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05, January 2014
This week end I had been to Vallakottai Sri Subramaniyar Temple. The Vallakottai is about 51 KM west of Chennai, 32 KM east of Kanchipuram and 10 KM south of Sriperumbudur. I went Vallakottai via Tambram and Oragadam an Industrial hub near Chennai. About 15 years before, I had been to this temple and had the dharshan in the lamp light, since we went to the temple after sun set and there was no power. After that my long dream of visiting this temple again, came to true on 05-01-2014. 

Iraivan : Sri Subramaniyar
Iraivi    : Sri Valli and Sri Devasena.

Some of the important features of this temple are …..
  1. This temple has a 1200 years old history. The stories goes like this. The King Bakirathan ruled Ilangi country with Salankondapuram as a capital. Sri Narathar was not given respect when he visited the king. So he left the place with anger and on the way he meet Asuran Koran and advised him that his Thigvijayam will be fulfilled only after defeating the King Bakirathan. So Koran Conquered King Bakirathan in the battle.  The king regained his power after worshiping Lord Sri Subramaniyar of this temple as per the advise of Sri Durvasa maharishi.
  2. The moolavar is of 7 feet tall with right hand in abaya mouthra. This is one of the tallest Sri Subramaniyar moortham in the world. He is also called as Kodaiandavar with a beautiful smile on his face. Sri Valli and Devasena are on both sides.
  3. The Theertham is called as Vajra theertham.  The Indiran worshiped Lord Sri Subramaniyar as per the advise of his kula Guru Brakaspathi. He created this theertham using his Vajra Ayudham and using this holy water he had done abhishekam to Sri Subramaniyar.
  4. This place is also called as Kodai Nagar. The story goes like this.   The Asuran Vallan with a fort ruled this place and gave frequent troubles to Devars.  Sri Subramaniyar has done the vatham and destroyed  Asuran Vallan.  As per Vallan's wish to Lord, the place was called as Vallan Kottai and later called as Valla Kottai.
  5. The temple is facing east with a small 3 tier Rajagopuram. The steps on east side leads to Vajra Theerthakulam. Plaipeedam, Dwajasthambam and Mayil vahanam are on the east side.
  6. 4 tall pillared mandapam with 5 tier Rajagopuram is on the south side.
  7. In the outer prakaram sannadhi for Vijaya Ganapathi, Urchava Moorthangal, Shanmugar, Sri Devi Karumari Thiripura Sundari Amman  and Peacock enclosure.
  8. The sudhai sirpam of 6 abodes of Lord Sri Subramaniyar is on the Karuvarai parapet wall.
  9. The paintings of 6 abodes of Sri Subramaniyar is in the maha mandapam.
  10. The artha mandapam is fitted with pudai sirppangal on brass plates.
  11. There is no moorthams in koshtam.
  12. The moolavars Sri Valli Devasena samedha Sri Subramaniyar  is 7 feet tall and looks beautiful.
  13. Arunagirinathar was advised by Lord  to Visit this temple on the way to Thiruthani from Thiruporur,  in his dream. He has sung  7 hymns in Thirupugazhl in praise of Lord Sri Subramaniyar.
  1. The temple will be opened       between 06.30 Hrs to 13.00 Hrs    and in the evening from 16.00 Hrs to 20.30 Hrs.
  2. On Sundays and special pooja days the temple will be kept open between 06.00 Hrs to 20.00 Hrs with out closing.
  1. The temple can be contacted over phone numbers 8012418532 and 8012418631 and it was requested to contact these numbers for special poojas, Annadhanam, etc.,
  1. From Tambaram 583, 583 D and 55 N to Sriperumbudur passes through this village.
  2. From Tambaram Sanitorium new bus terminus 55 L and 55 A are plying to Vallakottai and timings are to be checked.
  3. All buses  to Kanchipuram via Oragadam and Sriperumbudur passes through this village.
                                       South side entrance mandapam with 5 tier Rajagopuram 
 East side entrance from Vajra theertham 
 Moolavar Vimanam 
East side view of the temple with Vajra Theertham.

There is also a Sri Varadharaja Perumal Sannadhi on the banks of Vajra Theetham before Sri Subramaniyar Temple .
Entrance with Dwajasthambam in front of Sri Varadharaja Perumal Temple 
Moolavar vimanam 

Also had the dharshan of  Sri Komaleswarar, a Shiva temple on the north east corner of the  Vajra theertham.

Iraivan : Sri Komaleswarar
Iraivi    : Sri Komalavalli

Some of the important features of this temple are……………
  1. There is an entrance arch on the south side and moolavar is facing east.
  2. There is no Rajagopuram and  dwajasthambam.
  3. In the open prakaram sannadhi for Prasanna Anjeneyar, Sarva Yoga Rajaganapathy, Iyappam, Shridi Saibaba, Vaaraki, Arthanareeswarar, Sarabeswarar, Arumugar, Shanthidurgai, Sanyasi, Kollur Moogambigai, Kowsiki, Muneeswarar, Lakshmi Kuberar, Valli Devasena Subramaniyar, Raja nagars, Karumariamman, Kaalabairavar, Kuruna Vimosana Sannadhi ( to get rid of debt, deceases, and enemies – always under water ), Navargrahas ( made of single stone ), Lakshmi, Saraswathi, Durgai, Prathosa Siva Sakthi, Gayathiri, Ashtabuja Durgai, Buddhar, Suryan, Vembu, Lakshmi Hayagreevar, Iyannar (Saastha), Vallalar, Ragavendar, Shankarar, Ramanujar, Mangalambigai, Parvathavardhini samedha Sri Kailashanathar.  Many of the sannadhis are built along the compound wall.

 The temple complex view. Moolavar Vimanam is in the shape of Shiva Lingam guarded by Snake
 Sri Kailasa Nathar  Sannathi with sudhai sirpam on the top. 
 Small sannadhis are built around compound wall. 
 Shantha Durgai ( Durgai is in peace ) 
 Pudai sirpam around karuvarai wall. 
 Sudhai Sirpam of Nandhi and Shiva are dancing on the karuvarai wall. 
In koshtam Vinayagar, Dhashinamoorthy ( with 27 steps to symbolises the 27 Nakshatharas ), Vishnu, Brahma, Durgai. And Sandikeswarar. Moolavar Vimanam  with 27 steps to symbolises the 27 nakshtras. 
 Navagrahas with their vahanams made of single stone. This is rare to see.
 Kuruna Vimosana Shiva Lingam under water with three faces on east, south and north ( Like Chandra mouleeswarar at Thiruvakkarai )
Urchavar on the nandhi vahanam 

People advised me to go to  "Ganavel temple" about a KM from Sri Subramaniyar Temple. I could feel the influence of the Chennai pollution, while waking on the dusty road. The hill is very small, A foot path leads to this  hill shrine. 
A 30 feet tall Ganapathy made of sudhai receives us at the entrance. This statue can be seen from the main road. Ganapathy is not like regular one. The body is female and head is of regular elephant head.
 An Unusual Vinayagar with female body with an elephant head

 There are small sannadhis for Muneeswarar, Vinayagar.
 There  are 108 Shiva Lingas  on a 4 pedestal of each 27 nos ( The used / unused grinding stones are used as Shiva Lingas. )
 The main sannadhi is under a GI sheet shed. The moolavar is in the form of vel and Ambal looks cute with a beautiful smile on her face.
 Vel Moolavar
Ambal with a beautiful smile on her face 
It was understood that there will be lot of crowd on Thaipoosam day.


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