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HERITAGE TOUR TO MANNIVAKKAM AND MANIMANGALAM - Chozha, Vijayanagara, Pandya Period Temples

07, April 2015
It was an  early  Sunday morning. Birds started chirping after night sleep.   Health conscious ladies and gents  started their early morning walk ( Hoping to reduce their weight?) before the traffic starts. College boys, three in one motor cycle ( without even washing their faces ) preparing for the Sunday cricket match in the Chennai city’s un-constructed lands. A fat man with a bat on his back also crossed me.  The sun was slowly raising above the Velachery railway bridge partially hiding his face in the clouds.  I could not see any birds in the Pallikaranai marsh land. The traffic yet to begin. Through Tambaram bridge reached the Mannivakkam Shiva temple. Sivachariyar was preparing for the Pooja, since the temple was closed previous day evening due to Lunar eclipse. Went around the temple   noting the details.
Iraivan : Sri Manneeswarar
Iraivi    : Sri Maragathambigai
Some of the important features of this temple are.
  1. The temple is facing east with an entrance arch
  2. Dwajasthambam, Palipedam and Nandhi mandapam are in the outer prakaram. Nandhi is facing east like Shiva. It was understood from the Sivachariyar that Nandhiamperuman participated in the war as per the request of kulothunga Chozhan.
  3. In the outer prakaram Sannadhi for Vinayagar, Sandikeswarar, Navagrahas, and Bairavar.
  4. Ambal is in a separate sannadhi in standing posture facing south. 
  5. From Outer prakaram to sanctum mandapam  entrance Dwara Ganapathy on the left and Dwara Subramaniyar  on the right.
  6. The shrine is with sanctum, and a mandapam. In Mandapam, Ganapathy, Sri Valli Devasena Subramaniyar.
  7. In Koshtam Vinayagar, Dhakshinamoorthy, Vishnu, Brahma and Durgai.
  8. In sanctum moolavar is little tall and Chandran and Suryan on the kavasam.
  9. As per Sivachariyar the temple is more than 1200 years old. There is no old epigraph available, but there are recent epigraphs of 18th and 19th century at the base of the sanctum.
  1. Town bus is available from Thambaram and 1 KM from main road.
  2. The buses to Kanchipuram via Valajah and Padapai Pases through Mannivakkam.
  1. Sivacharaiyar Phone number is 9710422954 or 9176184262.
  1. The temple is kept open for dharshan between 07.00 Hrs to 10.30 Hrs and 17.30 Hrs to 19.00 Hrs.
 Moolavar Vimanam 
 South side entrance with Ambal sannadhi vimanam and bell tower 
 Ambal sannadhi Vimanam 
 Dwajasthambam, Palipedam and nandhi mandapam 
 Nandhi is facing east 
Entrance arch 
 Recent years epigraph 
After dharshan joined the traffic on the main road to Padapai and after 2 KM took a diversion on  Thiruvallur Road to reach Manimangalam.  Even though I had been to these two temples after a long gap I am making this Tour. There is a lot of improvement in the temple. The temple was taken over by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). A permanent  meikavalar  has been posted by ASI.  Fence has been erected with gate and an ASI warning board.  Kanchipuram area Sri Puttaparthi Saibaba Devotees  were doing uzhavarapani when I visited to this temple.  A bus load of Lady devotees also   visited this temple.
Iraivan : Sri Dharmeswara Swamy
Iraivi    : Sri Vedhambika Devi.
Some of the important features of this temple are ...
  1. Chozhas, Pandyas and Vijayanagars had contributed for the construction of this temple. The main shrine was constructed by Chozhas with Gajaprista vimanam and front mandapam was built by Vijayanagaras and Ambal Sannadhi was built by Pandyas.
  2. During Chozha Period this place was called as Chathur Vedha mangalam, where 4 vedhams were taught.
  3. There is no Rajagopuram, Dwajasthambam, Palipedam  and nandhi originally. The nandhi and Palipedam are erected in the outer at a  very latter state in front of Ambal temple.
  4. Ambal is in a separate sannadhi without Gopuram. Looks with a childish face. It is believed that ambal is very powerful.  As per Gurukkal a girl has got her speech after worshiping  Ambal of this temple.
  5. The temple is facing east with sanctum and mandapam  and constructed like a mada koil.  At the entrance Ganapathy and Subramaniyar are facing each other.
  6. In the outer prakaram sannadhi or Vinayagar, Bairavar and Saneeswarar.
  7. In the mandapam sannadhi for Chandran, Suryan, Vinayagar, Sri Valli Devasena Subramaniyar, Navagrahs.
  8. In Koshtam Vinayagar, Dhakshinamoorthy, Vishnu, Brahma and Durgai.
  9. Sandikeswarar looks cute with Jadamudi  without mazhu in hand and posture is little different from other sandikeswarars.
  10. Moolavar is little tall.
  1. Manimangalam is on the Thiruvallur to Padapai Road  and 3 KM from Thambram to Kanchipuram via Padapai Road.
  1. The meikavalar  of ASI Dept Mr S Swamiraj may be contacted through his mobile 9345960180.
Temple view with ASI caution board

