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07th April 2016.
This month’s  planned temples visits are  3 hill temples ( Chennimalai, Othi Malai and Velliangiri Hills ) and Bannari Mari Amman temple. Since I could not get the return ticket to Chennai from Erode after my official work at Ooty, on Sunday, postponed my travel on Monday the 4th April 2016. To utilize the time effectively planned the above temples on Sunday and Monday.   

My first Hill temple visit was to Chennimalai. During my earlier visit to this temple, the Rajagopuram was under construction. The Kumbhabhishekam was performed on 07-07-2014 after construction of Rajagopuram and renovation works.

Chennimalai is situated in Erode district and a part of Kongu Nadu. Weaving is the main activity in and around Chennimalai. The temple is dedicated to Lord Sri Murugan  and people used call him as Chennimalai Andavar and situated at a height of 1750 feet. The temple is believed to be of 3000 years old. The temple can be approached through road and neatly constructed steps. The kumbhabhishekam was performed on  07-07-2014. The 5 tier Rrajagopuram was constructed at a cost of Rs 5 crores. Chennimalai was also called as Siragiri, Sikaragiri, Pushpagiri and Makudagiri.

Iraivan : Sri Chennimalai Andavar ( Sri Murugan )
Some of the important features of this temple are….
  1. The story of the temple goes like this… At  Kodumanal village, 5 KM away from Chennimalai, A Cow used to milch on a particular place daily. On seeing this the Farm owner  digged the place and found a beautiful statue of Lord Muruga. The surface was not smooth below  the hip. While cleaning with chisel, blood was oozed out, so the Farm owner stopped cleaning and installed on this Chennimalai Hill.  
  2. The temple can be reached from the base through two paths. One is via bus, car, van etc, which is 4 km distance and the other way through footpath with neatly paved 1330steps and mandapams to take rest.  
  3. There are 1330 steps ( some books it was written as 1300 and in some books 1320, etc, ) which denotes the  Tamil thirumarai  Thirukural a Tamil literature, which has 1330 verses. At the entrance of the foot steps route sannadhi for Skandar, Kadamban and idumpan.
  4. There is a sannadhi for Sri Muthukkumara Saavan - a Navakanda statue / sirpam - which was built by URC educational institutions of Erode.
  5. There is a sannadhi for Sri Athi Vinayagar and Gurkkal told that a snake is  worshiping pillayar and hides in one of the hole of the wall. 
  6. Kandhar Sasti kavasam by Sri Balan Devaraya Swamikal was first sung at this temple.
  7. Arunagirinathar has sung hymn Thiruppukaz and got padikkasu from Chennimalai Andavar.
  8. For Chennimalai Andavar’s thirumanjanam water is brought from base daily through ( pothi kaalai -  பொதிகாளை ) bull.
  9. It was an achievement that during 1984 a bullock cart was pulled by two bulls from base to top of the hill through steps.
  10. Thirupani was done by Sengathurai Poojari during 19th century and in 20th century by Vettuvapalayam Velalathambiran.
  11. The stalapuranam was written by Saravana Munivar after referring Kanchipuram cheppedu.  
  12. There are 17th and 18th century inscriptions/ epigraphs available in this temple
  13. As per Mr Raju Head and epigraphist of Tanjore Tamil University, the temple was built by Karikar Chozhan ( proof: Chozhan Poorva pattayam ).
  14. Sivalaya Chozhan got cured from a decease after worshiping Sri Chennimalai Andavar  and he is responsible for bringing Thirukadaiyur Markandeya kothra Deivasikamani Pandithar to do pooja at Sri Markandeswarar Sannadhi. 
  15. Sivalaya Chozha’s another name is Chenni, so the place was named after him as Chennimalai.
  16. Chennimalai is the birth place of the freedom fighter Thirupur Kodi kaatha Kumaran. 
The temple complex consists of main temple for Sri Chennimalai Andavar,  Sri ValliDeivanai Temple  and Pinnakku Siddhar jeeva Samadhi.

