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24th March 2015.
One of my friend used to call me to visit Sri Ekambareswarar temple at Mint street ( it was told that coins were minted in this street, once upon a time  by Government ). On 22nd March 2015, utilizing this opportunity visited the Shiva temples starting from Chennai 600001 Muthiyalpet to Sowkarpet Chennai 600003., where north Indians are dominated. I used to wonder, why Lord Shiva is very popular in this area?, since there are lot of Shiva temples in Park Town area. Some of the temple are 500 years old and has a long history. We have to appreciate the donors who donated the land, constructing the temple and poojas. For some of the temples properties  were donated and the in come from the properties  used for poojas and functions. All the temples are preparing for the Panguni month’s festival, when I visited. Pandhals were erected in front of temples, streets.   

Sri Maragathambal samedha Sri mallikeswarar Temple
This Shiva temple is at the end of Lingi Chetty street in Muthiyalpet. A walk-able distance from Beach Railway station 
Iraivan  : Sri Mallikeswarar
Iraivi     : Sri Maragathambal
Some of the important features of this temple are..
  1. A 16 pillar mandapam ( all in granite stones ) with a 7 tier Rajagopuram on the south side entrance. The Rajagopuram up to first level was constructed with granite stone during 2003. In the outer prakaram sannadhi for Ananda Vinayagar, Nagars, Navagrahas with heir vahanams  in round formation and Suryam  is little high, Dwajasthambam, Palipedam and nandhi Mandapam.
  2. On the east side entrance on the left Vinayagar and Subramaniyar on the right.
  3. In the inner prakaram Suryan, Vinayagar, Chandrasekarar, Adhipureswarar, Sri Shanmugar, Saraswathy, Naalvar, Kasi Viswananathar with Visalakshi, , Mahadevar, 63var in two rows, Chandran,  Bairavar, Suryan, Palliyarai.
  4. Dwarabalakars in front of sanctum with arthamandapam and mahamandapam.
  5. In koshtam Vinayaagar, Dhakshinamoorthy, Vishnu, Brahma and Durgai. Moolavar is little big.
  6. A permanent arrangement was done for regular pooja and function s through the income from the properties by the donors. This is from the kalvettu tablet  available at the mandapam walls.
  7. It was believed that this temple was constructed by the Pallava King Mallikarjun in the year 1652.
  1. This temple on Lingi Chetty Street in Muthiyalpet, Madras 600001.
  2. About a KM distance from Beach Railway station
  1. The telephone number is  044 25260504
 Dwajasthambam with  palipedam, entrance arch  and 7 tier Rajagopuram on the left 
 Sanctum entrance arch
 Recent years epigraph. 
 Moolavar vimanam 
 Rajagopuram - view from inside 
 Rajagopuram another view - Dwarabalakars - wearing shirt and dhothy with 16 hands
Front 16 pillar mandapam 
This is on the next street to Lingi Chetti street called Thambu Chetty Street. People will easily guide you if you ask for Kalikambal Temple instead of Shiva’s name Sri Kamateswarar. During Friday and Sundays there will be a lot of rush  for Ambal’s dharshan.
Iraivan : Sri Kamatewarar
Iraivi    : Sri Kalikambal.
Some of the important features of this temple are..
  1. The temple is facing west with Rajagopurams on east & west side ( Constructed during 1976).
  2. In the outer prakaram  Dwajasthambam  with thiri soolam is in front of Ambal sannadhi.  The other sannadhis are Sri Vinayagar, Valli Devasena Sri Subramaniyar, Veerabthira mahakali, Vada kathirkama murugan  ( The cine song Ullam Uruguthaya was written  by  Sri Andava Pichi in the year 1952 from this place ) Gayathri, Durgai, Natarajar, Urchavar Kalikambal, Madapalli, Periyanayagi with Mahalakshmi and Saraswathy on both sides,  in a separate temple like sannadhi with sanctum, arthamandapam. At the east side entrance mandapam on the right Prithiyangara Devi in sudhai and shops on the left.
  3. In the inner prakaram Vinayagar, Valli devasena Subramaniyar, Navagrahs, Veerabramendrar, Palliyarai. Vinayagar and Naga Suramaniyar are at the entrance from outer to inner prakaram on east side.
  4. Moolavar is in a small sanctum compared to Ambaal and regular poojas are mainly for Ambal.
  5. The temple is being maintained by Viswakarmas. It was believed that the temple was once at fort and latter shifted to this place during 1640. Also it was believed that Chatrapathy Shivaji, the Maratha King worshiped Kalikambal on 03-10-1677 ( information from a book Published by Tamil Nadu Government ). Viyasar, Agasthiyar, Pulathiyar and Varunan also worshiped this temple Ambal.
  1. The temple is in 212, Thambu Chetty street opposite to Muthiyal pet Girls school.
  1. The telephone number is 044 2522 9624.
  2. Email.
  3. Web site : CLICK HERE
 West side entrance Rajagopuram 
East side arch with Rajagopuram 
This temple is on  77, Armenian street, Chennai, next street to Sri Kalikambal temple.
Iraivan : Sri Kachaleeswarar
Iraivi     : Sri Soundarambal.
Some of the important features of this temple are...
  1. The temple is facing with in front. There is no Rajagopuram. The temple is little lower than the ground level.
  2. In the outer prakaram Dwajasthambam with a plipedam, nandhi, Sri Moola Ganapathy, Sri Valli Devasena Subramaniyar ( Valli and Devasena  are in a separate sannadhi on the left and right of Sri Subramaniyar. - With elephant vahanam ), Kosalai, Adi Sankarar, Sri Munthikeswarar, Sri Anjaneyar, Iyappan in a separate mandapam,
  3. Sri Kachaleswarar sudhai sirpam on the right side entrance  wall from outer to inner parakaram.
  4. In the inner prakaram Navagrahs, Nalvar, Somaskandar, Ganapathy, Sri Valli Devasena Shunmugar, Urchavar, Durgambigai, Palliyarai, Sandikeswarar, 63var in double row with passage, Vishnu, Thathreyar, Sabamandapam, Gajalakshmi, Saraswathy, Chandran, Kalabairavar ( on the right entrance to Ambal Sannadhi ).  Shiva’s various form photos are hung around prakaram.
  5. Ambal in standing posture with Abaya  and vara hastham,  in a separate sannadhi facing south.
  6. The moolavar sannadhi has a sanctum, artha mandapam and maha mandapam. Panchamuga Ganapathy with Sidhi and Pudhi on the left and Sri Valli Devasena Shanmugar on the right at the entrance to sanctum.
  7. In koshtam Ganapathy, Dhakshinamoorthy, Lingothbavar, Brahma and Durgai.
  8. Moolavar is very small with Nagabaranam.
  1. The temple is at 77, Armenian Street, Chennai.
  1. The telephone number is 044 2522 7177

