Friday, 15 June 2018


15th June 2018.
This is the first temple exclusively built for Goddess Sri Prathyangira Devi in Chennai, founded by Sri Prathyangira Swamigal ( Sri Atharvana Vedha Sri Peedathipathi, Sri Garuda Kuhha ) in the year 1998 and kumbhabhishekam was performed in 1999, with the blessings of Sringeri Sarathapeedam and Sri Kanchikamkodipedam.  

Main deity : Sri Prathyangira Devi

Some of the important details of this temple are….
The temple is facing east with an entrance from North Side. The Temple and the 2 tier Rajagopuram are built in kerala architecture style. Sri Varahi Amman sannadhi is immediately after the north entrance.

There are sub sannadhis  around Varahi Amman and Sri Prathyangira Devi. The Sub sannadhis are Sri Manthira Varahi amman, Sri Akarshana Sarabeswarar. Sri Samunda Patrakali, Sri Indradevi, Sri Nagaraja Dharbar with 108 nagars, Sri Neela Saraswathi, Sri Sani Bhagwan, Sri Iyappan, Sri Uchishta Ganapathy, Sri Lakshmi Hayagreevar, Sri Siva Sakthis, Sri Annapoorani, Sri Mahalakshmi, Sri Iyswarya Eswar ( Stucco ) with Kuberan, Sri Dhakshinamurthy, Sri Balamurugan, Sri Panchamuga Anjaneyar, Sri Gayathri, Sri Kalabairavar, Sri Durga, Sri Suryan, Sri Agni bhagwan ( Stucco ), Sri Abirami samedha Amirthakadeswar, Sri Sorkarshana bairavar, Sri Karkodaka Swamy ( Both Stone and Stucco), Sri Heramba Ganapathy, Sri Dhaanvanthiri, Sri Rishi eswar, Sri Lakshmi narasimhar & Garudan.

The Lion faced Pratyangira Devi is in sitting sugasana posture keeping her right leg down on a Lion with a fierce look. A soolam is on the right hand. It is believed that all obstacles and fear in the life will be removed if one prays Sri Prathyangira Devi.

Apart from regular poojas, special poojas are conducted on Navarathiri Days, Onam. Regular medical camps is also conducted. Annadhanam is being served on Sundays.

As per the legend, Sri Prathyangira Devi came from one of the wings of Sarabeswarar ( a form of Lord Shiva to pacify Narasimhar who killed Hiranyakasibu ). When Sri Prathyangira Devi sat on the laps of Sri Narasimhar, he became calm.

The temple will be kept opened between 08.00 hrs to 12.00 hrs and 16.00 hrs to 20.00 hrs and on Sundaays the temple closes 13.00 hours instead of 12.00 hrs.

Land line and mobile numbers are : 044-24501404, 24501716 & 9444691404.

The temple is on the banks of of Bukkimham cannel, between old and New Mamallapuram roads.
The temple is about a KM from distance from Sholinganallur Junction on Old Mahabalipuram Road ( OMR ).


 Pathrakali with Stucco image on the back 

 Sri Agni Devar  

Sri Prathyangira Devi (PC: temple web site ) 
 Shiva Shrine 
 Stucco image of Varahi sitting on eagle 
 Sri Madurai Veeran on the left side of entrance Rajagopuram 
Sri Vedali on the right side of entrance Rajagopuram 

The temple complex  in the midst of Housing colony - view from a distance