  • A Vilakkuthoon is in front of Rajagopuram at end of the steps.
  • The 5 tier Rajagopuram is at the entrance  and Peacock, Palipedam and Dwajasthambam are in the prakaram. 
  • Sannadhi for Vinayagar, Navagrahas, Chandran, Suryan, Bairavar. Sri Markandeswarar with Nandhi, mini Kodimaram and Palipedam are on the left of main sanctum with his consort Sri Umayavalli.  The grukkals of Sri Markandeswarar Temple belongs to Manrkandeya kothram  of Thirukadaiyur and brought by Sivalaya Chozhan.
  • Out side the main sanctum mandapam walls reliefs of Raghu, Kethu, Guru, on the right.
  • In Chennimalai Andavar sanctum koshtam Sikivahana murthy, Agni Jatha murthy, Sujanma murthy, Sowpeya murthy and Devasenapathy murthy.
  • Kasiviswanathar and Visalakshi sannadhi are on the right side of Sri Chennimalai Andavar Sanctum.
  • Moorthams of Valli & Deivanai are made of single stone with Shiva Lingam on the base.
  • It was believed that both are in  thabas to get marry Chennimalai Andavar.
  • Sri Valli and Deivanai as Amirthavalli and Sundaravalli had done dhabas to get married with Chennimalai Andavar. Chennimalai Andavar assured them that he will marry both when they re-born as Valli & Deivanai.
  • Devotees used to do special Poojas to get rid of the obstacles for their marriage.
  • Vilakku thoon, palipedam and Peacock are in front of the temple and Chennimalai Andavar’s sudhai sirpam is on the mandapam arch.
  • Pinnakku Siddhar is one of the 18 siddhars and attained mukthi in this sthalam.
  • He had got his wisdom from his Guru Pambatti siddhar.
  • His tongue was split in to two parts, so he was called as Pinnakku Siddhar.
  • He was also called as Nandheeswarar due to thejas on his body.
  • He advised devotees not to tell lie.
  • There is a small cave in which Pinnakku Siddhar had done his meditation.  
  1. The temple is kept open between 06.00 Hrs to 20.00 hrs without brake and closed after arthajama Pooja.
  1. The temple web site :
  2. Temple office phone number 04294-250223 and the malaikoil numbers are 04294 – 292595 and 292263
  3. E mail address is
  1. Chennimalai  can be reached by bus from Erode, and Perundurai.
  2. The nearest Railway station is Perundurai and express trains will stop at Erode.
 The temple entrance arch on the main road side 
 A Vinayagar sannadhi 
 A Mandapam before the steps. 
 Vilakkuthoon at the start point of the steps
 Skandar- Idumban and Kadambar Sannadhi 
 Close up view of the temple from steps start point 
 The beginning of steps 
 Long way to go 
 Long way to go 
 Long way to go 
 Long way to go with a resting mandapam 
 Muthukumara Saavan’s  Sannadhi 
 Muthukumara Saavan’s Navakanda statue 
 Long way to go 
 Aathi Vinayagar sannadhi – inscription 
 Aathi Vinayagar sannadhi  
 Yes we have reached the temple – view from 1200th step
 Rajagopuram with Vilakku thoon 
 Chains made of single stone- Rajagopuram ceiling view 
 Temple view through Rajagopuram 
 Sri Chennimalai Andavar sannadhi Vimanam 
 Temple view from back side 
 Valli Deivanai Temple  
 Valli Deivanai Temple Vimanam 
 Siddhar sannadhi & The left is the cave  
 Siddhar sannadhi 
The statue of freedom fighter Thirupur Kodi kaatha Kumaran 

For More photos on Picasa web album : CLICK HERE

The temperature was very hot and sweating.  With the back bag was pulling down and found extremely difficult to climb up the hill. Almost it took about 3.30 Hrs  for the visit to the hill temple. By 12.30 hrs Completely exhausted. Happened to see my brother and he dropped me near Perundurai Bus stand to reach my native Village ( Pappavalasu – a tiny Village on the way to Perundurai to Kunnathur).  


…..To be Continued with Sri  Bannari MariAmman 

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