Sunday, 17 February 2013


17, February 2013
Received a mail from Mr. Chandra, PRO of  Reach Foundation for the tour to Uthiramerur and Gudalur Shiva temples on 17-02-2013, SUNDAY. Since it was a holiday, I readily accepted and confirmed the same. He reminded me on Saturday evening also over my mobile. It was cloudy when   I started from my home. After leaving my two wheeler at SPIC Office, reached Guindy HP Petrol Bunk near Railway station for the van to board.  It was raining till I got in to the van. We left Guindy around 07-30 Hrs against the scheduled time of 6.45 Hrs. Even though this was my second trip to Uthiramerur Sri Kailasa Nathar Temple, I had been there on 13-03-2011 with my wife,  at that time temple was not constructed fully and Kumbhabhishekam was also not performed.

This time I was fortunate enough to Join with the eminent personalities from Archeology, Epigraphy, History. Learned a lot from all the peoples. After taking our breakfast reached SRI  KAMAKSHI SAMETHA SRI KAILASA NATHAR temple. 

Iraivan : Sri Kailasa Nathar. 
Iraivi    : Sri Kamkshi amman. 

Some of the important details of this temple are ....  
  1. The Kumbhabhishekam was performed recently. 
  2. Studied the Tamil inscriptions through Mr Ramachandran. From two inscription it was observed that if any body obstruct the normal functioning of the temple poojas and lighting of lamps received through gifts ( By way of gold, Land, bullock ) to temple, it will be equivalent to killing their father and mother and Killing a cow on the banks of Gangai river. ( This much of paavam /Sin   will be added to them ).
  3. Also there was a measurement marked at the base of the temple in two lengths of each 11 feet.  
  4. Also we had seen the Vijanagara Kings Royal embalams of Kattarai and Sun. The temple is of Nandhivaraman’s period. 
  5. The temple was constructed with bricks during Pallavas and latter built with stone during Chozhas.Moolavar is little large and there is passage called Saantharam, through this passage we can circumumbulate Lord Shiva. Also technically the two walls holds the entire weight of moolavar vimanam. 
  6. A Sudhaisirpam of SomasKandhar was constructed behind moolavar which is unique only in this temple. 
  7. There is no dwajasthambam and Rajagopuram, 
  8. There is no moortham installed in the koshtam nitches. 
  9. A beautiful renovation. Thanks to Reach foundation for much pain taken to reconstruct the temple back to its glory. 
  1. Buses are available from Chennai, Kanchipuram.

 Tamil inscriptions
 South side with our team
 South side view
 Front view of the Kailasanathar Temple
 Pillayar Sannadhi
 Our team members studying the inscriptions - Back side view of the temple
 Mr Ramachandran is showing the inscriptions
 The Scale of measurement ends with Vijayanagar Kings royal symbols - Kattari and SUN
 North side view with Sandikeswarar sannadhi
Front arch construction is in progress
The broken pieces of a pot collected from the site. As per the archaeologist the pieces must be 1000 years old. 

After Pooja at Sri Kailasa Nathar Temple continued our journey to GUDALUR. On the we have lost around an hour due to burst of van’s back tire. After replacing the tire reached Sri AAKNEECURAR, Shiva temple ( The name appeared from the tamil inscriptions found under the base ), which in a dilapidated condition.  The meaning of Aakneechurar is the son of AGNI is AAGNI, who worshiped Lord Shiva of this temple ). Since the temple is facing west, Iraivan’s name must be Abhimukeswarar, assumed by the persons in-charge for the reconstructions, which was wrong. 

Tamil inscriptions are found in base and pillar stones. The temple is about three feet below the ground level. Moolavar is visible only up to top of aavudayar. Moolavar is in slanting posture. From the moorthams of Sandikeswarar and the temple was constructed during 10th century during Pallava’s  period. The name of the village is the same as that one in the inscriptions. The temple was constructed first with bricks and latter it was re-constructed with stone. To prove this the excavated bricks are square and rectangular with thin shapes.  One of the inscription says there exists a Rajendra Chozha’s Cheppu thirumeni in the temple.

We have excavated outside the base and found Gomugam and a collection pot  for the abhisheka theertham made of stone with out any damage / intact. There is a chance of getting Ambal’s moortham and other parivara moortham’s if we excavate further. It was around 15.30 hrs, team members got exhausted and very hungry. Returned to Chennai after having evening lunch at Hotel hiway inn with sweet memories. .
 Sandikeswarar with mazhu in hand
 Temple site with mandapam pillars
 Tamil inscriptions on one of the slabs
 Mr Ramachandran is taking copy of the inscription on the pillar
 Excavated bricks
 Go mugam and collection pot for Abhisheka theertham
The moothams recovered so far
Please visit to the following site to get  more about these temples and the activities of REACH FOUNDATION.


  1. There is no dwajasthambam and Rajagopuram, There is no moortham installed in the koshtam nitches. A beautiful renovation. Thanks to Reach foundation for much pain taken to reconstruct the temple back to its glory. you can visit there through bus and You can book Online Bus Ticket also.

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