Monday, 28 March 2016


28th March, 2016.
This is my second trek to Parvatha hill after a gap of about 15 years. In the first trek about 15 devotees trekked  from Kadaladi route during night and now I do not remember much details.  So when I asked Mr Ramalingam,  whose native is Thenmathimangalam, the base of the Parvathamalai,  readily accepted and Mr Siva also joined with us along with his car. Mr Ramalingam had made all the arrangements including food, tender coconut, etc. Mr Ramalingam’s brother son also came along with us  to  guide in the proper route.  Really I was very lucky to join with Mr Ramalingam and Siva for this trek to Parvathamalai.

  • Parvathamalai is part of the Javvathu hills and the other hills are Kadaladi malai, Methaka malai, Kumarinettu malai, Kanakkachi odai malai, Putru malai. The Parvathamalai is mentioned in sangam literature 'Malai Padu Kadaam' written Iraniya muttathu Perungundoor Perung Kowsikanar.
  • Parvathamalai can be reached from 2 routes. One is via Thenmathimangalam and other way through  Kadaladi. Both routes joins before the handrails starting point. 
  • Pachai Amman temple, Veerabathirar temple, and Vana Durgai amman temple  are at the base  on the Thenmathimangalam route and 1263 steps from the base of the Hill which covers the 1/3 of the distance, but kadaldi route is  narrow  through the forest in steep terrain.  
  • The distance from the base is 5.5 KM and the altitude is 3500 feet. The time taken for normal trekking will be 3.5 Hrs and trekking down will take around 2.5 Hrs.
  • There are about 30 shops throughout the route, which sells tender coconut, Soda water, health drinks, Glucose, Biscuits,   Tea, Coffee, paniyarams, mixture, chocolates, etc, Mostly ladies takes care of the shops.
  • There is no water source  either on the en-route or on the top. One has to carry at-least 2 litres of water and food. It was told that water will be pumped to middle level mandapam sump during function days. The mandapam is on the half way.
  • The final stage is the Kadapparai malai ( crowbar )- crowbar is fixed on the rock after drilling and led was poured to make it to hold with the rock. Each crow bar is tied with chains and devotees has to walk on the rock holding the chain. This has a drawback. At a time only up or down coming is possible. So with the effort of devotees recently ladder type steps are provided to climb down and the old kadapparai arrangement is used for climbing up.
  • Old thandavalapadi ( rail steps), grilled plate paths has been removed and concrete steps has been constructed at the last stage.
  • Before the top of the hill we could see a room and ruined wall of a fort constructed by Nannan Sei Nannan, who was a small king ruled that area.  
  • The Shiva temple is on the top of Parvathamalai and another madam or ashram of Sri Mouna swamy Vittobanantha  is in the same hill on the other peak. ( During my first visit I had seen him and used to write on a slate for communication and now he is no more ).   
  • Annadhanam is  being served through this madam and Chennai Triplicane Devotees, on  full moon day and important days.
  • The temple has sannadhi for moolavar Shiva, Amman Bramarambigai, Sri Ganapathy, Sri Valli Devasena Subramaniyar and, Bairavar, Agasthiyar.  The old vimanam was removed and new vimanams’ constructed and Kumbhabishekam was conducted about 2 months before.
  • There are two lightning arrestors installed one for the temple and the other for the Mouna swamikal  Vittobanantha’s madam.
  • It was believed that the hill Parvathamalai is the piece of Sanjeevi hill, that had fallen down while Hanuman carried the Sanjeevi hill  to cure Lakshmanan. Hence there is a statue of Hanuman installed at the entrance.  
  • The temple sanctums has no doors and devotes can have the darshan at any time.
  • There is no separate Gurukkal or Poojari to conduct the Pooja and the devotees themselves can do the pooja, abhishekam and pooja articles has to be carried by themselves from the base of the hill.
  • It will be an awesome view of Javvathu hills, passing clouds below Parvathamalai and sunrise from the top of the hill
  • The hill is also equivalent to Srisailam hill, hence  Iraivan  and Iraivi’s names are same.
Iraivan : Sri Mallikarjunar
Iraivi    : Sri Bramarambigai, Sri Agilandeswari.

