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10th september 2015
MYTH - 1.
The top globe shaped ‘greevam’ is on a base of 8.7 meters  weighing 80 tonnes and circumference of 20 meters is of single stone.
When the archaeologists and experts climbed till sthubi  and found out that the structure was not made of single stone. It was made of several stones with joints. The joints are made (amazingly) so that they are not easily visible.

MYTH - 2
The top dome supporting structure  is of  Bramaranthira stone and the same was denoted by the old lady who offered water to the sculptors and Sthabathis.
The stone is not a Bramaranthira stone  and there is no evidence  to prove. If it was a donation,  Rajarajan  would have mentioned in any of the inscriptions.
MYTH – 3
The top dome is of single stone was moved to the top height of 60.4 meters through a slope path created from the village called ‘Sarapallam’. Also some body  claims that the single stone was lifted through reciting Vedic mantra like sages lifts their body by reciting mantra during meditation ( CLICK HERE )
Few years before happened to watch a documentary in BBC channel. In that the experiment of moving a stone through a slopped ramp through elephants was shown. The documentary has not concluded to any solution. Since the top dome is not of single stone lot of new theories are evolved now. One such new theory is moving the stones of weighing about 2 tone to 3 tone through elephants in a specially created round / circular path around the Sri Vimanam. This method consumes less energy than the any other method.  Latter the path was removed and the stones were used to construct the outer walls or Prakaram walls. 
MYTH - 4
The Sri Vimanam outer structure like kabotham, Keerthi mukam are made of stone.
The stone inner main structure continues from Santharam second level to top with stones. Over the stone structure Kabotham, Keerthimukam and sirpangal were made of sudhai ( lime mortar and brick).
MYTH - 5
The top dome and kalasam will not cast shadow on the ground.
This is not true. The photos uploaded below  proves the above myth is wrong and shadow falls on the ground.

MYTH – 6
It was believed that there are many underground tunnels through which Rajarajan and his family used to comes to this temple for worship. After Rajarajan the tunnels were closed for safety reasons.
This is not true and there was no such archaeological evidence to prove. The Anukkan vayil or the entrance on the north prakaram might be used by Rajarajan. As per the archaeological evidence the King Rajarajan came to the temple through North side Anukkan vayil (Srinivasapuram, where his palace was constructed. ). That’s why the Anukkan entrance was constructed in a grand manner with sculptures, Sanganidhi & padhumanidhi with lamps, poorna kalasam, ladies with samaram etc,. The pillars were sculptured like wood. Also the entrance to the arthamandapam on the north side was also constructed in a similar manner with the addition of  ashta mangala sirpams of Simham, Elephant, rishabam, mathalam etc,.

MYTH – 7
Karuvur thevar  applied ashtabanthanam to Shiva Lingam.
King Rajarajan’s guru was Eesana Sivapandithar. In Karuvur thevar’s hymns there is no word mention about Rajarajan. Also Karuvur thevar’s name was not mentioned any of the Rajarajan’s  inscriptions. Moreover Karuvurar’s sannadhi was constructed in the 20th century only.

MYTH – 8
The paintings in santharam is King  Rajarajan and Karuvurar.
It was a pure misunderstanding. As per the experts and Kudavayilar  both are Sankaatha munivars. The figure without beard is Sanathkumarar and not the king Rajarajan. All there sanakaatha murivars are old with white beard and yogapatta can be seen and this is a dhothi used to cover the upper part of the body and not the sacred thread. In Sanakaatha munivars one person is young without beard. All the four munivar's hand fingers are in yoga Chin mudra with lotus flowers and holding jalakandi on the other hand. Also all the munivar’s head are drawn with jadamudi. It is not a custom to draw a King with Jadamudi.

MYTH – 9
In one of the keerthimukam on north side of Sri Vimanam an European’s head is there. It was predicted that European’s rule will come latter.
This is not true. European’s hat with head in the keerthimukam was constructed during Thanjavur Raghunatha Nayakar’s period. There was a good relationship between Danish merchants and Nayaks. For the remembrance they used the Danish peoples head. Latter the British rule has come. This is mere a coincidence.

MYTH – 10
The present Nandhi was installed by the king Rajarajan.  After installation the Nandhi started growing. A nail was inserted to arrest the growth.There is also another story of a Therai ( a kind of frog), due to that also the nandhi started grown.
The present nandhi was not installed by Rajarajan. The Nandhi which was installed by Rajarajan was removed during Nayaks period and the present nandhi was installed.  The Nayak Kings sculptures are on the pillars. The phenomena of growing nandhi was false.  
  The old nandhi 

Reference Books :
Thanjavur Thirutha Varalaru by Poigai Ve Anandha Sundara Rajan
Rajarajecharam by Sri Kudavayil Balasubramanian.



  1. Also have you studied about the basement construction of this temple... that was constructed like a large tank of about 50 feet (not sure... but the calculation have shown) and fillec with naru-manal sand from forest falls... this will act as a cushion and prevent the structure from earthquake.... by this only the thanjoor thalai aati toys are sold there... the same concept of the toy is used on the basement of this temple... in addition to that these Stones are not ordinary stones as we used for our Construction... they are mostley granite stage stones they should have been mined somewhere and the tools used for the construction are also beeing an mystery for the modern archeologists

  2. Yes Vishnu but not to the depth of 50 feet archeologists tried the depth but could not succeed. Regarding the stones it's all black granite stones which has the high harness. The same is used for making statues . To make sure of the hardness the sculptors test with curve sculptures like fish snake etc.. The tools are the iron available at that time and they are hardened by using water or oil ..

  3. Re: The European Image.