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29th July 2015
One again it was a memorable trip to Thirukadavaur on 26th July 2015 to 28th July 2015.   Sri Karaikal Ammayar Temple at Karaikal, Sri Markandeya Swamy temple at Thirukadavur and Sri Brahadeswarar temple at Gangaikonda Cholapuram are the new temples covered in this visit. 
On 27th July 2015, participated in the arthajama Pooja  and Palliyarai Pooja. Thank God, it was a wonderful experience. During both pooja times followed the archakar and Temple  Nathaswara vidhvans  from Amirtha Kadesar Sannadhi to Sri Abiramai Amman Sannadhi and back to Shiva’s Sannadhi.  The rituals followed by the Sivachariayar has to be appreciated.    Neivethiya Prasadam was distributed after the both poojas.  Hot milk was also distributed after Palliyarai Pooja.  After Palliyarai pooja, poojas are performed at Sandikeswarar Sannadhi and lastly at Bairavar Sannadhi. It was explained that before closing the temple account is submitted to Sri Sandikeswarar and  safeguarding the temple was handed over to Bairavar.  About 5 devotees, attended the poojas. I must say the 5 blessed souls are participated in the poojas.  I do not know, I might have  done some punyam during my earlier birth to attend such great temple poojas.

 The entrance arch
West side entrance Rajagopuram 
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At Thirukadavur visited the Thirukadavur Mayanam temple also. This is my second visit to this temple. During my earlier visit the temple was preparing for the Kumbhabhishekam. The details of this temple are posted in my earlier post ( CLICK HERE ). Lot of improvement works has been carried out. Here too I was the only person worshiped lord shiva  during my visit. This time I was able to see the ‘Villenthiya Velan’ Sri Valli devasena Subramaniyar holding  bow  on his left hand.

The entrance arch 
 Rajagopuram with Nandhi mandapam & Palipedam
 Moolavar Vimanam  
Moolavar Vimanam & Dhakshinamurthy sannadhi 
Ambal sannadhi entrance 
Villenthiya Velan- வில் ஏந்திய வேலன் 
Old paintings on the ceiling in front of Villenthiya velan sannadhi and mandapam.

For this temple and the above Thirukadavur Mayanam temple, hired an auto from Thirukadavur. This temple is on the way to Thiruvidaikazhi from Thirukadavur. The place is called T.Manal Medu. This is only place where sannadhi is for Markandeyar, for whom Lord Shiva hicked Emadharman and increased his life.
Iraivan : Sri Mirukandu Eswarar
Iraivi     : Sri Maruthuvathy Ambal
Some of the important features of this temple are….
  1. The temple is facing east with a three tier Rajagopuram. Dwajasthambam, palipedam and Nandhi are after the entrance.
  2. In the prakaram sannadhi for Bala Anjeneyar., Sri Vinayagar, Sri Shunmuga Subramaniyar, Gajalakshmi, sandikeswarar, Saba mandapam, Navagrahas, Bairavar, Suryan and Chandran..
  3. In koshtam Dhakshinamurthy, Lingothbavar, Brahma and Vishnu Durgai.
  4. In the sanctum mandapam Sannadhi for Ambal facing south and Sri Markandeya swamy. Both moolavar and Urchavar are side by side. It is a practice that every devotee is tied with turban – Parivattam in front of Sri Markandeya swamy.
  5. Pillayar sannadhis are  under Neem and Pepal Tree. Also there is a sannadhi for Irattai Pillayar. It was believed that if one circumambulate 18 times and worship Vinayagar, his wishes will be fulfilled.
  1. Sri Viswanatha Gurukkal 8489238904 and 04364 287461 and 287325.
  1. The temple is kept open between 08.30 Hrs to 13.30 Hrs and 17.00 Hrs to 20.30 Hrs
  1. The temple is on the way to Thiruidaikazhi – one of the Devara Vaipu sthalam and the place is called as T. Manal Medu 3 KM off main road.
  2. The temple can be reached through Auto  from Thirukadavur and they will charge around Rs 100.00

