Thursday, 9 February 2017


07th February 2017.
During my conversation with Fowzia it went around many subjects. In that she mentioned about Thambi kalai Ayyan temple near Kavundapadi, where my brother resides. After night stay at my brothers home, before leaving I told my intention of visiting the temple. So  he took me to the temple

Thambikalai Ayyan was a siddhar who lived in this place. It is a Raghu khethu sthalam. Amman is in the form of snake called Nageswari. Moolavar is Thambikalai Ayyan and Nandhi and dwajasthambam are in front facing North. Holy water in a pot is given to the devotees who was bitten by snakes,scorpion and other poisonous creatures..

Moolavar:  Thambi Kalai Ayyan

Some of the important features of this temple are...
At the entrance to the main temple, Raghu Kethu and Thambi Kalai Ayyan stucco images are installed.   Rajagopuram is on the east side with  7 tier and has  300 stucco images.

The temple is facing North with Palipedam, Dwajasthambam and Nandhi.  The inner mandapam was built with 48 pillars. The reliefs of 12 rasis, 9 / Nava Grahas and 27 Nakshathras are on the pillars. The pillars also has the reliefs of 18 siddhars, Naalvar, Ramalinga Vallalar, Ashta Lakshmi, Pattinathar.
The sanctum has a vimanam and over which another vimanam  is also constructed on the roof.

In the inner prakaram sannadhi for Raghu, Asirvatha Vinayagar, Pamban Swamykal, Urchavars (Kalyana subramaniyar, Nageswari, Thambikalai Ayyan), Nava kanniyars, Kethu Bairavar,

In the outer prakaram sannadhi for Selva Vinayagar, Nageswari over the ant hill where the snakes live, Holy water sannadhi , Nallayyan ( brother of Thambi Kalai Ayyan – stucco image of Nallayan, Cow milching milk to a snake), Vinayagar under a peepual / Bodhi tree, Ramaeswarar Dharshan Lingam, Kumara Parameswararn, Sankara Narayanan, Pambatti Siddhar, Karuppanna Swamy, Durgai, Thirumoolar, Muthu kumaraswamy.

It was estimated that the temple must be 800 years old, but in actual the temple was constructed recent years. To prove this they quote the references are the  palm leaf manuscript ( Siddhar Pala Thirattu ) available at Thanjavur Saraswathy Mahal, The inscription on the top support of a swing and legends.

Important functions held here are Adi festival, Maha Shivarathiri, Thaipoosam,  Chitra pournami pramorchavam and Raghu Kethu movement day.

The temple is kept open between 07.00 Hrs to 13.00 Hrs and 12.30 Hrs to 20.00 Hrs.

The temple may be contacted on the land lines  - 04294- 235053 and 235453.

The temple is located on 19th KM from Erode to Sathya mangalam bus route.
The temple can be reached through Town bus No 7  available from, Erode  and get dropped at Chetti Karadu Irattai Vaaikal,  from there 2 KM.
From Erode, Town bus via Kanchikoil  route no  8, get dropped at Ayyan valasu.
From Perundurai to Kavundapadi town bus route No 17, Get dropped at Iyyan Valasu.
Mini bus is also available from Kanchi Koil and Kavundapadi.


 Shiva Family on the ceiling of the Rajagopuram

 North side Rajagopuram

Sanctum vimanam (Another vimanam also constructed over the roof )
  Urchavars - (Kalyana Subramaniyar, Nageswari and Thambi Kalai Ayyan ) 

 Devotees offerings 

 a latter period inscription on a swing to stone