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14th, April 2015.
Lord Shiva Sri Dharbaranyewarar of Thirunallaru blessed me on the last day of Tamil year and Sri Amirthakadaeswarar of Thirukadaiyur blessed me on the eve of Tamil New Year’s ( Manmatha year ) day on 14th April 2015. I had the opportunity of worshiping Maragatha linga abhishekam at Thirukadaiyur and Thirunallaru, may be due to poorvajanma punyam.

In connection with an official visit to Thirukadaiyur, I had the chance of worshiping Lord Shiva during Thirupalliezhuchi with Maragatha Lingam abhishekam, Uchikala Pooja, 5th Kala Pooja and Artha Jama Pooja. It was a pleasant experience to see the rituals followed during different poojas. It was noticed that after Arjajama Pooja the prasadam is not distributed to the devotees like Chidambaram, instead the prasadam was kept at the entrance of Bairavar Sannadhi throughout the night. After arthajama pooja 'sugar crystals' ( Kalkandu ) are distributed. A very few devotees attended the arthajama pooja.    
The West Side Rajagopuram - view through Entrance arch
The west side Rajagopuram with front mandapam
Palipedam with 4 small nandhis on four corners. 
An early morning view of the Temple and Rajagopurams view from Bairavar Sannadhi
The back side view of the moolavar sannadhi
Bairavar, Shivas moortham in the prakaram and a koshta moortham in Ambal's sannadhi 
 The reliefs of the temple chariot - Shiva and Parvathy on Rishaba vahanam  
 Lingothbavar at the centre, Brahma and Vishnu are on both sides

An epigraph on the moolavar sanctum wall
 Entrance arch - view during night 
  Entrance arch - view during night 
West side Rajagopuram - a night view 

This temple is on the main road of Thirukadaiyur Bus stop. The temple get the grant from Tamil Nadu HRCE Dept for one Kala Pooja. The temple crying for attention. We cannot go around the temple, due to growth of vegetation. The vimanam may be collapsed at any time. There is an arangavalar by name Mr D M Isaivanan, for this temple whose contact number is 9442932509.The temple must be very old and the history is not known. Even-though this temple is very near in Thirukadavur – Amirthakadaeswarar proper care was not taken.
Sanctum entrance 
 Ambal sannadhi 
 Sanctum with nandhi and Palipedam 
May be sandikeswarar sannadhi 
During this official visit to Thirukadaiyur, I had been to Karaikal for the purchase of electrical materials. Understand that the shops will open around 10.00 Hrs. Utilizing this, time  had been to Thirunallaru for worshiping of Lord Shiva Dharbaranyeswarar along with Sri Sani Bhagavan. While we came out of Sri Dharbaranyeswarar sanctum,  heard that Maragatha lingam abhishekam will be around 8.30 Hrs in Thiyagesar sannadhi. Waited for about an hour and finally had the dharshan of Lord Shiva in the form of Maragatha Lingam, which was given to Musukundha Chakravarthy by Indiaran.   During Maragatha Linga Abhishekam there was a moderate rush since it was on Monday. Even though I had been to this temple earlier, photos and details are posted in this blog.

This is the 169th Devaram Padal Petra Shiva Sthalam on the south side of river Cauvery  and 52nd Sthalam in Chozha Nadu.  Thiruganasambandar, Appar and Sundarar has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple.

