Tuesday, 17 December 2013


17, December 2013
Last week end on 15-12-2013, I had been to NACHIAMMAN TEMPLE, at Devanampalayam, which is a stone throwaway distance from my Native village Pappavalasu, in Erode district. This village has a single community of Mudaliyars.  Sri Nachiamman is a kula theivam for three subsets of Senguntha Mudaliars ( a weaver community - நெசவாளர்கள்  )  of Erode region. They are Kanjan kootam, Poontharayan Kootam and Bokkan kootam.  The temple has a long history too. The History goes like this….

The above sub sets of Mudaliyars ( relatives of uncle and brother in-laws மாமன் , மச்சான் ) used to go for business to far off places. After business while they were retuning heared a bell sound from a forest ( சோலை ). Went inside and happened to see a Brahmanar was doing a pooja to a box ( பேழை ). After seeing these three people the Brahmanar left the place after telling to Sri Nachiamman to make these three people to do pooja in future, since they had seen the pooja. ( The box -  பேழை  might be containing the moortham of Sri Nachiamman….,. Further history written was not visible to see )

The temple has sannadhi’s for Vinayagar, Subramaniyar and Navagrahas. Sudhai sipam of Shiva and Parvathi marriage is on the top of mandapam.  It is a Typical Village temple. As per a devotee, Nachamman is a santha soroobi, hence vahanam is a nandhi. ( It was learnt that ukkara devathais like Mariamman, Kaliamman. Etc., vahanams will be Simham –  may not be true, since  I had seen in many Ammans with Simha Vahanam, whether she is santham or ukkaram.)
Entrance view 
Moolavar vimanam with mandapam 
 Sudhai sipam of Shiva & Parvathi marriage 
Moolavar vimanam with Vinayagar sannadhi 
Nandhi with palipeedam 
 A Vinayagar temple near Sri Nachamman temple 


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