Sunday, 2 June 2013


2, June 2013
This week’s  visit was to  Srimath Chidambaram Periya Swamykal Jeeva Samadhi at Velachery on 02-06-2013.  There are lot of Jeeva Samadhis in Chennai. Srimath Chidambaram Periya Swamykal Jeeva Samadhi is  between western side IIT Gate and Gandhi road. The entrance is from west and jeeva Samadhi is facing  east. 

Some of the important features of Srimath Chidambaram Periya Swamykal Jeeva Samadhi are as follows.
  1. Srimath Chidambaram Periya Swamykal  is from a village Ariyambakkam near Trichy. Born to Muniyappan and Peryanayagi.
  2. About 200 years before he was instrumental for the reconstruction of  Dhandeeswaram Shiva Temple  as per the order of Sri Karunambigai in the form of a old lady.
  3. Srimath Chidambaram Periya Swamykal  had done many miracles in his life time.
  4. During construction, for the daily wage, the vibhuthi turned to money to the workers.
  5. Swamiji    visited the regular house for food, where the lady had lied that food was not ready.  When she opened the pot to feed  her children she found the pot was empty. When Swamiji told her to open once again  and she found the pot was full of food.
  6. Swamiji also cured the stomach pain of Arcot Navab.
  7. The original Samadhi was built with stone structure and latter small sannadis were added around jeeva Samadhi. There two more jeeva samadhis for his disciples  Lakshmi ammal and Ambalavana swamykal.
  8. In The prakaram sannadhi for  Panchamuga Sarveswarar with Thayar Yogeswari,  Sri Kamkshi Amman, Dhakshinamoorthy, Pranava moorthy Vinayagar ( Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma),  Anjenear,  Naalvar, Kuberaperumal,  Siddharkal,  Sarabeswarar, Muthukumarasamy, Navagrahas,  Six Aaathara sakthis ( Aathi Sakthi, Saraswathi, Lakshmi, Durgai with two faces, Annapoorani  and Parasakthi ), Kubera Perumal,   
  9. The rajagopuram was built during 2010.
  10. There is also another Srimath  Chidambaram Periya Swamykal siddahr pedam with Vinayar temple on the 100 feet by-pass road near Sangeetha Hotel.
  11. Swamiji attained samadhi on 14-12-1858, which was confirmed by the then British Doctors. Guru pooja is celebrated on this day of every year..
  12. Swamiji’s moola manthiram is : “ See the Shiva roopam which is beyond thinking “.
  13. Regular annadham is given on Pournami and Thursdays.
  14. The temple is being managed by Mr C S Selvamani, one of Swamiji's disciples.
 The Selva Vinayagar Temple with Srimath  Chidambaram Periya Swamikal Siddhar Peedam on the 100 feet by pass road.
 Sri-la-sri Chidambaram Periya Swamikal  Jeeva Samadhi 
 The Six Aathara Sakthikal.
 The Raja Gopuram on the west side

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