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A continuation post to Arani visit…
18th March 2017.
Sathya Vijaya  Nagaram otherwise known as S V Nagaram  was established by the  Jahir Venkatanatha Rao Sahib in 1825CE, an ardent follower of Madhwa sampradaya. Located on the banks of Kamandalanaga River.  S V Nagaram was named after  Sri Sri 1008 Satya Vijaya Theertharu of Moola brindavan. The palace or the Aranmanai was constructed adjacent to the Moola Brindavan. The Jahir, as per the instruction of the pontiff established S V Nagara for the upliftment of poor  Brahmins  from Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

The palace / Aranmanai was constructed 1825CE ( assumed since correct date was not available ) and expanded in 1876 CE ( a stone tablet was installed on an entrance wall ), with Ground + 2 floor are now in ruins. The style of construction is called as “Stuart Architecture”.  The Queen’s palace and the fountain are renovated and being used by the Tamil Nadu Government. The Tamil Nadu Govt.  Veterinary Hospital   and  Regional Institute for Rural Development  was functioned in this Palace.

The complex consists of  Main Palace and a Palace for the queen or  Jahir’s wife. The main palace was constructed with bricks and over which lime mortar  ( Mixture of lime and sand  ) plastering was done. Polishing was done after plastering. Still we can see and feel the smoothness of the wall in the un pealed portions.  Woods are used for  supports for the ceilings. The pillars are constructed with specially made semi circular bricks and round granite stones are used  to increase strength to hold the load. The  stucco work on the Pillars, above doors ways, windows both inside and out side  are excellent with figures like lion, human face etc., and paintings are done on the ceilings and walls.

In Queen’s Palace entrance door glass has an etching of  Jahirs emblem (an image of a fort and a hand with sword). A Latin word ‘PER DEUM-ET FERRUM OBTINUI” is written and the meaning is “We got all these through GOD and our sword”. Similar images can be seen on the Sadras Fort and Pulicat Dutch cemeteries.

The above Palace was constructed in a 300 acres of land. The Jahirthars lived lavishly. They used to go to horse races conducted at, Chennai, Ooty and Bangalore. They bought imported cars from various countries and had all brands of cars starts with  A to Z. They had 182 cars at one period and at least 8 to 10 cars might have parked in the palace.


 This portion was damaged due to fire 

 The construction of a pillar with specially made semi circular brick and a granite round stone to increase the strength of the pillar

The stucco images of pillar top – pothyal


 Water fountain 

 The Queen’s Palace ( Now the Govt Office is functioning after renovation )

A Latin word ‘PER DEUM-ET FERRUM OBTINUI” is written and the meaning is “We got all these through GOD and our sword”. 

Durbar Hall

A fragment of pillar with relief  on the back side of Palace

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