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07th April 2016.
After Bannari Mariamman’s darshan on 4th April 2016, proceeded to Othimalai through Sathyamangalam.  I had seen this hill temple during my previous visit on the way to Sathyamangalam from Mettupalayam. At that time itself decided to make a visit to this hill temple. Able to get the phone number of Grukkal, from web site and the grukkal advised me to come after lunch. Since the frequency of the bus is not known to reach base of the hill, started little earlier. Got down at Rangampalayam and the local people advised me to go to the base of the hill through the Town bus No 15C, which goes up to Puliampatti from Mettupalayam. Luckily got the bus and it dropped me at Shanmugapuram bus stop ie the base of the hill. After purchasing pooja materials started my trek around 12.00 Hrs.

Even though the steps starting from the east it went towards west and then it took a turn to south and at the temple  entrance it took again west. The steps are paved neatly and in many places the steps are very vertical. Trekked slowly after taking rest in all the mandapams and reached the temple around 13.30 Hrs. On reaching the temple found about 5 devotees already came for dharshan. Gurukkal was kind enough to offer tamarind rice  to the devotees and his brother whom I met on return inquired me about my lunch and asked me to stay for the abhishekam. When I explained about my return to Chennai, he asked me to come once again. 

This is hill temple a part of western hills.
Iraivan : Sri Othimalai Andavar.
Some of the important features of this temple are….
  1. It was believed that the temple is 500 to 1000 years old with 2000 and odd neatly paved steps.  Resting mandapams were also built on the en route. There are sannadhis for Vinayagar and naturally formed Shiva Lingam  
  2. Before climbing to main sanctum, sannadhi for Idumban and Kadamban. And annathana mandapam is on the left. 
  3. The temple is facing east with peacock vahanam and palipedam.
  4. Sannadhi for Kasi Viswanathar on the left of main sanctum and Sri Visalakshi on the right side of the sanctum.
  5. Moolavar is with five faces and 8 hands, beautiful and charming face.
  6. There is a way on the right to climb down. In that sannadhi for Naagars and sapthamathakkal.
  7. It was believed that Sri Othimalai Andavar  recited the Branava manthiram in to the ears of Lord Shiva (  ஓதுதல்) and hence the Hill is called as Othimalai.
  8. There is place called Irumbarai (இரும்பு + அறை ), 3 KM from the base of the hill. Sri Othimalai Andavar kept Brahma in a iron + room, latter it became Irumbarai.
  1. The temple is kept open for 3 days ( Monday afternoon, Tuesday and Friday), in a week during ordinary days and will also kept open of No moon day ( ஆமவாசை), Kiruthikai and shasti days.
  2. The Gurukkal will reach hill temple on Monday 16.00 Hrs and stays at the temple till Tuesday evening.  Also on Friday the gurukkal will be available from 11.00 Hrs to 18.00 Hrs
  1. The gurukkal Ganapathy may be contacted through his mobile  9865970586 and landline is 04254- 287418
  1. The hill temple is on the way between Mettupalayam to Sathyamangalam.
  2. The town bus 15C from Mettupalayam to Puliyampatti ( Punjai Puliampatti) goes via Pethikkuttai, Rangampalayam and Shanmugapuram, the base of the hill Othimalai.
  3. The base of the temple is 3 KM off from Mettupalayam to Sathyamangalam main road.
 Othimalai sign board with hill view from Shanmugapuram 
 A panoramic view of the Othimalai 
 A Vinayagar sannadhi 
 A Vinayagar sannadhi at the steps starting point 
 A Vinayagar sannadhi at the steps starting point 
steps starting point 
 Long way to go 

 Long way to go  
 Long way to go- Steps turns to left  
 Yes we reached the temple 
 Annathana mandapam

 Idumbar & Kadambar sannadhi 
 Moolavar Vimanam  

 Moolavar Vimanam with Sri Visalakshi Sannadhi 
 Rasi reliefs 

Saptha mathakkal 

For More photos on Picasa web album :CLICK HERE

After the Darshan of Sri Othimalai Andavar, since I have to catch the Yercaud Express at Erode rushed to Shanmugapuram the base of the hill. Skipped my original plan of going through Gobichettipalayam, Chittode and Erode. As advised by the Gurukkal reached Puliampatti through 15C town bus, from there I got a bus to Avinashi. Since the frequency of buses are more from Avinashi to Erode reached railway station just 10 minutes before starting of the train. Thank God finally I made it and I could complete the darshan of three temples as planned. Thanks once again to Sri Othimalai Andavar and Lord Shiva for making the trek a pleasant one.  

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