Iraivan : Sri Dharpaaranyeswarar, Sri Thirunallatreswarar.
Iraivi :Sri Piranambigai, Sri Praneswari and Sri Bogamarntha Poonmulaiyal.
Some of the important features of this temple are…
  1. Even though this is a Shiva temple Sri Sani bhagavan is mainly worshiped by devotees to remove Sani thosham. The story of Nalan who got rid of Sani thosham after worshiping Sani Bhagavan of this temple goes like this. Dhamayanthi married Nalan  a king of Nidha kingdom  in a suyamvaram, ignoring the Devars. So Sri Sani Bhagavan got angry and hold of him after 12 years, when he was not properly washed his leg. As per the advice of Sri Bharatwaj Munivar Nalan  came to Thiunallar, created a Theertham and worshiped  Lord Shiva. Fearing Lord Shiva Sri Sani Bhagavan  stayed out side the sanctum. Hence Sani Bhagavan is powerful in this temple.
  2. This temple is one of the Sapthavidanga sthalangal. ( The other 6 are Thiruvarur, Nagapattinam, Thirumaraikadu, Thirukkaarayil, Thiruvaimur and Thirukolili- Thirukkuvalai).
  3. Thiyagarajar is called as NagavidangaThiyagar- Sri Senbaga Thiyagarajar. And the dance is called as Unmatha nadanam.
  4. Thiruganasambandar sung the hymns ‘Bogamarntha poonmulayal’ in the analvatham and the same was called as Pachai Thirupathigam.
  5. The story of Sani Bhagavan goes like this. Suryan has  got Vavaisthamanu and Yaman as sons and Yamunai as Daughter through  his wife Sanjikai.  Since She couldn’t bear the heat of Suryan, she left her shadow called ‘Sayadevi’. Sayadevi also got  Savarni alias Manu, Sani  and Pathirai as Daughter.  Sayadevi behaved as stepmother and Yaman tried to hick her with his leg. Sayadevi  gave sabam to break his legs. On hearing this Suryan gave blessing to Yaman to get rid of sabam and he went in search of Sanjikai.  After he found out Sanjikai Suryan lived With both wives. He made  manu as King, Yaman as ‘ Kaalan – Yamadharmar’, Yamunai  as river and sani as one of the planet.  Sani has got his full power after worshiping Sri Kasi Viswanathar. 
  6. Sani Has got names as Maandhan, Sanaicharan which turned as ‘Saneeswararn’. Yaman hit/kick Sani, after he got angry with his stepmother. Due to this Sani’s leg was broken.  During Dhakshan’s yagam he lost one of his eyes also.  Even though black eagle as vahana, in agamam Black crow is also treated as Vahanam.  His wife is called as ‘Joyasta devi‘. His friends are Bhudhan, Guru and Sukiran. And his enemies are Suryan ( His father ), Chandran and Chevvai.
  7. Thirumal, Brahma, Indiran, Ashtathigu Balakars, Agasthiyar, Pulathiyar, Arjunan, Nalan  worshiped Lord Sri Sani Bhagavan of this temple.
  8. The temple is facing east with 5 tier Rajagopuram  and front mutram was converted as mandapam. 
  9. On the right side Idayan, his wife and kanakkan temple. There is a story for this temple also. Idayan used to give milk to this temple. Kanakkan used for this for his  own use and written a false statement. On hearing the truth the king  got angry.  In the mean time Iraivan throw  his soolam to kill  Kanakkan and save Idayan.  To make the way  to the soolam Palipedam of the main shrine moved to side. Kanakkan’s head was chopped & Idayan was blessed by Lord Shiva. In the mandapam pillars 10 types of Shiva's dance sudhai sirpangal.
  10. In the outer prakaram sannadhi for Nalan’s history as painting, Vasandhamandapam ( a new mandapam is constructed and on the pillars sudhai sirpangal of Shiva’s dance ),  On the right and left of Sri Sani Bhagavan sannadhi - Kumba and makara rasi reliefs covered with plate.
  11. In the inner prakaram, Sundarar, 63var, Naleswarar. Sthala Vinayagar Sorna Ganapathy, Saptha vidanga sthala Shiva Lingas, Subramaniyar, Adhisheshan, Nalanarayanaperumal, Mahalakshmi, Bairavar. Natarajar saba and Urchavars.
  12. Moolavar is of Suyambu, came through Dharbai and there is a scar on his head.  On the side Unmatha nadana Thiyagesar with Devi Nilothlambal.
  13. In koshtam Dhakshinamoorthy, Vinayagar, Brahma and Durgai.
  14. For witnessing pooja for Maragatha Lingam one had had the  poova janma punyam ( Hope I have the poorva janma puyam, since I had the chance of worshiping Maragatha Lingam during morning 08.30 Hrs abhishekam.)
  1. Thirunallar is  5 KM from Karikal on Karaikal to Kumbakonam bus route.
  2. Frequent buses are available from  Peralam, Karaikal, Kumbakonam, Mayiladuthurai and Nagapattinam.
  1. The temple kept open between .6.00 Hrs to 12.00 Hrs and 16.00 Hrs to 21.00 Hrs. This will vary on Saturday and important days.
  1. The telephone numbers are : 04368  236530, 04368  236530
  2. The Web site : http://thirunallarutemple.org/index.html
Entrance arch to the Nalan Theertham 
Sri Nalan kalitheertha Vinayagar 
Nala Theertham 
The east side entrance arch 
 The 5 Tier Rajagopuram. 
The 5 Tier Rajagopuram.
Moolavar Vimanam with sthala viruksham – Dharbai 
 The history of Nalan – Paintings of Prakaram wall 
 Thiruganasambandar- Pachaipathigam Hymn story painting
Lord Shiva’s Dance Posture – Unmatha Nadanam of this temple 
En epigraph on the sanctum wall

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