Sunday, 16 September 2012


16, September 2012

This is the 25th Padal petra Shiva Sthalam of Thondai Naadu. Once it was a south end  of Chennai city and now it is south part of Chennai City ( City expands ).

Even though I had been to this temple at Thiruvanmiyur many times, one of the Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam in Thondai Naadu, this may be special dharshan for me.  On 16th Sep 2012, I had a chance  to worship lord Shiva of this temple and also I had been to Sri Bamban Swamikal samadhi.  It is just  10 Km from our residence. There are two Rajagopuram on the east side, of which one is constructed in this 21 century  ( But the temple was constructed early 11th century ) and one  Rajagopuram on west side along East Coast Road..

The temple and moolavar are facing west. But we have  to go to main shrine through south side entrance after worshiping Thiyagarajar. Moolavar is suyambu white in colour and scars of  kamadhenu’s leg  on moolavar is found, since Kamadhenu worshiped Lord Shiva. Only milk abhishekam is done to moolavar and the rest of the abishekams are for aavudayar only. In koshatam, Brahma, Durgai, Vishnu, Dhakshinamoorthy and Vinayagar. In the Prakaram Sannadhi for, Vinayagar, Naalvar, Gajalakshmi, Subramaniyar with Arunagirinathar, Natarajar, Shiva Lingams ( 108 ), Sri Unnamalai, Arunachaleswarar, Shiva on Rishabha vaganam and arupathumoovar sila roopam

When we go round outer prakaram we can worship Vinayagar, Sthalaviruksham with Naagars and Ambal. Ambal is in standing posture in a separate temple near the east side entrance facing south. There is no koshta moortham in the nitches of ambal temple. There is a silaroopam for Sukravaara Amman in the prakaram  facing west. Sarabeswarar pudai sirpam ( relief ) in one of the pillar of the Ambal temple is to be seen. Sri Subramaniyar and Sri Vinayagar Sannadhis are facing east at the east side entrance. There is also a 4 pillar mandapam on the left side of the east entrance. In the south side wall, Iratai vinayakar, Office, lecture hall and Gosaalai.

Between the east side Rajagopurams on the left side there is a theerthakulam called Chithiraikulam. Opposite to Chithraikulam  there is cultural hall called Thiyagarajar kalai arangam. Out side of the temple, by the side of vehicle parking there is a another thirukulam with neerazhi mandapam at the centre.

Iraivan: Sri Aushatheeswarar, Sri Maruntheesar, Sri Paalvanna Naathar .
Iraivi   : Sri Thiripurasundarai, Sri Chokka nayagi, Sri Sundara nayagi.

Some of the special features  of this temple are….

  1. There is a devotee called Appayatheekshithar used  to come for worship lord shiva from Velachery ( In older days it was called as Vethesnaery.) When he was not able to come near to the temple due to flood around, Lord Shiva himself turned to west and gave dharshan to him.
  2. Lord shiva danced  and gave dharshan to Vaanmeeki Munivar.
  3. Lord Shiva taught the herbal medicine to Agasthiyar in this temple,  hence Lord Shiva is called a Authastheesar or Maruntheesar ( in tamil ).
  4. The dwarabalakaras Dhandi and mundi are the not the normal sila roopam with gadha in their hands.
  5. Devars, Suryan, Brungi munivar worshiped lord of this temple.
  6. Thiruganasambandar and Appar has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple.
  7. The Samadhi of Sri Pamban Swamygal is about 0.5 Km from this temple.
  8. It is believed that Suryan worshiped lord Shiva during night, hence important functions are held during night including kodiyetram.
  9. Regular Vilakku pooja is conducted during Aadi month.
  10. One of the latest kalvettu in front of Amman sannadhi says, a devotte gifted a land with house to this temple and the income from the property should be used for this temple urchavam. If  any amount is not given, it is a Paavam equivalent  to extinguishing the deepam of moolavar Sannadhi. ( This shows the intense faith on this lord and the paavam and punyam )
  11. The temple is facing west with Dwajasthambam, Palipeedam and nandhi. Murugan sannadhi is at the east side entrance.
  1. Town buses available from various parts of the city and very near to Thiruvanmiyur city Bus stand
  1. Land line number is : +91 44 2441 0477
  ( East side view of the temple complex)
  ( Naagars under the sthala viruksham Vanni tree)
  ( View of the temple from Sthala viruksham)
 ( East side Rajagopuram with mandapam - well maintained temple with garden )

  ( Newly constructed east side RajaGopuram with sun shade)
 ( Thirukulam with neerazhi mandapam )

 ( 16 pillar mandapam with vehicle parking on east side with Rajagopuram on the back ground.
 ( This is the Sri Thiyagarajar Kalai Arangam where dance program /religious discourses  are conducted )
 ( West side Rajagopuram - view from Dwajasthambam)



  1. Do we have nrtta mandapam or the dancing pavilion in this temple? I am seeking for a temple with Nrtta Mandapam for an assignment. Can you please share if you know?

  2. There is a arangam on the opposite side of Theerthakulam. Ie right side between east side two raajagopuram. I had taken the photograph but I had not up loaded it. Actually the same is used for temple functions, discourses ( Sorpozhivugal ), If you are interested to see I can Up load the same.

    1. The Name of the Arangam is Thiyagarajar Kalai Arangam which is mentioned in the details.

    2. yeah please upload the photos. I would like to see it.

  3. In Thiruvanmiyur Temple there is a " Devasriyan Mantapam ". In this Mantapam every day all the 365 days Shaiva Sidhantha Lectures are held in the evening between 7-8.30 PM. This is being done by Thiruthala Oduvar Sri Raja Rathinam.

  4. Thaks for the information. Sorry I had left out and I had not collected the details of the temple in the middle of the road near the main temple.

  5. Is that a part of the temple? I am looking for it for an assignment about nrtta mandapa in temples.

  6. Dear Sahana, Sorry for the delay in up loading the Photograph of the Sri Thiyagarajar Kalai Arangam. It is like open air stadium. For the audiance they have to sit in open air or you can consult temple authorities for more details. Whether it will be suitable for your assignment you have to visit.

    The temple mentioned by the unknown is a mandapam along with office room, KO salai along the south wall of the temple. This mandapam is used only for the lectures.

    The temple ( Very small temple like mandapam - is about 100 meters towards Thiruvanmiyur bus depot from temple ) in the middle of the road, I do not have the details right now. I will let you know if you are interested.