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16, December 2012
The Shiva temple at Dhandeeswararm (is a part of Velachery), Chennai, is  a 10th to 12th century  old.  There are lot of Tamil inscriptions found around Karuvarai wall. Since the temple is about 2 KM from my residence I used to go on Sundays and important functions. During Maha Shivarathri day I used to be there throughout the night. The outer  prakaram was constructed in concrete during recent years  through devotee’s donations, whose names appears on the pillars.

Iraivan : Sri Dhandeeswarar
Iraivi    : Sri Karunambigai

Some of the important features of this temple are as follows....
  1.  After Eman lost his dhandam at Thirukadaiyur, in Dwaraba yugam  Eman came to this place, created a Thirukulam ( Now called as Yema theertham  on the west side of the temple with fencing ) and worshiped Lord Shiva of this temple and got back his dhandam. Hence Iraivan is called as Sri Dhandeeswarar  and the place is called as Dhandeeswararm.
  2. All the 4 Vedhams were taken  away by Somugasuran and kept under the sea. The Vedhams had done dhabas at this place and worshiped Lord Shiva at Thiruvanmiyur to get rid of Asura dhosham.  Hence This place was called as Vedhasreny which is latter called by the present name of Velachery. There is also another version that this place was called once as Velvichery which became the name of Velachery.
  3. Sannadhi for Vinayagar and Sri Valli Devasena  samedha Sri Subramaniyar are in artha mandapam.
  4. Sannadhis for Somaskandhar ( Murugan is not there at centre ), Chandrasekar & Ambal, Maha Lakshmi,  Saraswathi, Valli Devasena samedha Subramaniyar,  Sandikeswarar, Thiruganasamabandar ( Both silaroopam ), Natarajar Saba, Bairavar, Vishnu and Suryan.
  5.  Standing in one place near Sandikeswarar, we can have the dharshan of Sri Mahalakshmi, Saraswathi and Durgai.  And also we can have the dharshan of Moolavar and Ambal sannadhi vimanams.
  6. In Koshtam, Vinayagar, Dhakshinamoorthy ( Dhakshinamoorthy is facing Kubera moolai, hence he is called as Kubera Dhakshinamoorthy ),  Lingothbavar ( The lingothbavar is Chandrasekarar, the Maan  and Mazhu   are interchanged from the usual positions ), Brahma and Durgai.
  7. In The outer Prakaram 63var, Naalvar, Kashi Viswanathar, Vaitheeswarar, Chokkanathar, Meenakshi, Navagrahas and   Naagars.
  8. The Temple has lot of Vahanams which are used during urchavavam were kept in the outer prakaram.
  9. At the east side entrance  Dwajasthambam, Palipeedam and Nandhi in a small mandapam.
  10. On the east side entrance  to the main shrine, sannadhi for Kaalai santhi Vinayagar and Murugan.  
  11. The Rajagopuram is of 5 tiers on the south side. There are three tier gopurams on the east and west side of the temple ( Which are kept locked ). East side will be kept open during prathosam days.
  12. There is an Alangara mandapam on the left side of south entrance where important functions are held.
  13. There was a Digital banner erected recently in which the names of the  defaulters of Tax, rent etc., to the temples are printed.  The temple has many properties and the income is a question.
  14. Lot of tamil inscriptions,  belongs to Sundara Chozhan ( father of Rajaraja Chozhan ), found around Karuvarai wall. They were not maintained and  are in un readable condition  due to painting. One of the inscriptions is about a donation to burning a lamp in the sannadhi. From the inscription the temple must be 1055 years old. This is the first temple constructed by Chozhas in Thondai Nadu as per Mr Vakula Varadharajan, a Historian.
  15. The thirukulam ( Yematheertham ) is on the main road, west side of the temple with grill/ fence  work on all the four sides.
  16. It was learned that sun light will fall  on moolavar one day in a year, it is not happening nowadays due to obstruction of a new building constructed on the eastern side. 
  17. The Ambal in this temple was installed by Appaya dheekshithar with Srichakra, during 16th century, similar to Maangadu and Thiruverkadu. ( Appaya Dheekshithar’s wife  was from Velachery – There was story behind that - )
  18. Shastiyapthapoorthi functions are performed here next to Thirukkadaiyur ( Who could not go there ). The present charge is Rs. 7500.00.
  19. Thiruvasakam mutrum othuthal is being conducted regularly on 'maham' nakchathiram day  through Velachery Koil Thirupani mandram under the leadership of Mr Adalarasan
  1.  Lot of Town buses available from various parts of  Chennai City to Velachery and the bus stop is Gandhi nagar or Dhandeeswaram bus stop between Gurunanak College and Vijaya nagar bus terminus.  ( equal distance from both bus stops. 
  1.      Office Phone number :+91 44  22436121
  2.      Sivachariyar Mobile number : Kumarasamy Gurukkal. 9884402525

