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PAPPAVALASU- My Tiny Village

 6,December  2012.
PAPPAVALASU is a tiny  village lies in the world map on the coordinates 11°16’45.32” N and 77°26’57.17” E, in Erode district of Tamil Nadu, India.  It is 36 Km west of Erode and 5 Km east of Kunnathur ( Aadhi Kunnathur ). The entire village houses are constructed within two lanes/ streets.  This is almost  centre of Erode to Coimbatore, Tirupur  to Erode and  Tirupur  to Gopichettipalayam bus route.  The post office is located at Kunnathur. Once it was in Coimbatore district and now in Erode District. There is no river or Kulam near by. People depends on borewell for drinking water. All the houses  are built with mud and the roofs are mangalore tiled.  We are the  first to  get  TNEB  power supply, when I was studying 4th 0r 5th standard in a Government elementary school at Velampalayam about 1 KM meters away from my village. 

There is an odai on the western side of our village and the water will  flow only during heavy rain. The burial ground is on the banks of the odai. We used to play in the odai water when we are young. About 25 years before  there was a very very heavy rain and the odai has got flooded. The flooded water carried the ground nuts which were laid for drying in the fields.

Our village was very famous for the bullock carts, used for transporting materials by the farmers and the same was used as a transportation also.  After the industrial revolution the scenario  was completely changed. The peoples in the village could not adopt the latest technology and change.  Hence the total manufacture of bullock carts was vanished from the history and the peoples migrated to various places but doing the same job of Carpentery ( doors, windows, etc., ) to take care for their livelihood. Now this tiny village  looks deserted during day time and almost all the houses are locked. I was little up set to see that. 

Since my Uncle (Mr Avanachiappan otherwise called him as Kadaiannan, who used to spend most of the time in small tea shop ) do not have child, he encouraged us to study and switch over to some other job. So  my brother studied up to Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and he in-turn helped me acquire  my Diploma in Electrical Engineering. ( increased my qualification up to MS level through distance education latter. )  

The youngsters of our Village reconstructed  Sri Sakthi Mariamman and a Vinayagar temple. The Kumbhabhishekam was conducted an year before  and  special pooja is conducted on every No moon ( Amavasai )  day night and annadham is also being served. The temple looks beautiful.  

I used to go to my village frequently to see my mother who is now at 90+ and takes care of herself and do not want to depend on any body for her routine works including cooking ( She is  reluctant to come to Chennai ).  When she happened to see me, she becomes more healthy.   When she was young, she used to help the village ladies during delivery and after child birth.

Some of the photos taken during my recent visit is uploaded.
  ( The view of our village from main road )
  ( The view of our village from main road - Our house is back of the coconut tree )
                                                 The street which leads to our ancestors house
The TNEB's  Office at our Village 
Our ancestors house our Grand father and grand mother lived in this village. This house walls are built with mud without foundation
Another view of our grand father's house. The bath room and kitchen was built at a latter stage.
My mother now at 90+ with her grand son
Sri Sakthi Mariamman temple vimanam on the sanctum
Sri Vinayagar sannadhi and naagars on the both side
( View of Sri Sakthi mariamman temple with Sri Vinayagar sannadhi )
Sri Sakthi Mariamman in Sandhanakkaappu
View of the temple 



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