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18th Feb 2016
We, the  38 blessed souls undertook the 12 days Jothir Linga Yathra  in Maharastra  and Andhra Pradesh States   from 2nd Feb 2016 to 12th Feb 2016, through Super yathra service of Kumbakonam. On some days we have to get up by 02.00 hrs and start our journey by 03.00 hrs  and travel at least 8 hours  by bus to reach the next destination.   Even-though it  was a tedious journey of 14 hours by bus  for 1 to 2 hours stay at the temple, we feel very happy after the dharshan of Lord Shiva.  We also had the early morning dharshan some of the temple   and artha Jamapooja in some of the temples, including Ratha urchavam.  

There are controversies about the Jyotirlinga Temples and places, this is not the Jyotirlinga and that  is not Jyotirlinga like that. The history and Puranas  are dragged to justify the claim. But I strongly believe that Bhakthi is based on the belief. 

We had covered 6 Jyotirlinga Temples, Pandaipauram, Shirdi, Mantralayam, Nasik Ramayana related sites and  Shani Singnapur in this yathra. We also covered heritage sites of Ellora caves, Golconda Fort  and Charminar. In most of the temples it was observed that Koorma - Tortoise is installed in artha mandapam, when inquired,  it was told that before entering in to the sanctum one has to leave the Kama, ikrotha, loba, matham, maachariyam ( the five bad evils ) out side the sanctum. 

Day -1. 02-02-2016
Day time,  till the end of the day  train journey up to Sholapur and from there by bus reached to Pandaripuram by bus around 01.00 hrs ie early morning of 03-02-2016.  And stayed in a Sri Sadhu Maharaj Guest house ( 9272139451 & 02186 282220). 

Day -2, 03-02-2016.

PANDARIPURAM SRI PANDURANGAN TEMPLE ( The place is also called as Pandharpur, in Maharashtra State) 
Iraivan : Sri Pandurangan, Sri Vithal
Iraivi    : Sri Rukmani

Some of the important details of this temple are...
  1. The temple is facing east  and the Q complex in front.
  2. Sannadhi  for Bama, Rukmani, Radhikadevai, Mahalakshmi  and Kasi Annapoorani.
  3. In koshtam    Perumal on Adhisheshan, Krishnar & Kobiyar.
  4. On all the sanctum entrance top instead of Gajalakshmi,  Vinayagar reliefs are there. Moolavar Pandurangan is short  and in standing posture.  Moolavar was covered with salvai and patha sevai was allowed.
  5. Mandapam pillars are beautifully carved and big in size.
  6. Moolavar Vimanam has sudhai sirpangal.
  7. Vinayagar sannadhi is at the exit gate.
  1. The temple kept open for dharshan from 06.00 Hrs
  1. The temple website : CLICK HERE ( In marathi language)
  1. About 100 Km from Solapur Railway station 
  2. While traveling from Hyderabad to Pune, through NH - 9, which travel via Kolapur and Mokkol, we can reach this sthalam.
  3. Through NH 13 - while traveling from Bijapur to Kolapur, a separate road leads to this sthalam.
Front entrance Kept closed

Q- Complex 

                                                            Exit gate 
Moolavar Vimanam 

Exit gate 
A Vinayagar temple on the back side of the Temple on the same street 

--- To be continued 

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