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20th April, 2016.
Do you want to check your health along with ayurvedic medicinal herbs, but without spending money?. If the answer is yes, here is Dr Lord Shiva from Villiangiri, on the western Ghats near Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. To reach Lord Shiva’s natural cave temple, you can reach after crossing 7 hills  at an altitude of  2240 meters / 7349 feet above sea level and climbing height of 1200 meters / 3937 feet, only by trekking. After reaching the top of the 7th hill Lord Shiva bless us  and certifies our healthiness.  

This is the 4th hill trekking after Othimalai, ,  Chennimalai and  Parvatha malai during this season. The trek to this hill was scheduled on 16th April 2016, Night, planned much earlier self with a friend from Ooty. 2 weeks before 3 more people from my old office expressed their willingness to join with us. On 16th April,  I couldn’t join from Chennai, instead,  joined at Coimbatore Railway station, due to personal reasons. From Coimbatore Railway we took a Taxi ( Rs 1000 taxi fare ) and reached to Poondi the base temple of Velliangiri.  

To avoid Chitra Pournami crowd we planned trek 5 days before.   But to our surprise, there was lot of crowd to trek the hill. After clearing all the formalities by the forest department ( removing all plastic bags, polythene bags, even the water bottle labels are removed ) we 5 friends started our trekking around mid night. Before reaching the  first hill we 5 people got separated in to two groups and couldn’t meet till we returned back to the base temple. The path has become very tough compared to the last year due to last year’s rain which washed away the path in many places. We are forced to wait in many places to give way to the devotees coming from the opposite direction.

Finally we reached to top of the Shiva cave temple around 05.45 hours and had the darshan of Sri Manomani Ambal Samedha Sri Velliangiri Andavar. It took almost 5.30 Hrs to trek the hill top from the base. We are very lucky to see the sunrise also  from the top of the hill. After spending about 30 minutes, we had started our return trek. On return also we could not meet our lost friends.

We are able to reach the 3rd hill within 3 hours and escaped from the direct sun heat. It was too hot and made the trekking further difficult.  On the way we had the “kamba kool” ( millet )( there are more than 50 shops on the en-route)  and what we carried to eat could not do so due to tired and sleepy. It took almost same time to reach the base of the hill. During returning I got the neck pain ( always looking down the steps) also the right dislocated leg started paining. With the blessings of Lord Shiva we reached to the Poondi base temple around 11.30 Hrs, without much problem.

We had taken rest up to 18.00 hrs at our Guest house and proceeded to Coimbatore Railway station to catch our train to Chennai. Reached Chennai safely around 07.00 Hrs on 18th April 2016. While travelling on the suburban train, it touched my heart that one of the passenger touched the bamboo stick and worshiped it and inquired a lot about our trekking. Thanks to Lord Shiva for the wonderful Darshan and safe trekking to the Velliangiri Hills.

  1. The base Poondi is about 40 KM from Coimbatore City  on the way to Siruvani Dam.
  2. Almost 2 KM from Isha Yoga centre.
  3. Buses are available up to Isha and very few busses  are plying to Poondi on normal days and special buses will run during Chitra Pournami day.

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For more Photos on Picasa web : CLICK HERE
For Vedio on YOUTUBE            : CLICK HERE
 Poondi Sri Velliangiri Adavar temple ( Base of Velliangiri ) 

 Vellai Pillayar – at the top of first hill 

 Vazhukku parai ( slippery rock )

 A Devotee carries the trisool 

 Beema’s Kali urundai  

 The spring at the base of 7th Hill – devotees used to take a holy dip 

 The 7th Hill view from 5th hill top 

 The beautiful sun rise 

 The beautiful sun rise 

Facebook friend, Podhikai Paramasivam Mr Ashok Kumar – self – Mr Vijayan 


  1. sir....please let me know when you are going this time to velliangiri...i will join with you...thanks

  2. Planned on 29th April .. exact date and time will be known within a weeks time you can call me to get more details

  3. I am planning to undertake the yatra on 7th Feb. However, I was informed that only groups are allowed to undertake the yatra at present and that the season starts from March. Would be grateful for any inputs on this. I am reachable on 9029024535 or rohitsmarathe@gmail.com

  4. April 29th confirm ha sir for vellaingiri trip?.....till now i dint meet you sir...so i dont have your phone number.....

    1. Sorry Srinivasan Loganathan, I couldnt inform you. The trip has been preponed to April 14th night. I will be starting from Chennai by Friday Inter city express and on reaching Coimbatore we about 5 persons will start climb around 23.00 Hrs. If the program suits to you please call me on my mobile 9444225646
      Thanks and regards

    2. Sudhakar Haridoss: Could we claim the hills in the day time i.e. 4.00 am onwards.

  5. Yes possible .. on week ends, since lot of people climb through out night .. during week days it will be less ...

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  7. I understand that the trekking from base to top would take 6 hours. So we will have to start by 12 midnight so that we could reach the temple by 6 AM. will i be able to have any shops in the path to have some food or water in the mid night.

  8. Sir, me and couple of my frends are planning to visit the temple by next weekend. I can reach poondi by Saturday 5PM. I need to start by 12 AM midnight as per Your suggestion. please suggest me a economic hotel to stay near by.

    1. Since this is the season many people will be trekking and you can join with them.. If Ian correct your are a male.. throughout the night people will be trekking .. Since it is your first trekking you can start little earlier.. take rest on many places .. trek slowly.. there are many shops on the way .. But it is advisable to take food for one time with some water of two litres... go through my blog will get more details ... all the best....

  9. Sir, me n my friends are planning to go in Mid june, was it a comfortable time. will the trek allowed?

    Pl update me...

  10. Please refer my 2017 post.. Trekking is allowed till May end only. From June 1st the rain will start and may not be able to climb that's why they allow only up to May end...

  11. Hello Sir,
    I am planning to trek this weekend along with my other 2 friends i.e on 6th Jan . Could you please help me know if we can camp on the top or 6th hill. And other Do's and Dont's . Thanks, Vinay

    1. HI Friend, Me and my friend are planning to go on 6th Jan. Can we join together and trek... we are going to catch train today 5th jan night cheran express. we reach there tmrw mrng 6th jan mrng 2018. my number is 9884947573

  12. Please go through my blog .. it gives all details
    Velluangiri trekking is allowed only from Maha Shiva Rathri ie 14th Feb
    It may not be possible to camp at 6 th hill .. after Dharshan you can stay for an hour or two.. it will be too chill at the top.
    Dos and don’t are in my blog
    All the best
    Om Shivaya nama

  13. Hello, we have planned to trek at the night of siva rathiri that is on Feb 13. Whether we are allowed for it sir..

  14. I'm leaving tonight and reaching Coimbatore on Friday morning 10:30am. So, trekking will start by 1pm. If anyone is interested, please feel free to call me@ 9003221858. I have a ticket booked from Chennai and to Chennai. This I booked it for my friend, but he couldn't come. Thanks

  15. Is this Sararavanan sir from Spaarc?