An epigraph pillar standing near the gate ( recent years )
Entrance to the temple on the east side with palipedam and nandhi 
Ambal Sannadhi with palipedam and nandhi 
Ambal temple - Pandya Period 
Mandapam - on the south entrance to sanctum - Vijayanagara Period 
Gajaprista Vimanam - Chozha Period 
 Moorthangal in the outer prakaram without pooja
 Recent years epigraph 
a beautiful Sandikeswarar
After dharshan  thought of Visiting the Sri Lakshmi Kuberar temple on the Vandalur to Kelambakkam Road. The temple is in Rathna mangalam. There is no proper sign board from the Main road. After a great difficulty found out the road leading to Rathna mangalam after Kolappakkam and Tagore Engineering College.  The temple is about 2 KM off main road. The road is very very bad. The Devotees are high end in large numbers  came big  cars with Political colour flags. Hope Kumberan is doing favour to them only, that is why they are growing exponentially.
In Sanctum : Sri Mahalakshmi in first level, Sri Kuberar & his concert Chitraleka in second level.
Some of the important features of this temple are..
  1. The temple is facing north since Kuberar  belongs to north, one of the ‘ashta thigu balakar’. This is recent period temple with out Rajagopuram.
  2. In koshtam Brahma, Saraswathy, Sorna Akarshana Bairavar, Venkatachalapathy and Padmavathy Thayar.
  3. In the prakaram sannadhi for Sri Baktha Anjaneyar, Lakshmi Ganapathy, Iyappan, Sorna Gowri, Athirsta Devi, Selvamuthu Kumaraswamy (Arubadai veedu moorthangal ), China Athirshta Kuberar, Navagrahas, 16 Ganapathi around bore-well and Kubera Lngam.
  4. On the opposite to sanctum in madapam ( entrance top ) wall Ashta Lakshmi’s sudhai sirpangal.
  5. The history of Kuberar paintings were hung around the mandapam walls.
  6. Keeri pillai ( Mangustan  ) is on the palipedam. – The reason  is not known to anybody.
  7. The temple is being maintained by Sri Rajalakshmi Kubera Trust a private body.
  8. The brief History of Kuberar is as follows. Kuberar is the son of Vichvaras Muni & Braratwaj’s daughter Swadevi. His grand father is Pulathiyar and great grand father is Brahma. His cousin brothers are Ravanan, Kumbkarnan, Vibishnan ( whose mother was a demon by the name Kaykasi )
  9. He had done a severe penance with water and air for some years and with air for many years. Appreciating his penance Brahma appeared and granted him as one of the ashta thig balakar ( அஷ்ட திக்கு பாலகர் ) for north with wealth to distribute. His name then become as Kuberar from Vaisravaranan. He lent wealth to Lord Balaji and Padmavathy thayar’s marriage. It was told that Sri Balaji is paying only the interest till date and not the barrowed wealth.
  10. Kuberar is an ardent devote of Lord Shiva  and went Kailash to get blessings of Lord Shiva. There he happened to see Parvathy. Parvathy got angry and cursed him to loose his eyes.  Kuberar appealed to Shiva and Parvathy and told that he had not seen Parvathy in bad intention. Parvathy pardoned him and granted him to grow back his eyes, of which one will be of  smaller.
  11. It was also learnt that the temple has become very popular since Mahalakshmi and Kuberar are installed on a jeeva Samadhi of a siddar. When I inquired there, it was known to anybody.
  1. The Place is called as Rathna Mangalam
  2. On Vandalur to Kelambakkam Road after Tagore engineering college turn left. The temple is about 2 KM from main road.
  1. The mobile numbers are 94443 76186 and 9444020084
  2. Web site : http://srilakshmikuberar.com/
Sri Lakshmi Kuberar Temple Rathnamangalam 
 Sanctum vimanam 
Sri Sridi Saibaba Temple 
Sri Chakrakali Amman Temple 
After dharshan of Sri Lakshmi Kuberar,  had the Dharshan of Sri Shridi Saibaba, Sri Chakra Kaliamman and Sri Araikasu Amman Temples. In Araikasu amman Temple I could see 108 Amman’s moorthams are installed. They are replica of the Amman moorthams of famous temples in India and abroad.

It was too late than my expected time for returning home and my wife gave me a call for the breakfast. Returned to home around 11.30 Hrs through Ponmar and Medavakkam.  This Heritage visit was  made through my Yamaha scooter which gave me  a pleasant riding with 80 Km per liter of petrol.

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