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…. A continuation post ( Sri Theerthagreeswarar Temple Kurichi )
19th February 2017
This is the last stop of our Belur, Salem heritage walk. This Perumal temple is on the banks of Vashista nadhi. This temple is dedicated to Perumal and his sister Parasakthi in the name of Maragatha valli.

Moolavar : Sri Ashtabuja Bala Madhana Venugopala Swamy.
Thayar     : Sri Poongothai

Some of the important features of this temple are….
The temple is facing east with a three tier Rajagopuram. Anjaneyar and Garuda thoon are in front of the Rajagopuram but not on the same line.

The sanctum sanctorum consists of  Sanctum, Arthamandapam and front mandapam. Palipedam, Dwajasthambam,  Garudalwar are in the  front mandapam. Since Garudalwar belongs to Rama avathara period, the wings are in chopped condition ( who fought with Ravana while Seetha was taken to Lanka ). Dwarabaklakars are at the entrance of the artha mandapam looks beautiful.

In the artha mandapam moorthams of Alwars. In the sanctum moolavar Sri Ashtabuja Bala Madhana Venugopala Swamy is with Sri Devi and Bhoodevi. ( Urchavars are kept at Sri Than Thondreeswarar temple considering the safety).

Moolavar  is in the form of a relief panel with eight hands holding various weapons and articles including a sugar cane ( signifies  to remover the bad desires of sex ). The upper two hands holding the Conch and disc belongs to Sri Vishnu. The two hands below   belongs to  Krishna avathar.  The bottoms 4 hands belongs to Balaraman an incarnation of Sri Vishnu. The  cheeks  on both sides has the different characters. The left cheek is smooth  belongs to feminine character and right cheek is little rough belongs to masculine.  The dress on the left is chiseled like pancha kacha  saree and on the right leg like male.  On the top  of the head, the 7 hooded adhisheshan. 

In the outer prakaram sannadhi for Sakkarathalwar & Yoga Narasimhar, Thumbikkai Alwar ( Vinayagar ),  Poongothai Thayar, Maragatha Valli Ambal,  and Andal.

Maragatha Valli  Ambal is in a separate temple like  sannadhi. Ambal looks old age. As per the legend, Ambal took different incarnations like Kamakshi, Visalakshi, Ulagammai, Parvathy, Thatchiyaayani.  The story starts at Madurai. A devotee (Kanchanalai in the next birth ) treated Meenakshi as a child and used to sing thalattu to make her to sleep.  Ambal was pleased by her devotion and promised her that she will take rebirth as Meenakshi  to her. The devotee was blessed to take rebirth as  Kanchanamalai and married to Pandya king.  Perumal as a brother  conducted the marriage of  Sri Meenakshi with Lord Shiva. So Ambal Maragathavalli took the form of a old mother and bless the devotees in this temple.
It was believed that Vashistar installed this moortham.  The mandapam was built during Nayak Period and their emblem of kuruval with sun and moon are in the form of reliefs. ( the dog in the moon signifies what? ). A kannada or Telegu inscription is on the  entrance steps of the artha mandapam.

The temple will be kept open between 06.00 Hrs to 11.00 Hrs and 16.00 Hrs to 20.00 Hrs.

The temple is about 30 KM from Salem and 6 Km from Valapadi.
Town bus and share autos are available from Valapadi.
The temple is on the other side of the Vashista nadhi a walkable distance from the bus stop.


 Moolavar sanctum and left side yellow colour sannadhi is Ambal sannadhi.

 Moolavar sanctum and right side yellow colour sannadhi is Ambal sannadhi.

 The north side Vimana  stucco images  looks in North Indian Style 

 Chakkarathalwar Sannadhi

 Nayaks emblem

 See the mouth of the female relief

 Front mandapam, Dwajasthambam, Palipedam  and Garudalwar

… to be continued ( Inscription Pillars of  Mookaruppu battle, Chekkampatti, Kurichi & Belur )