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13, January 2014. 
On 12-01-2014, I had been to Thiruvalam alias Thiruvallam,  one of the Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam in Thondai Nadu. This is my second visit to this temple. I would like to make use of the Holiday - Sunday - and do not want to go on Pongal Holidays to avoid crowd ( Crowd every where ). Since the Sunday is a holiday and a day is left to Pongal, the bus took 1 ½ Hours to came out of Koyambedu bus terminus, due to traffic. Special buses were operated to meet the crowd. It was a confusing moment to identify the bus bay, since the regular places were changed.  It was sad to see the people are reserving the seat before it enters  inside the terminus.

Since I went early in the morning around 05.45 Hrs,  it was easy for me to get the bus to Arcot and from there  I went to Thiruvalam through a town bus. In the temple there was not much crowd and I had the (abhishekam) dharshan of Lord Shiva. Spent about 2 hours admiring the beauty of the temple, moorthams and reliefs.

10. THIRUVALAM -  திருவலம் - ( Now this place is called as Thiruvalam - திருவலம்  )

This is the 10th Devaram Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam on the banks of River Ponnai ( There is also another name “neevaa  ( நீ வா ) ” to this river – The river changed it's direction and came nearer, when Lord Shiva asked ) in Thondai Nadu. Thiruganasambandar has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple.

Iraivan : Sri Vilvanatheeswarar, Sri Vallanathar
Iraivi    : Sri Thanumathyambal, Sri Vallambigai.