 Tamil isncriptions on the wall behind karuvarai fully damaged and not readable due to painting
 Moolavar & Ambal sannadhi vimanams can be worshiped standing in one place
 Ambal sannadhi vimanam
 ( Mann and Mazhu  are interchanged in Lingothbavar )
 Chandrasekarar - opposite to  Lingothbavar
 Alangara mandapam in which urchavam, functions like,  Shastiyapthapoorthi are held in this mandapam.
Kasi Viswanathar and Vaitheeswaran Sannadhi in the outer prakaram.
 Saba mandapam Vimanam
 View from east side with dwajasthambam, Palipeedam and Nandhi mandapam.
5 Tier Rajagopuram 

Shivratri 2016 : CLICK HERE


  1. Respected Sri Veluswamy garu, Namaste. On 01/12/2013 (Sunday) I was in Velachery to visit my nephew and he had guided me to this temple. Now I was searching about this temple and reached your blog. Your blog has good amount of useful information. Wish I would have seen this blog before my visit, so that I would have enjoyed it more.

    Ramakrishna GS

  2. Temple has a good history. i am staying near to this temple and visit it twice a week. but a main drawback of this temple is that such a historical beauty doesn't have its original beauty, i.e it i not maintained neatly. water stagnates here and there and everything seems to be tidy. most precious statues are found on the waste places which is really hurting. if this could be protected then this could stay long to prove our pride.

  3. It is True ma. I too up set over the maintenance of the precious kalvettukkal which tells us the age of the temple and throws light of many facts. We used to face this problem during rainy season especially . Now this temple has a lot of income after displaying the defaulters list, but where it goes? The temple has a vast land on the Velachery to Thiruvanmiyur by pass road now being used as Parking lot. Thirupani was conducted recently through Velachery thirupani mandram, was not an expense to the temple income and annadhanam is also done through donors. Temple authorities can improve a lot if they wish.

  4. Very well written post, with good pictures. Had been to this temple today, though it is no less in significance to Kabaleeswarar or marundheeswarar temple, the upkeep and patronage seems to be poor. Felt very peaceful and blesses visiting this temple..

  5. Honestly my heart is weeping. Why they have to use tiles inside a sanathi? why people just don't understand the true historical beauty? Use such crap tiles to decorate their shower room or toilet and NOT inside the temple. A Somaskandar without Skanda inbetween Uma and Shiva is aburvam. But the background is hurting. We can make one hundred tiled walls but cant make one simple stone wall like our ancient temples. There is no necessity to built a new temple or add an extra sanathi in an existing temple. But please protect existing monuments as it is. I need such temples to show my children and grand children and teach them how great we were. At least for their sake please do something to protect them. Hail APPAR swamigal and his brilliant ULAVAPANI.

  6. Thanks Rajkumar S for your comments. The old temples are destroyed in the name of renovation. Already the east side big building constructed, obstructs the sun light falling on the moolavar.
    Renovation of Selliamman temple in front of Dhandeeswaram Shiva temple is in progress. No one will agree that it was a old temple like Shiva Temple.
    OM Shivaya nama

  7. Now it is God's turn to saves himself from us...
    Om Shivaya nama

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  9. Dakshinamoorthy faces south - how can he look at kubera moolai from there which is supposed to be in the north?

  10. Kuberan occupies the direction is north but whereas the south west direction is for wealth and called as Kubera moolai as per vasthu

  11. Awesome blog! I am really impressed by this blog! The pictures are really nice and cool

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  12. Super cool blog Mr.Veludharan! Thanks.
    I reside near the temple & I'm very much proud to be a part in constructing this temple. I was 10 at the time of contruction, I used to water treat the ceiling column beams. Proud of my grandfather S.P.Ramiah(ex-trust), who raised this temple with the help of everyone & with all his efforts.

  13. Super cool blog Mr.Veludharan! Thanks.
    I reside near the temple & I'm very much proud to be a part in constructing this temple. I was 10 at the time of contruction, I used to water treat the ceiling column beams. Proud of my grandfather S.P.Ramiah(ex-trust), who raised this temple with the help of everyone & with all his efforts.

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