  • It is believed that snakes, Tamru ( udukkai) can be seen when a chamber is lighted in front of Sri Mallikarjunar.
  • Light will be visible on the Moolavar during night and this was due to worshiping of Devars and Siddhars.
  • Light will be emerged from Ambal’s cheeks during night.
  • Ambal will grow taller and taller when you walk backwards and it seems that Ambal is approaching us.
  • Some miracles happened during night to some of the devotees.
  • Since there is no water source, we have to carry 2 Litres  of water, Food, Chocolates, Energy drinks, Glucose pockets.,  Etc.
  • Help the co- devotees and make them to reach  for the darshan of Lord Shiva.
  • Try to climb during Night hours or evening hours and climb down before noon other wise it will be difficult to trek on the hot sun.
  • Trek along the route marked with arrow.
  • There is no electricity on the top of the hill and only the madam has a DG set and it seems that is not functioning. Under stand that a solar lights were also installed but they are not working. So Do carry torch light.
  • Do carry bed sheet to cover your self during night, since it will be too cold and cold  wind will blow between the top two hills.
  • Pooja can be performed by the devotees by themselves like in North India, pooja materials has to be carried if one is particular to do pooja.   
  • Since Parvatha malai is a sacred one, do not throw polythene bags, empty bottles, biscuit pocket wrappers, etc.
  • Follow the arrow marks, if not there is every chance of  deviating from the normal route.
  • Since the top temple does not have any Toilet facility it would be better it can be done before climbing to the top of the hill ( Before Kadapparai – Crowbar hill ).
  • Try to avoid speaking louder or shouting on the hill route, always recite ‘om Namasivaya’. It is believed that siddhars used to do mediation on the hill.
  • The main sanctum does not have doors and temple is kept open day and night.
  • There is no separate Gurukkal to perform pooja and devotees can perform poojas themselves.
  • Parvathamalai can be reached through three ways from Chennai.
  • Chennai- Chengalpet- Melmaruvathur – Nandhavasi- Polur – Parvathamalai.
  • Chennai – Kanchipuram ( Outer ) - Arcot- Arani – Polur – Parvathamalai
  • Chennai  - Chengalpet – Tindivanam – Gingee – Thiruvannamalai – Thenmathimangalam - Parvathamalai.
  • Themmathimangalam is at the base of the hill which is 20 KM from Polur and Polur is 35 KM from Thiruvannamalai.
 The way to Parvathamalai- a sign board in the Village Thenmathimangalam 
 Beautiful view of the sun set and the Parvathamalai view 
 Beautiful view of the sun set and the Parvathamalai view

 Cattles returns home after grazing 
Sri  Pachai Amman Temple - Kulatheivam for a group of people of Thenmathimangalam 
 Sri Veerabathirar temple 
 Sri Veerabathirar  
 Sri Vana Durgai Amman temple – under the control of Tamil Nadu HR& CE
The steps starts from here on the Thenmathimangalam route 
 There are 1263 steps which covers the 1/3 of the total distance of 5.5 Km  
 The moon and the Kadaladi lights below 
 The Vimanam view on moon light  
 The Vimanam view on moon light  
 Sri Mallikarjunar 

 Sri Bramarambigai 

 The entrance arch 
Sri Mounaswamikal Vittobanathaa’s madam

 New steps with concrete and Ladder to climb down 
 The remains of Nannan sei Nannan's fort
 New Ladder steps to climb down 
 New Ladder steps to climb down 

Kadapparaimalai – crowbar hill  to climb up – we have walk with the help of crow bar and chain attached to it and after that, Thandavalapadi, Yenipadi and Akayapadi to reach the top. This path has be meant  for climbing up after installing a separate yeni padi for climbing down
 The beautiful view of sunrise 
 Handrails for a stretch of 1 kilo meter
 Boulders on the way – to walk on these boulders 
 Boulders on the way – to walk on these boulders 
A shop on the way 


28th March 2016.
My son after purchasing his  new dream Motor cycle  from his own fund, wants to go to Thiruporur Kandaswamy temple to say thanks on 26th March 2016. I too accompanied with him. Even-though it is a race bike he rode at a speed of 50 to 60 KM ( may be I am on the back seat).  The bike went very smooth and the journey was pleasant.   Only arathi is shown to moolavar and Regular poojas are performed to Urchavr in the prakaram.  Spend for about 15 to 20 minutes started  our return journey.

