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7th August 2016.
Kanchi is one of the 7 cities of salvation. The city of Kanchi was one of the most ancient settlements that nurtured culture, education, arts,  religion and philosophy at different period. The city  has been the birth place of many popular philosophers, vedic scholars  and religious leaders and Kanchi once served as a religious capital for many faiths during different times. Many prominent schools that functioned  here include Jaininsm, Budhdhism, Shaivam, Saktham and Vaishnavam.  In the process except Shaivam and Vaishnavam the other religions lost their identity  due the work of scholars in Vaishnavam and Shaivam.  The urban planning of Kanchi divided in to Shiva Kanchi where many Shiva temple are there and Vishnu Kanchi where Vishnu temples are there. Sri  Devarajaswamy otherwise called as  Sri VaradharajaSwamy temple has become the centre nucleus of the vaishnavam  with a massive construction.

In this Heritage trip organized by Ratham on 7th August 2016, I had the dharshan of Vishnu’s various forms at Thiruvekkha, Ashtabuyagaram, Thiruvelukkai, Thoopul and Varadharajaswamy. Sri Varadharajaswamy used to go out of the temple and bless his devotees  in and around Kanchi and one such place is Nadaivaavi, Iyyangarkulam, which is about 10 KM from Kanchi on the banks of Palar River. It is interesting to note that Perumal is facing west  direction in all Kanchipuram Temples.  Mr Madusuthanan explained the History , Culture, Social, art, architecture, religion etc in each temples before the dharshan to understand the importance of each temples.  We 15 plus 4 foreigners had the opportunity of participating in this heritage trip and finally we had the delicious Kanchipuram idli as a prasadham from Sri Varadharajaswamy.  

07th August 2016.
This place is called after the name of Perumal. One of the name of Vega sethu has become “Vegavanai” and then changed to “Vekkanai” and finally called as “Vekka”.

Moolavar : Yathothakaari, Sonnavannam Seitha Perumal, Vegasethu & Athi Varadhar.
Thayar     : Sri Komalavalli
Some of the important features of this temple are …
  1. The sthalapurana says Thirumizhisai alwar changed an old daasi in to a young and beautiful lady, who used to clean the temple. The king married her by seeing the beauty.  The king was very much curious to meet Thisumizhisai alwar and wants to compose a song on him. The king ordered Kani kannan one of Thirumizhisai alwar’s disciple to leave kanchi even after the promised to give  gift of Gold and diamonds, since he refused to make arrangement for meeting Thirumizhisai alwar with the king to compose a song on the King. Thirumizhisai alwar followed his disciple and asked Perumal also to follow. On seeing Perumal, Lakshmi also left.   
  2. The King realized his mistake and asked Thirumizhisai alwar to return back to kanchi. Thirumizhisai alwar asked Peromal to return back to kanchi  and others also followed. Hence Perumal is called as Sonna Vannam Seitha Perumal and in Tamil சொன்ன வண்ணம் செய்த பெருமாள்”.
  3. There is also another story. There was an argument between Saraswathi and Lakshmi and wants to know who is the greatest. When Brahma replied Ganga is the greatest since she starts from the feet of Vishnu. On hearing this Saraswathi left him. Vashistan one of Brahma’s son called Saraswathi to come back and participate in the Ashwametha yagam conducted by Brahma. She refused to return back, but wants to destroy the yagam in the form of Vegavathy River. Lord Vishnu stopped by placing Adhisheshan, to obstruct the flow of Vegavathy. Hence Vishnu here also  called as Vega Sethu.
  4. Sri Manavala maamunikal explained his Sri Bashyam in this temple.
  5. Poikai alwar was born in this temple pond otherwise called as pushkarani.
  6. Moolavar is in reclining posture  resting his head on Adhisheshan and facing west direction, which is an unusual feature of this temple.  Sri Lakshmi is on his feet in sitting posture. The moolavar is made of sudhai or stucco.  And Urchavars are kept in front.
  7. Since Moolavar is in reclining posture ( Kidantha Kolam - Bhujanga sayanam ),  the sanctum is in the form of rectangular and vimanam is also in the form of Gopuram and not like square or pyramid shape. The Vimanam is called as Vedasara Vimanam.
  8. Thayar Komalavalli is in a separate sannadhi. There are sannadhis for Pilla Logachariyar, Nagars  and Andal.
  9. Rajagopuram, Palipedam and Dwajasthambam are at front.
  10. There  are 14 verses of  songs sung by Thirumizhisai Alwar, Thisumangai alwar, Poigai alwar and Namalwar.   
  1. The temple is kept open between 07.00 Hrs to 12.00 Hrs and 17.00 Hrs to 20.00 Hrs.
  1. This temple is about 2 KM from Sri Varadharajaswamy temple.
  2. Lot of autos are available from Bus stand.

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  1. My hometown is Kochi and my house is located near to Thrikkakara temple which is also among the 108. It is the place where Lord Vishnu gave the vamana avataram

    1. Thanks sunitha for the information.. Hope you will help me for the dharshan...