Wednesday, 19 October 2011


19, October 2011
The last two temples of  Pandya naadu was covered in this trip on 17th of October 2011. To cover the Paadal Petra Sthalangal dharshan at Thiruppattur and Kodungundram ( Piran Malai ). I followed the route given below

Karaikudi - Thiruppattur - Singampunari - Piran malai - Thiruppattur - Thirukoshtiyur  ( Bonus this is one of the  108 divya desam Perumal temple ) - and back to Karaikudi. Really I had a good dharshan. For all these three temples went through buses, of course for getting the bus I have to wait a long time. Other wise it was an wonderfull journey.

கொடுங்குன்றம் ( பிரான் மலை )
This is the  249th Devaram Padal Petra Shiva Sthalam and 5th Shiva Sthalam of Pandya Naadu. Naalavar has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple.  
Base:                             Iraivan : Sri Kodungkundranathar
(Paathalam)                Iraivi     : Sri Kuilamutha nayagi, Sri Amirtheswari.

Middle :                        Iraivan : Sri Viswanathan
(Boologam)                  Iraivi    : Sri Visalakshi

Top:                               Iraivan : Sri Mangai bakar, Sri Umamaheswarar
 (Kailayam)                  Iraivi     : Sri Thenambigai, Sri Thenambal

Some of the important features of this temple are....
  1. This place is now called as Piran malai.  ThiruGanasambandar called the Shiva of this temple as  “Embiram” and hence the place latter called as Piranmalai. 
  2. This is one of the hill shrine after Thiruparankundram in Paandya naadu. 
  3. The temple is in three stages. Pathalam, Boomi and Kailayam. 
  4. The Raja Gopuram was built at a latter state. 
  5. Statue of Pari King who donated his chariot to mullai in this place is in the middle of the hill and during his period the place was called as “Pareesuram”. 
  6. This temple is also under the control of Kundrakudi Ponnambal Adikalar. 
  7. The outer prakaram of the base temple is similar to Rameswaram temple with long corridor. 
  8. The Navagrahas are in sitting posture. 
  9. There is a separate sannathi with out dog for Bairavar  in the middle stage.
  10. Arthajama Pooja is special in this temple. 
  11. The upper stage Kailayam temple karuvarai was built with out separate pillars, known as kudavarai type. 
  12. Lord Shiva and  Devi Parvathi are in Kalyana kolam to give dharshan to Agasthiya munivar. 
  13. There is no Dwajasthambam and nandhi in front of moolavar sannathi.  
  14. The Sthalaviruksham is Uranga Puli, which leaves do not sleep during night and also there is tree for which the name is not known yet.
  1. Town bus is available from Thiruppattur ( Frequency is Limited )
  2. Buses available from Singampunari ( Better than Thiruppattur).
  3. Buses from Madurai to Ponamaravathy passes through this place.
 ( Mandapam at second level - Sudhai sirpam of Pari vallal who gave his chariot to grow for the mullai creeper )
 ( A second level Bairavar temple )
 ( Top level Temple  A Kudaivarai Koil )
 ( Second level temple )
 ( Ground level Temple corridor )
 ( Second level Rajagopuram )
 ( Second level Rajagopuram )
(First level Shiva Temple View through Mandapam leading to Second level Temple ) 
250 / 6. THIRUPPATTUR  (திருப்பத்தூர்)
This is the 250th Devaram Padal Petra Shiva Sthalam and 6th Sthalam in Pandya nadu. ThiruGanasambandar and appar has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple.  
Iraivan :       Sri Srithaleeswarar, Sri Srithalinathar, Sri Thiruthalinathar
Iraivi    :        Sri Sivakami.

Some of the important features of this temple are....
  1. Lord Shiva  in the form of Bairavar destroyed the  asuras Anthakasuran and Sambakaasuran. To remove sin Shiva performed pooja in this temple as a Yoga Bairavar with lingam in one hand. No dog for this Bairavar with a separate beautiful temple / sannathi. Special Pooja is performed every day arthajamam.  
  2. Lord Shiva gave dharsan to Valmiki when he  was under dhabas in a putru, hence this place is called  as Thiruputrur and latter changed as Thiruppatur.  
  3. The Sabha mandapam kodungai is made of stone similar to Aaavudaar Koil. 
  4. Natarajar is made out of suthai. Natarajar dance in this temple is Gowri Dhandavam / Lakshmi Dhandavam. He performed this dance for Devi Lakshmi. 
  5. Since the place is also called as Srithali / Thiruthali  and Iraivan is called as Thiruthalinathar. 
  6. Another special in this temple is all the Navagrahas are in sitting posture.
  7. The mahamandapam was built by Maruthu Pandyars and latter the Rajagopuram was built. 
  8. The temple is estimated  to be of more than 1300 years old. 
  9. The temple is under the control of Kundrakudi Ponnambala Adikal. Protective coatings has been applied to Bairavar Sannathi.
  1. Thiruppattur is well connected  to major cities like  Madurai, Karaikudi, Devakottai, Sivagangai etc.

 ( Moolavar sannadhi vimanam )
 ( Sabamandapam - Kodungai  similar to Aavudayar koil looks beautiful )

 ( Bairavar Temple )
 ( Bairavar temple vimanam )
 ( Bairavar Temple )
 ( Pillar with kodungaikal are beautiful )
 ( Ambal Sannadhi Rajagopuram - Normally closed  )
 ( Moolavar Rajagopuram and the name of the entrance is Nambiandar Nambi Vayil)
( Sudhai sirpam on the wall- Normally this type Nadhi with boothaganam will be at the corner of the wall )


  1. thanks for your information....but you missed that unique attraction - a stone ball inside the pillar which made in single stone pillar+stone ball......

    1. Sorry Karthik for mentioning the same...really I missed that...sorry once again...
      Thanks and regrds