Thursday, 30 July 2015


29th July 2015.
This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva near Thirukadavur bus stop on the Mayiladuthurai to Karaikal main road. The temple is under the control of HRCE Department, under one kala Pooja scheme. On Monday 27th July 2015 I had the chance of peeping inside the temple. It was a scary experience to enter in to the sanctum. Lot of bats flying inside the temple and banyan and Peepal trees were grown on the temple. The roots came through the ceiling and walls. The temple is in a dilapidated condition and may crumble down at any time.

One kala Pooja is conducted regularly and kept open in the evening. Oil lamps are burnt in side the sanctum. The temple is facing west and Ambal is facing south. The mandapam is of vavval nethi type of architecture.  We cannot circumambulate the temple, completely covered with thick vegetation growth. 

Why and what for Lord Shiva is waiting ? Can any one hear the cry of this temple. Who was chosen to carry out the thirupani to this temple ?. HRCE is wasting money in many ways, why they cannot spend  some money to rebuild this temple? Let us pray Lord shiva to answer. 
The temple view from Main road   
 Moolavar sannadhi with vavval nethi mandapam 
 Ambal sannadhi
 Tree’s roots pierced through ceiling
Tree’s roots pierced through ceiling
Tree’s roots on the south side wall 

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