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31, March 2014
On 31st March 2013, had been to Thiruverkadu. Even though I had been to Thiruverkadu two times earlier, this trip is mainly  for worshiping of Lord Shiva and  to add in the blog. After shifting to the new office I could able to go to Temples only on second Saturdays. ( Do not believe.. This is a false excuse…. So don’t believe…). Since I reached Thiruverkadu around  06.30 Hrs, decided to first finish the dharshan of Devi Karumari Amman, then to proceed to Shiva Temple before starting of rush, which is about 1 KM from there. There was a moderate rush  during early hours of Sunday. The rush will increase  after 08.00 Hrs. There was a lot of change compared to my first visit to this temple during 1977. I had done the pooja  for my old bullet motor cycle TMX 4044, which I had sold during 1997 along with my cousin Mr Subburathinam  I was able to recollect the old memories and I was little upset for sold my bullet. ( really a wrong decision ).

After dharshan, went to Shiva Temple where there was no crowd. Lord Shiva gave a peaceful  dharshan. We talked to each other, one to one, which happens in many of the Shiva temples.  It was a wonderful experience to worship Lord Shiva in Kalyana Kolam, which he gave dharshan to Agasthiyar. Returned to home around 09.30 Hrs.


This is the 23rd Devaram Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam in Thondai Nadu. Thiruganasambandar has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple.

Iraivan : Sri Vedhapureeswarar, Sri Verkattunathar
Iraivi    : Sri Balambigai, Sri Verkanni.

Some of the salient features of this temple are……

  1. This is one of the temple where Lord Shiva  gave dharshan in Kalyana Kolam to Agasthiyar.
  2. The temple is facing east. Rajagopuram and Temple pond with Neerazhi mandapam were constructed at a latter stage.
  3. There are lot of Tamil inscriptions around Karuvarai wall.
  4. The moolavar vimanam is of Gajabirustam type.
  5. The temple may be constructed during Anabaya Chozhan period ( a Separate moortham of Anabaya Chozhan is in inner prakaram )
  6. In Koshatam Sri Bala Vinayagar, Sri Dhakshinamoorthy, Sri Lingothbavar, Sri Brahma and Sri Durgai.
  7. In the inner Prakaram sannadhi for Naalvar, 63var, Sannadhi Vinayagar, Kasi Viswanathar, Visalakshi, Anabaya Chozhan, Sekizhar, Balasubramaniam ( A Shiva lingam in front ), Sandikeswarar ( there is also another Sandikeswarar near the prakaram wall), Kalyana Kolam of Lord Shiva and Parvathy ( in sudhai ), Balambigai, Bairavar, Chandran, Suryan, Navagrahas ( are positioned in octagonal face and facing 8 directions ) .
  8. In the outer prakaram sannadhi for Sani Bhagavan,  Moorka Nayanar and Arunagiri Nathar.
  1. Lot of Town buses available from various parts of the Chennai city
  2. Route No 27C and 170 are available  from Koyambedu Bus terminus.
  1. Land Line and Telephone numbers are : 044-2627 2430, 2627 2487.
 Gajabirusta moolavar vimanam
 Amman sannadhi arch on the inner prakaram wall
 Gold plated dwajasthambam with nandhi mandapam
 Gold plated dwajasthambam with nandhi mandapam  - a close view

 The 5 tier Rajagopuram
 Neerazhi mandapam in thirukkulam


Some of the salient features of this temple are.
  1. It is believed that Amman is from putru. Hence Vubhuthi  is different from other temples.
  2. In the inner prakaram sannadhi for Sri Vinayagar under Bhodhi tree with Naagars, Urchava Amman, Ver Kanniyamman, Sri Aarumugar, Sri Srinivasa Perumal, Navagraha Sannadhi in the Agni moolai on an octagonal base and facing 8 directions.
  3. In the outer prakaram sannadhi for Dhakshinamoorthy, Angala Parameswarai, Uchista ganapathy, Sri Gayathiri with three faces, Mahalakshmi, Sri Meenakshi, Sri Kamakshi, Sri Visalakshi, Sri Rajarajeswari, Sri Savithithri, Murugan and Durgai amman.
  4. There is a separate mandapam for annadhanam.
  5. There is also a Dhiyana mandapam  in the inner prakaram.
  6. There is a thirukulam with Neerazhi mandapam in front of the temple. The temple is facing east with a Raja gopuram.
  7. Moola vimanam is of Gopuram shape with 5 kalasams completely covered with brass plate (with gold plated ) which is glittering in the sun light.

Some of pictures taken are up loaded in this blog. 
 Moolavar vimanam
 View of main shrine from Rajagopuram entrance
 West side mini rajagopuram
 Neerazhi mandapam in thirukkulam 
 Shiva Parvathy marriage  - sudhai sirpangal.
View of entrance mandapam with 5 tier rajagopuram 


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