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11, August 2013

During my earlier visits to Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalangal, in and around Kumbakonam  Shiva asked me  to come once again for the dharshan at Thiruvislur, Sakkarappalli and Neithanam ( Thillai sthanam ) near Thiruvaiyaru.  There was a three days continuous leave from Friday to Sunday ie from 9th Aug to 11th Aug 2013.  Utilising this opportunity I had made this visit to Kumbakonam. This time  I did not stayed in a Lodge. Straightly went to my friend’s brother   Mr Ramanathan ‘s house ( Nattukkottai Nagarathar ), which is in front of Thiruvisanallur Shiva Temple. He is  also taking care of the Shiva Temple’s activities. 

97 / 43. - THIRUVIYALUR ( Now this place is called as Thiruvisanallur, Thiruvisalur )

This is the 97th Devaram Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam and 43rd Shiva Sthalam on the north side of river cauvery.  Thiruganasambandar has sung hymns in praise of Lord shiva of this temple.

Iraivan : Sri Yoganandheeswarar, sri Purathaneswarar,                                          Sri Vivaranyeswarar
Iraivi   :   Sr Santhanayagi , Sri Soundara nayagi

Some of the important details are …
  1. Sadayu worshiped Lord Shiva of this temple.
  2. This is the birth place of Uyyavantha Nayanar, who wrote the Thiruvunthiyar.
  3. Chozha period Tamil inscriptions are found in this temple.
  4. This is a Rishaba Rasi parikara stahalam.
  5. It is believed that still Agasthiyar come to this sthalam during Shiva rathri day to worship Shiva after having bath in theerthams.
  6. This is sthalam is also a Guru Parikara sthalam.
  7. A rare moortham of Sri Lakshmi Narayanan is in the outer prakaram. People worship on Thiruvona Nakshthiram, Ekathesi thithi and Saturdays . Anusha Panchami festival is celebrated on  when  Anusha Nakshathiram  joins with Panchami thithi.
  8. There are 4 Bairavars namely, Ganakala Bairavar, Swarnaakarshna Bairavar, Unmattha Bairavar and Yoga bairavar are in north east corner along with Bala Saneeswarar. ( Also this place is a parikara sthalam for Saneeswarar ).  People worship Chathur ( four )  Kala Bairavars  for to get Child, To get rid of poverty and Navagraha thosham,  to get back the lost property, to get married, etc.
  1. Mini bus available from Kumbakonam bus stand to Veppathur,  get down at  School stop from there  temple is 1 KM.  ( Karkadeswarar another paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam is jus 2 KM from here. )
  1. For details Mr Ramanathan may be contacted  through his land line 0435 – 2941752 and mobile 9790116062.
King and his wife worshiping Lord Shiva
Tamil inscriptions on the karuvarai wall - maximum damaged
Moolavar vimanam with Dhakshinamoorthy sannadhi
Sri Lakshmi Narayanan
Chatur Bairavars
Ashta Lakshmi's old paintings on the Ambal sannadhi mandapam walls
Ashta Lakshmi's old paintings on the Ambal sannadhi mandapam walls
Ashta Lakshmi's old paintings on the Ambal sannadhi mandapam walls
Ashta Lakshmi's old paintings on the Ambal sannadhi mandapam walls

The 5 tier Rajagopuram - preparing for renovation 

After Dharshan at Thiruvisanallur Mr Ramanathan has arranged an Auto  for my temples visit. First we  went to PHAZHYARAI. The temple was kept open and the renovation was in progress with earth movers.  Had the Dharshan. The sannadhi is is of Mada temple type,. There is a Rajagopuran in the second level and the main Rajagopuram is still a mottai  gopuram and renovation has to be started.

PAZHAYARAI - KIZHL THALI ( பழையாரை கீழ்தளி )

Iraivan : Sri Someshar
Iraivi    : Sri Somakalambigai

Some of the important features of this temple are :…
  1. Garudan and Adhisheshan worshiped Lord Shiva of this temple.
  2. Appar made Shiva Lingam appeared after he prayed on fast, which was hidden by Jains ( samanars )
  3. This is the birth place of Mangaiyarkarasiyar and Amarneedhi Nayanar.
  4. This place was once called as Arunmozhidevechuram. King Rajendran was brought up under the care of Queen Kundhavai in this place. Also this place was once capital for the Chozha King Manimudidevar. He was the intrumental to appear the Shiva Lingam to Appar. 
  5. Chozhars had done renovations to this temple.
  1. This temple is very near to Patteswaram,  about 3 KM.
  2. Lot of Town buses are available up to Patteswaram from there Auto facility is available.