The original History of Sri Kachaleeswarar temple  article was Published in Hindu by Mr V Sriram is given below with link

The History  link :CLICK HERE


July 10, 2012,  Updated: June 6, 2013 14:40 IST
The temple forms a square, on three sides of which is the agraharam, marking the residential area
Kalavai Chetty, commemorated in a Chintadripet street and referred to in records as Colloway Chetty, is first mentioned in 1691 when he was declared insolvent and sentenced to prison by the Mayor’s Court. Governor Elihu Yale, commemorated in Yale University thought differently after Chetty’s relatives met him and a surety of 1,000 pagodas (the currency used then) had exchanged hands.
He demanded the immediate release of the “eminent Merchant of the Hon’ble Company”. It was perhaps the first instance in Madras of political interference in the execution of justice.
By 1708, Chetty was clearly prosperous enough to rent the villages of Tondiarpet, Purasawalkam and Egmore from the East India Company at 1,750 pagodas per annum. Within a few months, Governor Pitt, of whom Chetty was clearly a favourite, encouraged him to take on the villages of Tiruvottiyur, Nungambakkam, Vyasarpadi, Kattupakkam and Sattangadu, which he did at a rent of 1,200 pagodas per annum.
Kalavai Chetty formed a joint stock company, a private limited in today’s parlance, through which he and other investing merchants supplied cloth to the East India Company. Apart from Kalavai, the shareholders were Sunkurama, Balu and Kalathi Chetties, all commemorated with street names in north Chennai. But Kalavai Chetty’s continuing involvement in caste riots ensured his dismissal from this venture in 1717. He was soon back in favour, this time on payment of 40,000 pagodas as a surety.
His various dealings prevented him from regularly visiting the Kachapeeswarar shrine in Kanchipuram to which he was greatly attached. He decided to build a temple for the deity in Madras itself. His garden on Armenian Street was made over for the purpose and on it came up the temple then referred to as the Kachali Pagoda and now known as the Kachaliswarar Temple. Like the shrine in Kanchi, the Shiva lingahere is mounted on a turtle depicting Mahavishnu. The goddess here is Saundarambika, just as in the Kanchi temple. The temple today has several sub-shrines, including some hideous recent structures that ought to have never been erected.
Among the more aesthetic ones is a sanctum for Ayyappa. This has an interesting story behind it. In 1952, when the temple at Sabarimala was damaged by fire, a new idol was made and taken in procession to various parts of the country. When it came to Madras, it was housed at the Kachaliswarar Temple. When the idol was taken back to Sabarimala, a portrait of the deity took its place and was worshipped. In the 1980s, this portrait was replaced by an image.