The Temple web site: CLICK HERE 

 Reliefs on the left of Rajagopuram front side 
 Reliefs on the Right of Rajagopuram front side 
I used to see the temple tanks is always with water  even during summer days

After travelling a distance of about a KM thought of visiting Chidambaram swamikal madam to try our luck of worshiping the place where he attains mukthi. Mandapam and front arch construction are in progress. After worshiping  Jeeva Samadhi asked for the darshan of Mukthi attained place. The archakar came and opened the door and shown arathi. Really I could not believe it and at last my long wish of worshiping Sri Chidambaram Swamikal’s  mukthi attained place came to true. Really my self and my son are blessed on that day. 


Thursday, 24 March 2016


24th March, 2016.

In continuation to 63var vizha at Mylapore Sri Kapaleeswarar temple Panguni festival 2016 / Peru Vizha 2016, decided to attend Thirukalyanam also, which is scheduled on 23rd March 2016.  Went to the temple little earlier to search for a place to stand and the vizha. Against the scheduled time of 18.30 Hrs the vizha started only after 19.00 Hrs. The mandapam was erected  at the south east corner of the outer prakaram, decorated with flowers.  Lot of devotees thronged for the vizha or the urchavam. No  place to sit or stand and empty space near the mandapam was reserved for the VIPs. Every where  we could see only the heads.  Very poor arrangement  done by the temple authorities.  The Police  announced frequently  about theft and asked ladies  to cover their neck  to safeguard the jewels.   

The urchavam reminds me the wonderful and pleasant experience I had when I attended the Thirumazhapadi Sri Nandhiyamperuman’s marriage, few years before. Nearly one lakh devotees might have attended and can be watched from a long distance sitting on the open space and banks of the river.  Really it was nice experience. 

மயிலையே கயிலை....கயிலையே மயிலை...நேற்று மயிலாப்பூர் ஸ்ரீ கபாலீஸ்வரர் கோவில் பங்குனி பெருவிழா திருக்கல்யாணம் காணச்சென்று இருந்தேன்...மலர்களால் அலங்கரிக்கப்பட்ட மண்டபத்தில் நடந்தது. இரண்டு வருடங்களுக்கு முன்பு திருமழப்பாடி ஸ்ரீநந்தீஸ்வரர் கல்யாணத்தைக்கண்டது ஞாபகத்துக்கு வந்தது.. அது ஒரு சுகமான அனுபவம்..சுமார் ஒரு லட்சம் மக்கள் கலந்து கொண்டு இருப்பார்கள்...திறந்த மைதானத்திலும், ஆற்றின் கரை மீது அமர்ந்து பார்த்தது ... ஆனால் இங்கு..அமர இடம் இல்லை..நின்று பார்க்கவும் முடியவில்லை..மக்கள் வெள்ளம் கட்டுக்கு அடங்கவில்லை..வழியெல்லாம் நின்றுகொண்டு...கல்யாணத்திற்க்கு வந்த மாலைகள் மலை போல் குவிந்தது..வஸ்திரங்களும் நிறைய வந்தது...திருக்கல்யாணம் முடிய இரவு ஒன்பது மணி ஆனது.. மிக நல்ல தரிசனம்... இடையே பாதுகாவலர்கள் உடமைகளையும், பெண்கள் நகைகளையும் பாதுகாத்துக்கொள்ள எச்சரிக்கை விடுத்துக்கொண்டே இருந்தனர்....

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