The 3 tier Rajagopuram after the main entrance
Entrance to the main shrine is in chariot type
Moolavar vimanam
Arthanareeswarar in place of Lingothbavar- the Nandhi's direction is changed from the usual.
Main shrine a mada type koil
Vishnu''s Narasimha avatharam a relief in front of ambal sannadhi
Vishnu''s Narasimha avatharam a relief in front of ambal sannadhi
Mottai Gopuram

Then we tested our luck for the dharshan of Sri Vimalanayagi samedha Sri Dharmapureeswarar of  Muzhaiyur. This is one of the Vaipu sthalam. To our bad luck the temple was closed this time also and when we contacted the Archakar ( Mobile number 9789610836 ) he said the temple will be opened only after 17.00 Hrs. This temple is attached to Swamymalai Murugan temple. 

Then we proceeded to Patteswaram. Had the dharshan of Sri Ganambigai Samedha Sri Patteechurar. This is my second visit to this temple. Since the day happened to be  a Friday lot of people thronged for the Dharshan of Durgai Amman. The Durgai Amman is in a separate temple and the whole temple is called as Durgai Amman temple.  The details of this temple were already written in my earlier post. The Photos taken are uploaded in this post.

West side 5 tier rajagopram with temple tank
The 7 tier Rajagopuram with nandhi mandapam , Pali peedam and Dwajasthambam
A relief at the entrance of south side rajagopuram. The stone is not strong .
The south side Rajagopuram

Then we went to Tharasuram , Airavatheeswarar Temple. I came earlier to this temple a few years ago, when the renovation was in progress. The temple is under the control of ASI and Protected by UNESCO. Recent thirupani was done by the present Prince of  Marathi king Babaji Raja Bhonsle.  The temple is maintained    neat and clean with landscape out side. Lot of  foreign tourists visits this temple. ASI allowed for the regular pooja to  moolavar. Photography was allowed in this temple. Lot of relief on the walls, ceilings and  pillars are found. In one pillar complete  story of Iraivan’s marriage was chiseled  on all four sides of the pillar. The Shiva and Ambal moorthams are very beautiful. Different sounds are observed when tapped on various parts of the moortham of Ambal. It was a wonderful experience to see the details of the statues made in a stone. We have to appreciate to crafts man who had chiseled on the stone. After cliking the minute details and statues  left for Swamymalai.

Arthha nareeswarar - see the three heads like brahma an un-usual sculpture..
entrance is like chariot type construction
Close look of the face with sharp nose, a master piece - Annapoorani
See the details of hand, fingers and nails  - observed different sound when tapped on atchaya pathiram, lotus flower and the head. - Annapoorani
See the details of the right hand holding the lotus flower - Annapoorani
See the saree foldings  and the design of wearing - Annapoorani
See the beautiful smile on the face of Annapoorani
Lord Shiva and Parvathi's marriage relief on the 4 sides of the pillar.
Lord Shiva and Parvathi's marriage relief on the 4 sides of the pillar.- Ambal's Dhabas and below, worshiping Lord Shiva
Lord Shiva and Parvathi's marriage relief on the 4 sides of the pillar. - Lord Shiva came in the Rishaba vahanam
Lord Shiva and Parvathi's marriage relief on the 4 sides of the pillar.- See the Navagrahas  attending the marriage with their vahanams.
 Lord Shiva and Parvathi's marriage relief on the 4 sides of the pillar- Lord Shiva gives dharshan after the marriage.
Lord Shiva's dance - like Gaja samkara moorthy. - see the left leg's patham
Oorthava thandavam where  Lord Shiva danced at Thiruvalangadu - a relief on the pillar.
Dancer - a relief on the pillar
one of the Relief on the base  - dancing to drums - who damaged this sculpture?
Relief also available in the ceiling also
 Adhikara nandhi an amalgamation of Shiva on the left and Vishnu on the right. 
Adhikara nandhi  holding a sword 
Lord Shiva in sitting posture holding Shield (Kedayam ) and sword in a pair of hands and bow & arrow in a pair of hands. 
Closer look of Dhakshinamoorthy  see the jadamudi curling and the ear ring on left ear.
Right hands with Chin mudhra and rudraksham in the other hand
Lingothbavar - Vishnu and Brahma on both sides 
Temple complex view.
Vishnu Durgai - in koshtam
See the smiling face with abaya hastham
Temple complex view
Temple complex view
Temple complex view
 Moolavar Vimanam

