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18, October 2013
THIRUMURUGAN POONDI and AVINASHI are in the list of this week’s temples visit on 16-10-2013, after my official visit to OOTY. THIRUCHENGODU ARTHANAAREESWARAR Temple was added after visiting my tiny village. My entire plan of my stay  on 15th Oct 2013 and the order of temples visit  was changed, when I received a call from my brother, who is temporarily staying at Palladam. Also the change was a favourable to my temples visit. Reached THIRUMURUGANPOONDI temple around 08.00 Hrs. Since I had collected the details of this temple in adavance, I was able to see the sundarar’s moothams with sorrow ( The gifts were stolen by Lord Shiva's bootha ganangal in the form of Veduvar ) and happiness ( After getting back the gifts by the grace of Lord Shiva ) in his face due to the gifts given by Cheraman Peruman one of the 63var, the Chera King and Sundarar’s friend. The details of the temple are as follows.

This is the 260th Devaram Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam  and  2nd Shiva Sthalam in KONGU NADU.  Sundarar has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple.

Iraivan  : Sri Murganatheswarar, Sri Muruganatha swamy
Iraivi     : Sri Aalingapooshanasthambigai, ( Muyangupoon Mulayammai ),                             Sri Aavudai Nayagi, Sri Mangalambigai.

Some of the important features of this temple are :
  1. There is no Rajagopuram and the Moolavar  and Ambal are facing west. There is a stone lamp post at the entrance of the temple ( Might have used daily in olden days ).
  2. In the outer prakaram sannadhi for Saneeswarar, Navagrahas, Bairavar, Pon maraithu vaidha idam, Pancha Lingangal, Suryan, Sandikeswarar, Dhakshinamoorthy ( in a separate sannadhi and not in koshtam ), Bhavaneeswarar, 63var.
  3. Ambal is in a separate Temple adjacent to moolavar shrine.
  4. In Koshtam  moortham of Durgai and Lingothbavar.
  5. At the entrance to moolavar sannadhi, on the right there are Three moorthams. Shiva in Veduvan ( Hunter )  facing west , Sundarar after lost his gifts given by  by  Cheraman Peruman King  with a sorrow in his face and Sundarar after got back his gifts with a smile in his face are very beautiful.
  6. Dwarabalakars Dindi and mundi are beautiful.
  7. Nandhi, Palipeedam and Dwajasthambam are in front of 16 pillar mandapam.
  8. Aarmuganathar Sannadhi is famous here and is facing south.
  9. The temple is famous for removing pramakathi thosham, Lunatic, Billi  sunyam.
  10. Agasthiyar, Maarkandeyar, Dhurvasar worshiped lord Shiva of this temple.
  11. This temple is under the control of Archeological Survey of India ( ASI ).
  12. There is also an another Shiva temple about 150 meter away from this temple called Maathavaneswarar Temple or Kethu Temple where there is a separate sannadhi for Kethu. It was believed that a Veduva ( Hunter ) King called Malaatharan had  built this temple whose relief  is at  the entrance opposite to moolavar. There is a special feature in this temple ie instead of Rajagopuram there is a sudhai nandhi facing the moolavar vimanam. ( Similar to a temple near Perur, Coimbatore, Shiva temple ).
  1. The place Thirumuruganpoondi is on the way to Avinashi ( a Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam ) from THirupur , about 3 KM before Avinashi.
  2. Lot of Town buses  available from Thirupur and Avinashi.
  1. Vijay Grukkal may be contacted  on his mobile 9944442657 for details and pooja.
 Ambal sannadhi 

 Moolavar vimanam with Dhakshinamoorthy sannadhi

 Sudhai nandhi on Subramaniyar theertha well

 Moolavar vimanam 


 Kalvettukkal around karuvarai walls 

 Lord Shiva in Veduvar kolam and on the right Sundarar with smile in his face 

 Theetha well where nagars are installed around the wall 

 Lamp pillar- Garuda thoon or Villakku thoon  in front of Thirumurugan poondi Shiva temple 

 Moolavar vimanam of  Madhavaneswarar Temple 

Sudhai  Nandhi facing Moolavar vimanam at Madhavaneswarar temple  

 Vel and Peacock were stopped/parked in this place 

From the temple to the main road there are lot  of workshops which are busy in making the moorthams for the temples. In fact the Thirumurugan poondi’s main job is making such moorthams. In those days we used  to hear the sound of hammering on the chisel. But nowadays  due to technological improvement  we could  hear only the drilling and grinding machines sound.