Some of the important features of this temple are…….
  1. The temple is facing east with an entrance from south.  The First level Rajagopuram is of 4 tiers and the second level Rajagopuram is of 3 tiers.
  2. The Gowri Theertha kulam with neerazhi mandapam  is on the right between 1st and 2nd level rajagopurams. On the left Temple for Sri Rajarajeswari.  Also there is a copper plate inscription installed by Sri la Sri Sivanatha Mouna Swamykal (The message details of the  inscriptions are posted in the next post ).
  3. At the 2nd level Rajagopuram moortham of Valampuri Vinayagar and Aathmalingeswarar on the left.  Immediately after the 2nd level Rajagopuram Kaalabairavar on the right.
  4. In the outer prakaram ( in the 100 pillar mondapam ) sannadhi for Kasi Viswanthar, Chandramouleeswarar, Annamalaiyar, Sadhasivar, Anandhar, Neelakandar, Ambikeswarar, 1008 Mahalingam, Sri Valli Devasena Subramaniyar, Gurueswarar, Vishnueswarar, Vidhaatharaeswarar, 1300 years old Mango tree and Kani vangiya Vinayagar ( கனி வாங்கிய விநாயகர் )
  5. Also separate temples for Aathi Vilvanathar, Sundareswarar with Meenakshi and Ambal Temple facing east in the outer prakaram.
  6. Sabamandapam, Palipeedam Dwajasthambam, Athikara nandhi, Big Sudhai nandhi ( Installed by Sri La Sri Sivanandha Mouna Swamykal), Mouna Swamykal Mootham, Navagrahas are in the front mandapam. Adhikara nandhi,  Sudhai nandhi and the nandhi in the inner prakaram are facing east along with moolavar. ( There was an interesting story for this. The devotees who brought  water to Lord’s abhishekam from the Kanjanagiri was obstructed by Kanjan, an asuran. He was killed by Nandhiyamperuman. Hence Nandhis are facing east. ). This story in sudhai sirpam is on the saba mandapam and there is relief chiseled on the mandapam pillar also.
  7. There is also a special feature about the Gopuram of Saba Mandapam. The Sudhai sirpam of 27 Nakshathra Devathai’s sudhai sirpam is on the gopuram.
  8. In the inner prakaram moorthangal of  Brami, Vishnu, 63var ( in ஐம்பொன் - Impon and stone – installed in 2 rows ), Sandikeswarar and Naagar.
  9. In koshtam, Vinayagar, Dhakshinamoorthy, Vishnu, Brahma and Durgai ( Not standing on mahisasuran ).
  10. In the arthamandapam Vishnu, Urchavars ( the beauty of Sakthi and Pitchadanar are to be seen ), Chandrasekarar. Standing in one place we can have the dharshan of Lord Shiva and Vishnu.
  11. The Dwarabalakars are not a regular moorthams. The left side Dwarabalakar  is some what, a regular with usual mudra ( The index finger – to threaten ).  The rigt side dwarabalakar  is like dancing with a beautiful smile on his face. ( Thanks to the Sivachariyar and his son, who gave permission to take photographs of Dwarabalakars. )
  12. The moolavar is of suyambu and little inclined to north looks majestic.
  13. It was believed that the Vinayagar has got the Mango fruit after circumbulating Lord Shiva and Parvathi in this temple, hence he is called a “ Kani vangiya Vinayagar ( கனி வாங்கிய விநாயகர் )“ and Vinayagar is facing north. Hence the place is also called as Thiruvalam.
  14. Sri la Sri Sivanadha mouna swamykal jeeva samadhi is on the left side of Temple arch .  He had done lot of thirupani to this temple. He had cured many deceases through vibudhi and vilva leaves. He spent all the donations for the thirupani. ( A copper plate with inscriptions can be seen  one left side near Sri Ambikeswari samedha Sri Raja Rajeswarar temple between the two rajagopurams ).
  15. Ambal Sri Thanumathyambal is in a separate Temple and she was also called as "Theekali Ambal" with ukram on her face. It was believed that Adhi sankarar had changed thi ukaram in to a Shantham.   In koshtam Vinayagar, Annapoorani, Ambal with Abayavaram and Durgai.
  16. The temple has lot of tamil  inscriptions every where. Koprakesari Rajendra Chozhan, Korajakesarivarman Raja mahendran,  Kulothungan,  Third Kulothungan,  Chozha Booban’s son Veerasamban  and many other king’s period  inscriptions are found. These inscriptions mainly speaks about the building of mandapams, donations of land, cattle, etc., and the income form to be used to burn the lamps and neivethyam.
  1. The place Thiruvalm is on the bus route Chennai to Chithoor ( Route No 144 ), after Ranipet.
  2. From Arcot town bus is availabe to Thiruvalam.
  3. From Chennai to Vellore get down at Muthukadai after walaja and catch a bus to Thiruvalam
  1. The temple will be kept open between 06.00 Hrs to 12.00 Hrs and 16.00 Hrs to 20.00 Hrs.
  1. For pooja and other details the Sivachariyar  Umapathi can be contacted over his land line 0416 – 2236088 and mobile 9894922166.
  2. Also Mr Sivan 9245446956 can be contacted over his mobile
Entrance arch with First level 4 tier Rajagopuram view 
First level Rajagopuram 
First level Rajagopuram details 
First level Rajagopuram - view from  inside the temple 
Gowri Theertham with Neerazhi mandapam 
100 Pillar mandapam 
Dwajasthambam with Adhikara Nandhi 
Temple Complex view 
Saba mandapa Vimanam / Gopuram  with 27 Nakshathras  sudhai sirpangal
Aadhi Vilvanathar Sannadhi in outer prakaram facing east 
Sudhai nandhi with Navagrahas 
63var moorthams in Impon and stone  are in two rows
Sakthi and Pitchadanar urchava moortham looks cute 
Shantha Durgai 
Dwarabalakars not in regular posture - The right side Dwarabalakar looks like dancing with a beautiful smile on his face 
Right side dwarabalakar see the smile on his face 
Sri Raja Rajeswari 
Sthala Puranam Reliefs on Ambal temple wall - Nandhiamperuman is proceeding to Kanjangiri to kill Kanjan from the temple
Bowl chiseled in stone - Relief of kolattam by ladies  - very beautiful - At the right side of 2nd level Rajagopuram . 
           Front Mandapam Sri la Sri Sivandha Mouna Swamykal - devotees with bajan and Pooja.
Sudhai Nandhi built by Sri-la-Sri Sivanandha mouna Swamykal
Sri La Sri Sivanadha Mouna Swamy's  Thirupani Cheppedu made of copper  - Since the Cheppedu's contents runs in to pages, the same is posted in the next post.
( செப்பேடு )



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