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17th June 2018.
This Sri Vaidyanatheshwara Swamy Shiva temple is one of the Shiva temples of Panchalinga Temples in and around of Talakadu. Sri Pataleshwara Temple, Maruleshwara Temple and Vaidyanatheshwara Temples are near to each other and Arkeshwara temple and Mallikarjuna temples are out side Talakadu. We had visited the three Shiva temples out of 5 Shiva Temples in Talakadu.  This temple is at the entrance of the Talakadu Village maintained by Archaeological Survey of India ( ASI).

Iraivan : Sri Vaidyanatheshwara Swamy

Some of the important details are ….
The temple is facing east with out any Rajagopuaram. Palipedam and a Dwajasthambam are immediately after the entrance. A stucco nandi is on a platform in the south side prakaram.

This Sri Vaidyeswara temple complex was built during 10th century Gangas and patronized by the latter kings Chozha, Hoysalas, Vijayanagaras and Wodayars of Mysuru. Since the exact period is not known, some claims that the temple was built by Madhavamandri ( 1350 AD) an eminent minister of the Vijayanagara King Harihara – I.  The sanctum sanctorum consists of sanctum, antarala, Arthamandapam, mahamandapam and muka mandapam. Urchavars/ processional deities with Nataraja are in the mahamandapam. Ambal sannadhi is on the north west of the same complex. The sanctum vimana was built with stucco ( Lime and mortar) built during 17th century.  Huge Dwarabalaks are at the entrance of Mahamandapam. The belly looks like Nandhi / bull’s face is worth to see.

The niches are filled with decorative gods and goddess images like Mahishamardini, Brahma, Saraswathi, Surya, Ganesha riding on a mouse ( mooshika ), Kankalamurthy,  Virabhadra, Tripurantaka, Chandrasekara, Mohini, Lakshmi, Bairava, Varadharaja, Nataraja,  of Vijayanagara period.

The base was contructed with sribandha adhistana consists of upana, jagati, katakavrita, kumuda, gala,kapotha carved with muktagrasas.  The face of the jagati has the murals of a row of bansas and elephants. The pillars of the assembly hall are of bhadrakanda type of Vijanagara architecture. The ceing of the mukamandapa is built in nabhichchbanda style. The lalada of the doorway has the relief of Gajalakshmi. On the above a relief of Umamaheswara seated in sukasana.

The temple will be kept opened between 08.00 hrs to 18.30 Hrs.

Talakadu ia bout 29 KM from T Narasipura and 45 KM from Mysore and 130 KM from Bangalore.
KSRTC buses are available fro T Narasipra and Mysore.


 Bull face 
 Monkey relief on the kodungai
 Kongu, Avanashi Sthalapurana
 Kannappa story
 Ganesha riding on Mooshika
 single face with 4 monkeys 
 Iyyanar with Poorna & Puskala his consorts
The elephant head bird

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