The king  Raja kambeera Mamannan Raja Raja II ( 1146 AD ) in the gallery
Sandal wood paste making stones  - in the gallery
Sri Vallai Devasena samedha Sri Subramaniyar - in the gallery
Arthanareeswarar and old painting - on the gallery wall
Old painting - may be Thiyagarajar - on the gallery wall
An old painting  - on the gallery wall
Bairavar in koshtam - finish like metal
Nandhi mandapam 
Tamil old inscriptions
Entrance view of the Tharasuram temple with nandhi mandapam

It was 13.30 Hrs when we left for Swamymalai and went to My friend Mr Raju’s home at Melaveethi. After lunch had a small nap. Evening around 18 Hrs  Self and Mr Raju went  to Swamymalai Murugan temple. This temple is one of the 6 abodes of Lord Subramaniyar/ Murugan.  The temple was constructed in three levels. In the ground level  Vallaba Ganapathi is at the east side entrance. The moolavar is facing east and main entrance with Rajagopuram is on the north side.  There is a Shiva and Ambal sannadhi at the ground level. To reach the first level we have to climb 30 steps and again 30 steps to third level. These 60 steps signifies the Tamil years of 60. Every year special pooja will be conducted for these steps. The dwajasthambam is covered with gold plate donated by a devotee and was glittering  through light and protected in a glass enclosure.

Moolavar is little large in standing posture with right hand in abaya hastham. I was fortunate to witness the aarathi taken to moolavar and had the peaceful dharshan.  After dharshan  visited a Shiva temple at the east side of the main temple.
North side Rajagopuram looking from second first level
Top Moolavar vimanam
Model of Swamimalai temple
North side Rajagopuram
North side entrance arch 

While we are returning to home after dharshan Mr Raju took me to a vigraham mould shop and the crafts man explained how the vigrahams are made. Also Mr Raju took me to Poomphuhar  after crossing the Cauvery river bridge to see the statues and vigrahams on display.  Since the day was a holiday ( Ramzan ) the show room was closed.  But we could see a large size Natarajar and Ambal statue in front of show room. It was very cute. It was amazing to see the details on the metal.
Lord Shiva as Natarajar and ambal
See the clear face
The details of nails
the details of snake and drum ( உடுக்கை  )
Ambal statue - the folding of stomach 

After breakfast on 10th Aug 2013, Mr Raju accompanied with me to the Bus stand to THIRUVALAMCHUZHI, which is about a KM from his house after crossing the rivers Arasalaru and Cauvery river. On the way we had seen a mandapam on the road side and outer wall was in collapsed condition and the debris were dumped on the opposite side of the road. The mandapam looks very old and might have been used for the Swamy’s procession halting place once and latter abandoned. 
dilapidated condition of the mandapam on the way to Thiruvlamchuzhi  from Swamymalai

Thiruvalanchuzhi is also a Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam, I had visited during my earlier yathra  and the details with photographs are up loaded in the earlier post. I am uploading the photos taken in this trip  also in this post. 

Since today’s plan was to visit Sakkarappalli and Neithanam ( both second time ), peeped inside the THIRUVALAMCHUZHI temple and Prayed Valamchuzhi Vinayagar to remove the obstacles for the dharshan at above places. 

See the beauty of the jolly work in front of Vellai Pillayar - The crafts man would have spent his precious time with patience to chisel this work.
The kodungai - similar to Aavudayar Koil
Beautifully carved pillars
Entrance to the main shrine 
Also we had the Dharshan of Bairavar temple in the outer prakaram. The temple must be very old and lot of tamil inscriptions epigraphy was found around the karuvarai wall. It was sad to see the front portion was  removed. (might have been fallen down due to age .)
old Tamil inscription on the Bairavar Sannadhi  karuvarai wall
old Tamil inscription on the Bairavar Sannadhi  karuvarai wall
Bairavar Sannadhi 
Boarded Tanjore bus to Aiyampettai. The SAKKARAPPALI Shiva temple is part of Aiyampettai.  To my bad luck the temple was closed this time also. Locals suggested me to call the Archakar whose mobile number was written on the wall. The archakar was kind enough to open the door and this time I was able to have the dharshan of Lord Shiva.

This is  the 134th Devaram Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam  and 17th  Shiva Sthalam on the south side of river Cauvery. Thiruganasambandar has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple. This temple is under the control of Swamymalai.

