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 27th July 2016

When I told about the missed opportunity of attending my friend Mr Venkatesh, son’s marriage at Devakottai,  to one of my friend Mr Nachiappan,  in turn invited me to Devakottai to attend the Kottai Amman’s annual 15 days festival, which is unique in nature and lakhs of people used attend from various parts of India.  So I decided to attend the festival  to get the blessings of Sri Kottai Amman.  I stayed along with his family and visited Two shiva temple and a Saibaba temple.

This temple is also belongs to 40 sections 130 pullis of Devakottai Nagarathars with 5 trustees on board with 2 years period.  Once in 16 year a group gets as trustee of the temple. The 15 days annual festival will be conducted from 18th July to 1st August 2016. During rest of the period people used to worship through  grill. The temple is very simple with a front mandapam constructed with  mangalore tile roofing.  In the sanctum there is no moortham, but only a platform. During function days a kumbh with coconut was placed on the platform  and decorated like amman.

Pooja was performed only to the kumbh decorated like Amman. But abhishekam was conducted 2 times in a day  to Palipedam installed in the mandapam. The Abhishekam was done with Thiraviyam, Milk, Curd, honey, cut fruits, Panchamirtham, Sandle wood paste, Turmeric paste, Tender Coconut water, Panneer,  Lemon, etc,. Abot 300 to 400 liters of milk was used for Abhishekam. After abhishekam the palipedam was decorated with flowers.

Devakottai nagarathars used to attend this festival every year, from where they are. The Amman is very  powerful and people pray for all like, diseases, buying property, getting visa for foreign countries, employment, getting marriage, Child, etc. etc,..  After wishes are fulfilled, people used to offer to Amman, like Pongal, Sugar cane cradle ( Children will be carried through this cradle ), Ma vilakku etc..  

People will not fry food items during the 15 days  and it was believed that this will increase the heat of Amman. After the function Decorated Amman will be immersed in the temple pond to reduce the heat. It was learnt that during the function days no mutton shops will open for sale. Till 15 years back goats and cocks are sacrificed to Amman. This practice is stopped now.  
Devakottai is about 20 KM from Karaikudi
The temple is on the Oorani street. Autos are available from Devakottai Bus stand.

Milk abhishekam 

Pushpa ( flower ) decoration 
 Sugarcane cradle – an offering by a devotee after child was born 


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