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02nd October 2016.
The final point of our Heritage walk around the Adyar Creek was at the junction of Pattinapakkam and Santhome high Road, where the famous Battle of Adyar was took place.  The battle was a consequence of Fort St. George surrendering to the French early in October 1746. Navab of Arcot in support of British sent his son Mahfuz Khan with troops to ask the  French to handover the Fort St George to British. Instead the French chased them away. The Mahfuz Khan reinforcing his army to about 10000 soldiers  moved south and seized Santhome, which was under the control of French then and lined up on the north bank of river Adyar.

Two hundred French and French trained Indian troops led by a Swiss mercenary, Caption Paradis, force marched from Pondychery and  took the position on the south bank of river Adyar,  after capturing the Quibble Island on October 22, 1746. Paradis came to know that De la Tour also from Fort St. George  is marching to wards  Adyar to attack  Mahfuz Khan from back. But he came  very late. On 24th Oct 1746, with a trained, disciplined and systematic firing from the French  troop led by Paradis, Mahfuz Khan with his troop of 10000 men  fled away towards Kanchipuram. The Battle started in the morning and ended in the evening itself. This battle taught a lesson to British to form Madras Regiment and trained the soldiers. This  also seeds the formation Indian army and Pakistan army.

Before finishing of our Heritage we had seen the former Finance minister’s house on the banks of Adyar River. Work is on  to demolish and construct new building. It was learnt that Mr Chidambaram was not given a share of this property, since he married a other community lady.

… End of our Heritage walk around Adyar creek.

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