An artisan is on the job 

259 / 1. THIRUPPUKOLIYUR ( Now this place is called as AVINASHI ).

This is the 259th Devaram Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam  and 1st Shiva Sthalam in KONGU NADU. Sundarar  has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple.

Iraivan : Sri Avinashi Lingeswarar,  Sri Avinasieeswarar, Sri Avinashinathar,                        Sri Perungkediliappar.
Iraivi    : Sri Karunambigai, Sri Perungkarunai Nayagi.

Some of the important features of this temple are….
  1. It is first to worship Vazhikatti Vinayagar  and Pathirimarathamman and then  Moolavar,
  2. At the entrance  there is a stone pillar lamp post. We can see the relief of crocodile with a child and Sundarar facing moolavar at the base of the stone pillar  ( The stahala puram – miracle done by Sundarar after he sung the hymns on Lord Shiva ).
  3. The Rajagopuram is of 7 tiers facing east. Dwajasthambam, Nandi and Palipeedam are in a mandapam on the outer prakaram after Rajagopuram.  There are beautiful moorthams chiseled on the pillars.
  4. In the outer parakaram sannadhi for Chandran, Siva Suryan, Subramaniyar, Karunambigai facing east ( Ambal in a separate temple ), Niruthi Vinayagar , Paathiri Tree ( Sthal Viruksham , Murugan sannadhi ( without Valli Devasena ), Saba mandapam, Navagrahas, Saneeswarar in a separate sannadhi.
  5. In the inner prakaram 63var, Sahasra Lingam, Niruthu Vinayagar, Pancha Lingams, Gaja Lakshmi, Senthil Andavar,  Sandikeswarar, Kaala Bairavar ( This is a rare and unique feature of this temple that Bairavar is in the inner prakaram.  )
  6. In koshtam Dhakshinamoorthy, Lingothbavar, Brahma, and Shiva Durgai.
  7. Dwarabalakars are little large is size.

  1. The place Avinashi is on the main road Coimbatore to Erode.  Express and ordinary buses stops at old Bus stand. The temple is about 200 meters from the old Bus stand.
  2. It is a junction for Erode, Coimbatore, Mettupalayam, Gobi, Sathyamangalam and Thirupur ( The textile city ).

  1. The land line number is 04296 273 507


 Moolavar vimanam 

 Sthala Puranam 

 Ambal temple vimanam 

 Temple complex view 

 Old Tamil Inscriptions 

 Sudhai sirpam of Ambal is doing pooja to Lord Shiva 


 A beautiful relief on the pillar of Dwajasthambam palipedam and Nandhi mandapam 

 Sundarar's relief on the stone lamp pillar 

 A child in the mouth of crocodile

 Stone Lamp pillar - Garuda thoon or Villakku thoon  in front of the temple 

Pathirimaratthamman in sitting posture 

After Avinashi Lingeeswarar’s dharshan reached my tiny village Pappavalasu  to see my mother and get her blessings, who is now around 90 plus. She still prepares food for herself and routine works too. After spending  about 3 hours with her, left for THIRUCHENGODU, an another Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam in Kongu Nadu via Erode. This time skipped the relative’s house visit in and around Erode. When I reached the base of the temple the time was 17.30 Hrs. Started climbing up the hill alone  and I could notice only 4 to 5 peoples climbing down, not much of crowd in the temple also. When I reached top I was almost exhausted.  After dharshan in the general line took a special dharshan ticket to have a closer look of moolavar. During my earlier visit I could not see in detail. This time I had spend enough time to see the temple’s architecture, pillar carvings and the various sannadhis in the outer prakaram. The temple was maintained very neat and granite flooring was done throughout the temple. Since I went in the evening I could not feel the heat, otherwise it might be too hot.  Even though I missed the  prathosam, I was fortunate  to see  the golden chariot thiruveethi uzha.  After dharshan of Sri Arthanaareeswarar, returned to base through temple’s bus, since nobody was climbing down through steps.

