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22nd August 2015.
As a Part of Madras week 2015, attended the  lecture “Temples in around Chennai “ by Mrs Chitra Madhavan at Tattvaloka, Theynampet on 21st August 2015.  I am one of the 20 and odd participants, in that our Mam Padmapriya was also there. ( It shows that world is too small and we cannot  miss a person who was already known). In the lecture she covered the Shiva temples of Coovam ( Thiruvirkolam, Thirupachur, Ilumbayankottur. All the three temples are Padal petra sthalangal.  ( For details of my temples visit …..CLICK HERE )  She also touched the temples of Kapaleeswarar,  where the images Tripurantaka  story is available in the Rajagopuram.

The lecture’s the main subject was Tripurantaka the urchavar of Thiruvirkolam. The moorthams may be in  forms metal ie  Panchaloka, brass or  Stucco ( in the Kapaleeswarar temple Rajagopuram ) were explained. The images of Tripurantaka is  also available in various temples like Tanjore, Kailasanathar temple at Kancipuram   and Karnataka & Andrapradesh too. Lord Shiva Killed the three  sons of a demon through Vishnu as Arrow and Brahma as charioteer.  The other devas participated as bow, chariot, etc.  She told that the Gajabirusta Vimanam, belongs to Chola period, to support she quoted the inscriptions available at the temple.  Probably the base on the temple was constructed by  Pallavas and latter Gajabirusta vimanam was added or renovated by Cholas.  In the Back side of the moolavar, devaksohtam  we can see that Vishnu instead of Lingothbavar in many temples. This shows that the temples are very old.  This statement may not hold good for all the temples, since I had seen some of the temples in around    Madras  with Vishnu in Devakoshtam,  which are constructed in the recent years. ( This may be an unite effort of Shiva & Vishnu devoteesmay and this statement may not be correct too…)

She also explained  the Shiva temple  at Mappedu, where Veena Hanuman is installed. Quoted the other temples which has similar moortham at Kumbakonam Sri Ramaswamy Temple ( Raghunatha veena ) and Villivakkam Sri Dhamodaraswamy temple. Lord Shiva gave dharshan  to one of his Shiva gana Singi at this temple, hence Shiva is called as Sri  Singeeswarar. ( During Shiva’s dance at Thiruvalangadu , Singi could not see, hence Shiva gave dharshan at this temple  to Singi’s prayer).  

Totally the lecture was very nice and I could learn many things. Thanks to Chitra and Tattvaloka for arranging such a wonderful program.  Since the Photography was restricted I could take only three slides of Lord Shiva as Tripurantaka.  


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