as a humble request...Sivaya nama !

  2. Mr Thiruvalarr,

    Thanks for the comments. How I damaged the holiness of the god by taking the photographs ?. Can you explain the following? And some of the clarifications.

    1. How the power/ Holiness / spritiuality of the moolavar or any Parivara Theivangal or koshta moorthangal will get decreased or damaged by taking the Photographs. Can you explain?. If that is true How the media’s like TV / News Papers/ etc., are allowed to do the same live telecast. In fact this gives the viewers who could not participate can also get the benefit of Lords blessings through the media. It also induces the people to go to the temples by seeing the details. I used / preferred to watch the live through TV since, we may not have the access of going near to the moolavar in the rush.
    2. I would like to know both scientifically and spiritually how the sanctity gets spoiled by taking the photographs?.
    3. As far as my knowledge goes, the power of Moolavar will be decreased due to age/ time and hence they are recharged by doing the Kumbhabhishekams once in 12 years. Please note the same is not for the Koshta moorthangal.
    4. Before commenting you must see the others blogs also ( 17 best blogs – A link which I had given in my blog ). You must understand that how much pain the bloggers takes to get the details and photos, which are very much helpful for the readers, with out going to those places..
    5. When ever I used to see moorthys which are very cute, I used to admire and spend more time by looking at it and details. At the same time I used to appreciate the sculptor who had spend most of his life time for doing the same, not using the modern tools/ machines, about 1000 years before. By seeing the photos more people also can enjoy the same.
    6. Please calrify your points with Mr Sathyamoorthy, former Head of ASI, Historian Vakula varadharajan, of Reach Foundation the point which you stated as “ BAD ATTITUDE “ is correct or not. If they agree, your point I will stop taking the Photographs of moorthys.