Iraivan : Sri Chakkaravakeswarar.
Iraivi    : Sri Devanayagi

The important features of this temple are ….
  1. Thirumal worshiped Lord Shiva and got the Charayutham.
  2. Also Chakkavala bird worshped Lord Shiva.
  3. The temple is facing east and Dwajasthambam  was removed ( may be damaged ).
  4. There is no Rajagopuram and only an entrance arch with Iraivan in Rishabhava vahanam.
  5. Naalvar, Chandran, Suryan, Bairavar and a Bana lingam are in Mandapam.
  6. In Koshtam Vinayagar, Dhashinamoorthy, Lingothbavar, Brahma and Durgai.
  7. In the outer prakaram sannadhi for Ganapathy, Sri Valli Devasena samedha Subramaniyar and sandikeswarar.
  8. Ambal is in a separate temple facing south.
  9. Old Tamil inscriptions are found on the karuvarai wall and are not readable.  ( It belongs to   Kulothunga Chozhan ‘s 12th year and the same was about the eligibility and period of the member of the village Saba – 40 years of age and period is 10 years )
  10. About 3 feet of the temple is below the out side ground level.
  1. The Aiyampettai is on the way from Kumbakonam to Tanjore bus route.
  2. The temple is at Chakkarappalli is about 1 KM from Aiyampettai bus stop.
  1. As per gurukkal the renovation will be started for Kumbhabishekam  soon. 
  1. Ganesan  Gurukkal  may be contacted for the details of donation / contribution – mobile number 9791482102 and 8056853485.
Entrance arch 
Dwajasthambam is missing  with pali peedam and Nandhi mandapam.
Main shrine entrance
Ambal sannadhi
Moolavar Vimanam
The king worshiping  Lord Shiva
The temple base is about 3 feet below the ground level.  Over all ground level has raised.
Old Tamil inscriptions - see the condition - nothing is readable 

Mr Ganesha Gurukkal  dropped me  at mini bus stand to catch the bus KANDIYUR. My next proposed visit was to NEITHANAM.  This place is presently called as Thillaisthanam.  Boarded a mini bus to Kandiyur and Thillai sthanam is about 3 KM fro Thiruvaiyaru. The bus traveled  through Thirupullamangai , a Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam , (  since I had visited earlier through AUTO,   skipped this time ) and Veerasingampettai.  ( Covered both places in my earlier post ).  This time I was lucky  enough  to enter in to the temple before the Archakar close the doors. This time I had a peaceful dharshan  and went around the inner prakaram. ( This was closed during my earlier visit ).

106/52 – THIRUNEITHANAM  Now the place is called as Thillaisthanam

This is the 106th Devaram Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam and 52nd Shiva Sthalam on the north side of river Cauvery. Thiruganasambandar and Appar has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple. 

Iraivan : Sri Neiyadiappar, Sri Kiruthapureeswarar
Iraivi     : Sri Balambigai.

Some of the important features of  this temple are :
  1. The temple is facing east with 5 tier Rajagopuram.
  2. There is no sannadhi in the outer prakaram.  Ambal sannadhi is facing south with sanku  ( Conch )  and chakkaram .
  3. Navagrahas are in the mandapam..
  4. In koshtam Dhakshinamoorthy and Lingothbavar, There are two Dhakshinamoorthys. One moortham is standing another is  in sitting posture, one behind another in the same nitch.
  5. In the inner prakaram Kannivinayakar, Sri valli devasena subramaniyar, Saneeswarar, Naga kannigaikal, Saraswathy, Mahalakshmi, Sandikeswarar and Durgai.
  6. Kamathenu and Saraswathy worshiped Lord Shiva of this temple.
  7. Since the Milk milched by Kamathenu turned in to gee, hence moolavar  is called as  Neiyadiappar..
  8. This is one of the sabtha sthana sthalam,  linked to Thiruvaiyaru. Thiruvaiyaru  Sri Iyarappan will pass through this temple before conducting the marriage to Sri Nandhiam Peruman at Thirumazhapadi.
  9. Tamil inscriptions are found around the karuvarai, that too in the window also.
  1. Town buses are available from Kandiyur. The route number are 23, 13  and 5.
  1. The Gurkkal Sankar can be contacted on the Land Line 04362 – 260553
  3. The temple timings are 10.30 Hrs to 11.30 Hrs and 17.00 Hrs to 19.00 Hrs.
Moolavar Vimanam - built with stone 
Dhakshinamoorthy - one moortham is standing and the other is in sitting posture
Entrance to the main shrine
5 tier Rajagopuram
Lots of Tamil old inscriptions on the windows too.
Tamil inscription on the  base of the karuvarai 
River cauvery view from padithurai at Thillai sthanam 

After dharshan reached Tanjore to catch the bus to Chennai. SETC people advised me to go to Kumbakonam to get a bus to Chennai. When I reached the other bus stand, There was an empty bus to Chennai. Only two people purchased ticket to Chennai. At Kumbakonam, the conductor transferred us to the other bus which starts earlier. At 21.30 Hours reached Perungalathur bus stop  and from there reached home around  22.30 Hrs safely.

---- OM SIVAYA NAMA:----

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