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04th December 2016
As usual on 4th Sunday 2016,  morning started for the Dharshan of Shiva. I make it a habit of visiting Shiva temples on Sundays. Suddenly struck to my mind, why cannot go little far from the usual place of Dhandeeswaram.  So decided to go to Thirisoolam, near Pallavaram.  It was cloudy and threatened to rain. So packed my rain coat and umbrella and started through my scooter.  The temple is on the Thirusoolam / Pallavaram Hill. After a wait of about 5 minutes at the railway gate, reached the temple around 10.00 hrs.  When I was inside the temple, it was raining heavily. The sky becomes clear after 30 minutes and had a good dharshan of Sri Thirisoolanathar.

Iraivan : Sri Thirisoolanathar.
Iraivi    : Sri Thiripurasundary.

Some of the important details are follows....
The temple is facing east with an entrance arch. Immediately after the arch, Dwajasthambam, Palipedam and Nandhi mandapam. The base of the temple is about 3 feet below the ground level.

In the outer prakaram Nandhavanam, Nagars under peepul/Bodhi tree, Vahana mandapam, Urchava mandapam and Navagrahas.  Iyappan and Adhi Sankarar sannadhis are on the North east corner of the sanctum sanctorum.

In the inner prakaram sannadhi for  Srinivasan, Viswanathar with Visalakshi, Valli Devasena  Aarumugam, Muthukumaraswamy, 16 faced  Markandeyar Lingam, Naalvar, Natarajar Saba and Bairavar.

In koshtam Vinayagar, Veeraasana Dhakshinamurthy, Lingothbavar, Brahma and Durgai. The sanctum is of semi circle and vimana is Gajaprushta Vimana.

In the sanctum Moolavar is with Ambal. There is a legend for this  and it goes like this...A new Ambal statue  was made and installed  in place of the damaged Ambal. Shiva came in the dream of  priest and instructed him to install the old Ambal moortham near to him. Hence Moolavar and old Ambal are in the same sanctum.  

The temple history goes like this... After creating Thilothama, Brahma fell in love with  her and Thilothama refused his wish and said, Brahma is like a father, who created her. On hearing this Sivaganas chased him and Brahma hid in the midst of this 4 hills ( considered as 4 Vedas) and worshiped Shiva after realizing his fault. Lord Shiva pardon him after pleased by his worship.  Hence this place was called as Brahmapuri.

As per the inscriptions available at the athistanam, the temple was  built during Kuluthunga I, Chozha ( 12th century ) about 900 years before and the Place was called as Vanavan Maadevi Chathurvedhi Mangalam.  Latter during Pallava period the name was changed as Pallavapuram, which turned to Pallavaram now.

The temple will be kept open between 07.00 Hrs to 11.00 Hrs and 16.30 Hrs to 20.00 Hrs.

For pooja and other details Gurukkal S Keerthivasam may be contacted  and his mobile number is 8056050671.
The official website is

About 2 KM from Thirisoolam Sub-Urban Railway station.
Autos are available  from Thirsoolam railway station  and Airport


 Sri Ayyappan and adhi Sankarar Sannadhi

 Inscriptions - Kulothunga Chozha -1
 What this could be ?


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