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10th July 2015.
Even-though had been to Madambakkam Shiva temple earlier, thought of making it once again on 5th July 2015. The temple is under the control of ASI and paving of prakaram floor with granite in full swing. I could find a lot of improvement in the temple.  Since it was a  Sunday lot of devotees thronged the temple.  Understand that the rush will be more on Sunday evening Sarabeswarar Pooja. The temple is about 22 KM from my home and I made through my scooter.  
SRI Dhenukambal Sametha Sri Dhenupureeswarar Temple at Madambakkam
Iraivan : Sri Dhenupureeswarar
Iraivi     : Sri Dhenukmbal
Some of the important features of this temple are ....
  1. The temple is of Chozha Period facing east with an unfinished Rajagpuram ( Mottai Gopuram )
  2. Dwajasthambam, Palipeedam and Nandhi mandapam are at front. In the front mandapam there are lot of reliefs  on the pillars. The important reliefs are Sarabeswarar and Hanuman with 5 heads. Nagars are in the outer prakaram
  3. In the inner prakaram Sri Dhenukambal sannadhi with koshta moorthangal facing south, Navagrahas, Valamchizhi Vinayagar, Maha Ganapathy, Sri Varadhraja Perumal with Sri Devia and BooDevi, Kabila Nathar, Annapoorani, Valli Deva Sena Sri Subramaniyar, Natarajar and Urchava Moorthangal and sandikeswarar.
  4. The Karuvarai is of Gajabirustam type with Koshta moorthangal Narthana Vinayagar, Mouna Dhakshinamoorthy, Vishnu, Brahma and Durgai.  Moolavar is too small with a cow’s leg scar on the head.
  5. The temple is under the control of ASI and Managed by the HRCE of Tamil Nadu.
  6. The walls of the main shrine and the Ambal shrine have epigraphs belonging to the period of the Chola kings like Kulottunga III and Rajaraja III. There are also some epigraphs of Jatavarman Sundara Pandya and rulers of the Vijayanagara age like Kampana Udaiyar, Devaraya II and Sadasiva Raya. These epigraphs are about the gifts of land, lamps and livestock to this temple and also various other services rendered for conducting festivals and daily worship. The inscriptions reveal that the original name of Lord Dhenupureeswarar was Sittreri Udaiya Nayanar and that of Goddess Dhenukambal was Nampirattiyar.
  7. Saint Arunagirinathar of the 15th Century A.D., author of the `Tirupugazh,' has composed a hymn on Lord Subramaniyar of this temple. This ancient village, now called Madambakkam, was once known as Ulaguyyavanda-Chola Chaturvedimangalam. It was part of the ancient territorial subdivision called Nedugunra Nadu in Puliyur-Kottam situated in Jayamkonda-Cholamandalam.
  8. The history of the temple taken from the tablet installed by ASI is as follows.
  • The temple was built by Parakrama Chozha –II alias Sundara Chozha ( AD 954-971) and his minister Aniruddra Brahmadhirajan. Latter the temple was consolidated with stone during Ulakuyavanda Chozha of Chaturvedimangalam.
  • The sanctum or Garbhagriha of this temple is in the shape of Gajaprishta ( Back of sleeping elephant ) is a special feature of this temple. Ardhamandapam and mukha mandapam pillars with exquisitely carved, which shows the rich heritage of culture and divinity.
  • Presiding deities Dhenupuriswarar and Dhenukambal were initially known as Sitteri Aludiya Nayanar and nambiratiyarand this change could have happened in the 14th century during Vijayanagara Period.
  • According to legends associated with this temple as sage Kapila worshiped Lord Shiva with his left hand. Latter he was born at this place as kapila Pasu (Cow / Dhenu ) and got exornerated from his sin, Chozha King having dreamt of this incident, located the svayumbu lingam in the lake and built this temple.
  • Renowned sain Arunagirinathar of 15th century has composed a hymn of this temple Sri Subramaniyar in his thirupugazh.
  • The main festival of this temple is  ‘Panguni Uthiram‘ which is celebrated annually for three days with great pomp and includes float festival. In this temple pujas to the presiding deities are being conducted twice daily.
  • Under the maintenance of Archaeological Survey of India, since 04-05-1996 this temple being administered by HRCE Tamil Nadu.  
  1. From Velachery to Thambaram after Rajakilpakkam, Sembakkam on the leaft a road leads to Madambakkam and 2 KM from the main road.
  1. The Land line and mobile numbers are +91- 44- 2228 0424, 93826 77442, 99411 49916.
  1. The temple is kept open between  6.00 Hrs  to 12.00 Hrs  and 17.00 Hrs  to 20.30 Hrs

 Unfinished Rajagopuram ( Mottai Gopuram ) 

 View of the muka mandapam from Mottai gopuram entrance 
Muka mandapam 
Gajaprista vimanam from outer prakaram 

Temple view from Thirukulam 
Siddhar temple near by 

Iraivan : Sri Adhipureeswarar
Iraivi    : Sri Sri Shantha Nayagi
Some of the important features of this temple are ....
  1. The temple is facing east with Rajagopuram. The thirukulam is on the east side of Velachery to Thambaram main road which was renovated with steps recently.
  2. Palipedam, Dwajasthambam and nadhi after the rajagopuram.
  3. In the outer parakaram Anjaneyar, Maha Ganapathy, Valli Deva Sena Subramaniyar, Sabamandapam, Navagrahas ( Adhi pureeswarar is at the cenre ), Sandikeswarar, Vinayagar, Raghu Kethu, Bairavar, Sarabeswarar, Viyakrabathar.
  4. It was believed that the place comes under Puliyur Kottam in Chozha Period is due to Munivar Viyakrabathar worshiped Lord Shiva of this temple.
  5. Krishna Devaraya period  the year 1725, Epigraphs are found at the base of Sanctum.  
  6. In Artha mandapam Ambal sannadhi
  7. In koshtam Narthana Vinayagar, Dhakshinamoorthy, Mahavishnu, Brahma and durgai.
  8. Reliefs of Kannappar, Peacock worshiping Lord Shiva, Spider, Snake and Elephant worship lord Shiva are at the base of sanctum wall.
  9. It was believed that those could not go to Kalahasti, can perform Parikaram at this temple also. One of the speciality in this temple is sun’s rays will fall on moolavar  from 15th to 30th of Masi month.
  10. The temple is under the control of HRCE Department.
  1. The temple is on the Velachery to Thambaram main road at Pallikaranai.
  1. The temple is kept open between 07.00 Hrs to 12.00 Hrs and 16.30 Hrs to 20.30 Hrs
  1. The mobile numbers are 9840109495, 9444326057 and 9884235555

3 tier Rajagopuram 
Inner view 
Recently renovated Thirukulam with ducks 
The old view of the temple 



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