The temple forms a square, on three sides of which is the Kachaliswarar agraharam, marking the traditional residential area. Was this endowed by Kalavai Chetty? To the rear of the shrine is a large tank. And fronting the temple is Kachali Pagoda Lane, a throwback to the old name. In the 18th century, this was the principal dancing-girl quarter of Madras. It has no vestige of that colourful past now.
 Entrance arch
 Preparing for the festival 
This temple is a  Sri Kandaswamy / Sri Murugan on the Rasappa Street, Park Town, Chennai 600003
Moolavar : Sri Kandaswamy
Some of the important features of this temple are ..
  1. The story of the temple goes like this. Originally Sri Kandaswamy was in Thiruporur. He hide himself in a karayan putru due to war between Britishers and Marathis. After the war was over Iraivan asked Thambiran to take and install him from putru ( ant-hill ), for which Thambiran ignored. Sri Kandaswamy got angry and not returned to the original sanctum. After some time Sri Kandasamy, in the form of snake. asked Sri Velur Marichetti to take him along with him  Sri Marichetti took Sri Kandhaswamy along with Kanthappa Asari to Park town area and installed in this temple.
  2. In the Square sanctum, Vinayagar, Veerabhagu, Urchavar, Urchava moorthangal, Valli Devasena Sri Subramaniyar, Kasi Viswanathar and Vislakshi, Shiva and Parvathy, and Arumugar.
  3. In Koshtam Ganapathy, Dhakshinamoorthy, Brahma Murugan, Kukkudanathar, Mahalakshmi, Mahavishnu, Brahma, Sandikeswarar and Durgai
  4. In the prakaram sannadhi for Chidambaram swamikal, Dhandapani Swamikal, Kumargurudasa swamikal, Ramalinga swamikal, Dwajasthambam, Arunagirinathar, Urchavar mandapam, Vinayagar, Kasi Viswanathar and Vislakshi, Kalvettukkal. On the opposite to Thirukulam Thirukkachi nambigal, Kirubanandhavariyar, Natarajar in wood finish ( May be wood too.. - Mankkavasakar, Ambal, Viyakrapathar and Pathanjali muni), Ganadhandapani, Palliyarai, 63var, Dharma namasivayar, Velur MariChetti ( Who is the instrumental for this temple construction ), Urchava moorthangal.
  1. Walk-able distance from Pai kadai bus stop.
  2. 1 KM distance from Fort Railway station and Broadway bus stand.
  3. 0.5 KM from Central Railway station.
  1. The telephone numbers are 044 2535 2191 & 92 and 044 2535 2190.
  2. Web site : CLICK HERE 
  3. Email:

This temple is on the Mint street in Sowkarpet, Chennai 600003. About a KM distance from Kandakottam.
Iraivan : Sri Ekambareswarar
Iraivi    :
Some of the important features of this temple are...
  1. The temple was built in Idayar palayam, now called as Park Town by Sri Alinkan Pillai  about 500 years before. Latter during 1680 renovated and kumbhabhishekam was conducted by Sri Alangathaapillai.
  2. 16 Pillar mandapam with Rajagopuram is on the east and moolavar is also facing east.
  3. In the outer prakaram Dwajasthambam, Palipedam, Nandhi mandapam, Ambal sannadhi dwajasthambam with simha vahanam, Vannimara Vinayagar, Arasamaram nagars, Nagalingeswarar under Arasamaram, Naga Ganapathy, Kala Bairavar, Anjaneyar.
  4. In the inner parkaram Suryan, Navagrahas, Viruthagireswarar, Adi Sankarar, 63var, in L shape, Nalvar, Vinayagar, Sri Subramaniyar, Vadaranyeswarar, Kasi Viswanathar Visalakshi, Jambukeswarar, Arunachaleswarar, Sandikeswarar, Kalteswarar, Chidambareswarar, Palliyarai & Chandran.
  5. A mandapam is in between inner and outer prakaram. In that sannadhi for Natarajar, Urchava moorthangal, Somaskandar, Dwara Ganapathy and Dwara Subramaniyar. Dwarabalakars are after this mandapam.
  6. In koshtam Ganapathy, Dhakshinamoorthy, Vishnu, Brahma and Durgai.
  7. Moolavar is little tall and it is believed that if one could not go to Kanchipuram, can get the same blessings from this temple Sri Ekambareswarar.
  1. This temple is on the Mint street in Sowkarpet.
  2. About a KM distance from Broadway Bus stand, Central Railway Station and Fort railway station.
  1. Telephone number : 044 2535 2933
  2. Web site : CLICK HERE 
 The 7 tier Rajagopuram 
 Moolavar vimanam with Rajagopuram in side view
 16 Pillar mandapam at the entrance ceiling relief and the Pillar arch  constructed with granite  stones
 Pillar relief in the 16 pillar mandapam  - two snakes 
The relief of  Sri Alinkan Pillai ? ( who is the instrumental in constructing this temple
A beautiful simha vahanam in 16 Pillar mandapam  

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