 Moolavar Sanctum with Sandikeswarar sannadhi
   Moolavar Sanctum with Sandikeswarar sannadhi

Pillayar sannadhi under Neem and Pepal tree
Irattai Pillayar

Previous day of  starting to Thirukadavur learned that 10 days Pattinathar  Thiruvizha celebration  is in progress  at Poombuhar through one of my friend. I could not get more details. Thought of attending the same. It was about 15 KM from Thrikadavur via  the place called karuvi.  I got a copy of the notice  of the celebration. The program on Sunday was ‘ Akka veedu Koluthuthal’.  The time of the program was not mentioned. So tried my luck, if it ends before 22.00 Hrs, I can return to Thirukadavur otherwise return to Thirukadavur.  On reaching Poombuhar worshiped Pattinathar in the temple Pallavaneecharam Shiva temple. This is one of the Padal Devara Petra  shiva sthalam and I had visited earlier ( For my earlier post CLICK HERE ).  The temple is also called as Pattinathar Kovil.  ( Which I had not noticed earlier. ). Learned that the Pattinathar Thiruvizha  - ‘Akka Veedu Koluthuthal ‘ program will starts only after 22.00 Hrs.  Since there is  no transport available from Poombuhar after 22.00 Hrs, returned back to Thirukadavur with a disappointment.

Pattinathar Temple ( Pallavaneecharam Shiva Temple ) entrance arch
 Pattinathar and Karikal Cholan sudhai Sirpangal
Kannaki and Kovalan sudhai sirpangal
Moolavar Vimanam 


During my earlier visit to Karaikal, missed  to worship Karaikkal Ammayar. This temple is on Bharathiyar Street ie about a kilometre  from bus stand. On reaching the temple, came to know that the annual month long Mangani thiruvizha is in progress. Lot of shops were erected in front of the temple. Actual Mangani Thiruvizha was over  during first week of July 2015. Had the dharshan of Karaikal Ammayar and Lord Shiva.

It was pleasant surprise, when I met one of the Sivanadiyar -an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva – we used to call her as Karaikal Ammayar. I met her during our tour to Sri Lanka. She only recognized and say hello to me.  Appreciated her memory  of not forgetting me  even 2 years after  the tour.
Iraivan : Sri Somanathar
Iraivi    : Sri Soma nayaki
Some of the Important features of this temple are…..
  1. The temple facing east  a 3 tier Rajagopuram with separate entrances for Karaikal ammayar sannadhi and main temple
  2. In  front mandapam on the left sannadhi for Sri Karaikkal Ammayar and Vinayagar. Story of Karaikal Ammayar was painted around the sanctum wall.
  3. At the entrance dwajasthambam palipedam and Nandhi
  4. In the outer prakaram sannadhi for Vinayagar, Sri Valli Devasena Subramaniyar, Gajslakshmi, Bbairavar, Sani bhagavan, Suryan,  Chandran  and Sandikeswarar
  5. In koshtam Vinayagar Dhakshinamurthy, Lingothbavar,  Brahma and Durgai 
  6. In arthamandpam sannadhi for Soma Nayaki, facing south. Natarajar saba and Aadipura amman.
  7. Moolavar is short and facing east.
  8. There is thriukulam beautifully maintained with a Neerazhi mandapam at the centre.
  9. Near By are Sri Kailasanathar Temple and a Perumal Temple

  1. Venkatesa gurkkal may be contacted over his mobile 9442430753
  2. Office 9443786774 and 04368222717

  1. The temple is kept open between 6.00 Hrs to 11.00 Hrs and 16.00 Hrs to 20.00 hrs
  1. About 1.5 KM from Karaikal Bus stand on Bharathiyar Street.
 The entrance Rajagopuram

 Moolavar Vimanam
 Moolavar Vimanam
 Perumal temple 
 Karaikal Ammayar Sannadhi sanctum wall paintings
 Karaikal Ammayar Sannadhi sanctum wall paintings
 Karaikal Ammayar Sannadhi sanctum wall paintings
Karaikal Ammayar Sannadhi sanctum wall paintings


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