Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Sri Valeeswarar Temple, Kuranganilmuttam, Kanchipuram District Tamil Nadu - Paadal Petra Sthalangal of Thondai Nadu.

 4, March 2014.
( I used to up date my posts in a day or two after visiting the temples. This time it was delayed due to a road accident, in which my right leg small bone got fractured near the ankle and joint also dislocated. A surgery was performed and recovering now. I do not know when the next Temples visits will happen. Hope Lord Shiva will bless me for doing further. Sorry for the delay.

This week end on 15-02-2014, planned to visit 2 more temples around Kanchipuram. Kuranganilmuttam on Cheyyar route and Thirumarperu on Arakkonam route. This time there was not much crowd. I was able to get a seat from Poonamallee to Kanchipuram.  After reaching Kanchipuram took a Vandavasi private bus  to Dusi, which is about 8 KM from Bus stand. There was no cycle shop kept open to get a bicycle on rent. Hence started walking to KuranganilMuttam which is about 2 KM from Dusi main road. The climate was not hot and it was cloudy. Slight drizzling was also there.

On reaching Kuranganilmuttam, found out the Sivachariyar’s residence and informed my arrival for darshan of Lord Shiva. The Sivachariyar opened the door and had the good darshan.

This is the 6th Devaram Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam in Thondai Nadu. Thirugnanasambandar has sung hymns in praise of lord Shiva of this temple.

Moolavar    : Sri Valeeswarar, Sri Koyyamalai Nathar
Consort      : Sri Irayar Valliammai

Some of the important details of this temple are …..
The temple is facing west and the sanctum sanctorum is small and moolavar is also small. The temple is constructed on the rocky surface.

In the inner prakaram sannadhi for Vinayagar, Murugan, Viswanathar, Visalakshi, Durgai, Brahma, Navagrahas, Thirumal, Bhairavar, Naalvar, Saptamatrikas and Chandikeswarar.

The Ambal sannadhi is at front facing south, originally Ambal sannidhi was out side and latter shifted to the present place.

A Pallava period Rock cut cave Temple / Kudaivarai Kovil in the village to be seen. The Monument is under the control of ASI and key is available in the  opposite house.

The temple has Sri Krishnadevaraya period old Tamil inscriptions. which gives the message of Sri Krishnadevaraya had donated  the Pallavapuram village for the pooja expenses.

 Krishnadevaraya Period Tamil Inscriptions
Sthala Puranam
A stone with Tamil inscriptions standing in front of the temple on the road side
It was believed that Vaali in the form of monkey (குரங்கு), Inthiran in the form of Squirrel அணில் ) and Yama in the form of crow (முட்டம் or காகம்) worshiped Lord Shiva of this temple. Sculpture is available at the entrance of the shrine.

 Indiran and Eman in the form of Crow (முட்டம் - காகம்  ) worshiping Lord Shiva 
 Vaali is worshiping in the form of monkey (குரங்கு )

The Sivachariyar’s house is very near to the temple. Sridhar Gurukkal 9445642409 may be contacted for details and Pooja.
After darshan, visited the  Pallava Period Rock cut Temple or kal mandapam. The details are written in a separate post after covering the temples. 

The place Dhusi is on the bus route from Kanchipuram to Vandavasi / Cheyyar, from there 2 KM on the south side.


Temple complex in a distance view

 Relief at the right side entrance,  Brahma worshiping Lord Shiva, Lord Shiva & Parvati on the Rishabam
Sri Vishnu in the koshtam
Nagars  in the outer prakaram 
......................Thirumarperu and Thirukkachi Ekamban continued in the next post

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