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29th November 2015.
Sevas Pandiyan invited me to the 160th Uzhavaram  by SEVAS at Triplicane Tiruvetteeswarar on 29th November 2015. He also up loaded the map to my request.  This is one of the Thirunavukkarau’s Thiruthandakam Devaram padal petra Vaippu  sthalam. Postponing  all other activities ( vettivelaikal and Sunday sleeping ) decided to join the Uzhavaram.  After attending a marriage joined with Seavas ( reason for little late ). The main task of the Uzhavaran was to clean the temple, Nandhavanam and Thirukulam.  The Uzhavaram went on very well. Took many photographs for my collection and uploading in the website.
Iraivan : Sri Thiruvetteeswarar
Iraivi    : Sri Shenbagambigai
Some of the important features of this temple are….
  1. This is one of the Saint Thirunavukkarau’s Thiruthandakam Devaram padal petra Vaippu  sthalam. The temple is facing east with 5 tier Rajagopuram.
  2. Dwajasthambam, Palipedam and Nandhi are in front.
  3. In the outer prakaram sannadhi for Vallaba Ganapathy, Adhikara nandhi, Kasi Viswanathar with Visalakshi amman, Valli Devanai samedha Sri Subramaniyar, Bairavar and Navagrahas.
  4. In the front mandapam  entrance to inner prakaram sannadhi for Vinayagar on the left and Subramaniyar on the right. The mandapam pillars has many reliefs of munivars, rishis, and Hanuman’s various forms.
  5. In the inner prakaram sannadhi for Vinayagar, Veerabathirara, Balamurugan, Samayakuravarkal, Sekizhar, Paravai and Sankili Nachiyarudan Sundarar, Santhanakuravarkal, Valli Devasena Subramaniyar, Lakshmi, Sarasvathy, Subramaniyar with valli devasena urchavars, 63var ( Panchaloka moorthangal ), Sandikeswarar, Palliyarai, Natarajar Saba ( Natarajar, Karaikkal ammayar, Sivakami and Manikkavasakar) and 63var.
  6. Moolavar Thiruvetteeswarar ( in koshtam Vinayagar, Dhakshinamoorthy, Sudharsana Chakkaram, Perumal Mahavishnu, brahma and Durgai )   and Somaskandhar ( In koshtam Vinayagar, Dhakshinamurthy, Jothisivam, Brahma and Durgai)  are in separate sannadhis facing east with separate Koshta moorthams.  Ambal is facing south with entrance, dwajasthambam, palipedam and Simha vahanam.
  7. The history of the temple is as follows. It was believed that the temple was built during 7th century and  damaged completely. It was observed that a cow was milking on a particular place near shenbaga odai ( Now called as Shenbaga theertham ). People excavated and found there was a shiva lingam with a scar on it’s top ( hence called as Thiruvetteeswarar ). The temple was reconstructed latter and Ambal moortham was found in the Shenbaga theertham and called Sri Shenbagambigai.
  8. During British period 1-11-1734 the temple income was relieved from Tax.
  9. During 16th and 17th century the Navabs ( Muslim kings ) gave donations to this temple.  Till date flower and milk are  being supplied to the temple by the Muslim charities for the artha jama pooja.
  10. It was believed that Sri Lakshmi worshiped Lord Shiva to marry Mahavishnu.
  11. In the course of fight between Lord Shiva and Arjunan to get the Pasupatha asthiram, Arjuna’s weapon hit the head of Lord Shiva and a scar was made on the lingam, hence Iraivan is called as ‘ Partha Pirakaralingam’- this was explained by Tamil Thatha U Ve Sawmynatha Iyyar.
  12. This temple is equivalent to Kasi and Sri Kalathi. Reliefs of Raghu and Kethu can be seen in front of moolavar sannadhi ceiling. Hence this temple is also a parikara sthalam for Raghu and Kethu dhosam
  1. The temple is kept open between 06.00 Hrs to 11.00 Hrs and 17.00 Hrs to 21.00 Hrs
  1. Sivachariyar Vijayakumar May be contacted on his landline number +91 44 28511228.
  1. The temple is in Triplicane very near to Star Theatre and Triplicane Post office Stop.
  2. City town buses are available from various parts of the city.

 The temple chariot with the 5 tier Rajagopuram 
 5 tier Rajagopuram 
 Dwajasthambam with temple front view 
 Palipedam with nandhi Mandapam 
 Navagraha Sannadi with Ambal temple vimanam 
 Navagraha Sannadhi with Rajagopuram 
 Sri Valli Devasena Subramaniyar sannadhi 

 Vallaba Ganapathy Sannadhi 
 Ambal temple dwajasthambam with Somaskandhar sannadhi vimanam 
 Ambal temple dwajasthambam with Somaskandhar sannadhi vimanam 
 Navagraha Sannadhi 

 Sevas in nandhavanam 
 Sevas in nandhavanam 

 Sevas in nandhavanam 
 Sevas with Nagars
 Naga Kanni  
 Naga Kanni and nagars 
 Sevas with Nagars
 Shenbaga Theertham – even though heavy rain there is no water in the tank 
 Sunadarar with Paravai and Sangili Nachiyar 
 Entrance top sudhai sirpam 

 Anjaneyar is playing a drum

 Sri Lakshmi is worshiping Lord Shiva 

 Ambal worshiping Lord Shiva 

Thirunavikkarasar – Appar 

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