262 /4. KODIMAADACHENGUNDRUR ( Now this place is called as  Thiruchengodu ).

This is the 262nd Devaram Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam  and 4th Shiva Sthalam in KONGU NADU. Thiruganasambandar has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple. This is a Hill temple where Sri Murugan is given equal importance.

Iraivan    : Sri Arthanareeswrar
Iraivi       : Sri  Bagam Priyal
Murugan : Chengottu Velavar.

Some of the important features of this temple are….
  1. There are about 1200 steps to reach the top of the hill shrine. Steps are neatly constructed. In some places rock was cut to form steps.
  2. There are about 9 mandapams to take rest and proceed to the top of the hill constructed through various castes.
  3.  At one place a there is a relief of snake  about 20 feet length  cut on the rock and devotees used to do prayer with kungkumam.
  4. The Rajagopuram is  of 5 tiers which can be viewed from distance.
  5. Moolavar is facing west, where as Chengottu Velavar is facing east with  separate Dwajasthambam, Palipeedam and Peacock vahanam.
  6. The mandapam pillars are beautifully chiseled with lots and lots  of relief.  
  7. In the outer prakaram sannadhi for Chengottuvelavar ( Vellai pashanam , syumbu moorthi, ), Kumaresar, Navagrahas, Desikar, Mukkootu Vinayagar, Naageswarar, Aathikesava Perumal,  Nalleesar,  Pancha Lingangal, Mallikarjun, Sangameswarar,  Selva Vinayagar, Sabtha Mathakkal, 63var, Vishnu Durgai, KuberaLakshmi, Nairuthi Vinayagar, Manonmani, Natarajar saba, Kasi Viswanathar and Visalkshi, Aathi sheshan, Kaala bairavar.  ( All the sannadhis are not in a sequence – scattered in the outer prakaram ).
  8. In the inner prakaram  sannadhi for Dhashinamoorthy, Khedhara Gowri Amman, Naari Ganapathi, Golden (Thanga)  Chariot Urchavar, Durgai.
  9. Entrance to the moolavar sanndhi is from east. Palaipaadam, Nandhi and Dwajasthambam are visible through salaram apposite to moolavar.
  10. Moolavar is of syuambu. Gurukkal has shown the swamy’s thandam on the right, Jadamudi, swamy on the right &  Ambal on the right and  swamy & ambal Paathams ( Legs  - silambu on one leg and Kazhal on one leg )
  11. Dwarabalakars  are female on the left and male on the right.
  12. Since moolavar is of Arthanareeswarar there is no separate Ambal Sannadhi .
  13. Prasatham of Devatheertham is distributed to the devotees which comes from the paatham of moolavar.
  14. There is a Golden Chariot which goes to prakara uzha during important functions and prathosham days.
  1. Frequent buses are available from Salem, Namakkal, Erode ( 18 KM ).
  2. Temple bus is available from old and New Bus stand. The donation is Rs 10 to up and Rs 10 for down. Can be utilized by those who cannot climb through steps.
  1. Temple office at base telephone number is 04288 – 255925 and Hill temple phone number is 9364229181.

 Sengunthar mandapam 

 Kalathi mandapam 


 Kaarkatha Vellalar mandapam 

 Naagar relief on the mountain rock 

 A beautifully carved pillar in the Morur Chinna vakaiyara Singa mandapam 

 Morur Chinna vakaiyara Singa mandapam 

 Sri Valli Devasena Subramaniyar relief on the rock under a mandapam 

 Relief of (may be ) King and queen  relief on the side of steps 

 Steps are chiseled on the mountain rock-itself

 Devar Adiyar's mandapam 

 Ilaippatri ( இளைப்பாற்றி மண்டபம் ) mandapam 

 The 5 tier Rajagopuram 
 The 5 tier Rajagopuram with the mandapam in front 

 A beautifully chiseled pillar behind Chengottuvelavar sannadhi 

The beautifully carved pillars with reliefs & Dwajasthambam - a night view 

 The Golden Chariot thiruveethi uzha 

The Golden Chariot

Even though I had been to these temples earlier, this time I could see and learn more details of these ancient temples. If I get chance once again, I would like to visit these temples to know more and more.

------ OM  SIVAYA  NAMA ------


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