Tuesday, 4 March 2014


4, March 2014.
After dharshan of Lord Shiva Sri Manikandeswarar, came to Bus stop and waited. It took 1 hour to get a bus, since I missed one bus, which left just 5 minutes before my arraival to the bus stop. Around 13.30 Hrs reached Kanchipuram.

After seeing the Rajagopuram of Sri Ekambareswarar temple got down near the temple. This Changed my idea of returning to Chennai, earlier. The temple was open only by 16.00 Hrs and spend around 2 hours in the temple. The temple authorities allowed to take photographs  by charging a fee of Rs 20 for still cameras and Rs 10 for mobile cameras. 

01 – THIRUKKACHI EKAMBAM ( This place is now called as Kanchipuram and Iraivan is called as Sri Ekambareswarar  )

This is the 1st Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam in Thondai Nadu. Naalvar  ie., Thiruganasambandar, Sundarar, Thirunavukkarasar and Manikkavasakar has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple.

Iraivan  : Sri Thiruvekambar, Sri Ekambaranathar, Sri Ekambareswarar
Iraivi     : Sri Elavarkuzhali

Some of the important features of this temple are…….
  1. The 16 pillar Mandapam at the beginning of the street is named after Viswabrahmana Ingol Che. Sangapathar. The relief of Vishnu, Vishnu in koorma avathar worshiping Lord shiva, Lord Shiva & Parvathy, Varaki are looks cute.
  2. There is a 4 Pillar mandapam in between 16 Pillar Mandapam and Rajagopuram.
  3. The Rajagopuram is facing south and has 9 tiers. Except dwarabalakars there is no other sudhai sirpangal. The Rajagopuram is 192 feet tall. It was constructed by Sri Krishna Devarayar during 1509 AD.
  4. The main temple has 5 Prakarams. In the 3rd, 4th and 5th prakaram Sivagangai Theertham with Neerazhi mandapam, Sudhai nandhi in a mandapam, Vaaleeswarar sannadhi, Mayaneeswarar sannadhi with Koshta moorthangal, Pali peedam, Dwajasthambam, again Nandhi. The front mandapam pillars are with full of reliefs. We may not afford to miss to watch any one of them.
  5. There is a second level Rajagopram, through which we have enter to the sanctum sanctorum.
  6. In the 2nd prakaram sannadhi for Sri Pralayathamman, Kazharchinga Nayanar, Lingangal, Urchavar sannadhi, Five face Vinayagar, Maavadi ( It was believed that the Maa tree ( Mango tree ) is  of 3500 years old and the exisiting was replanted recently ), Sahasra Lingam worshiped by Ramar, Palliyarai, Maavadi Kandhar, Elavarkuzhali Amman, Navagrahas, Natarajar Saba with Ambal ( on the North side of the prakaram with mandapam and space for circumbulance.
  7. In the 1st parkaram sannadhi for, Balachandra Ganapathy, Spadika lingam, Pralaya lingam, Naalvar, 63var ( old mural paintings of 63var is also visible above moorthams on the wall– may be more than 200 to 300 hundred years old), Sekkizhar, Santhana kuravarkal, Kasi Viswanathar, Santhana Ganapathy,  Sowbakya Ganapathy, Sakthi Ganapathy, 108 Lingams,  Naaga Lingam, Arumugam, 108 Lingam, Markandeswarar, Mathala maatheswarar, Kalla kambar, 63var ( impon sila roopangal ), Nilathunda Perumal ( Perumal has the  mangala sasanam by Thirumangai Azhlwar. This is one of the 108 Divya Dhesams of Perumal. )
  8. In koshtam there is no moorthams and moolavar was made of sand by Sri Parvathy to get rid of bab, caused due to closing the eyes of Lord Shiva. She embraced Sand Shiva Linga when the river was flooded. Hence there is mark on moolavar lingam. Moolavar will be always closed with kavasam and abishekam will be done only for avudayar. On Mondays Gold kavasam will be kept on which Ambal relief embracing lord Shiva can be seen.
  9. Sundarar has got back his left eye sight in this temple which he lost on the way to Kanchipuram via Thiruvenbakkam where he got untrukol from Iraivan.
  10. It was believed that Kanchipuram has a history before Christ, 5th century. With Kanchipuram as capital of Thondai Nadu was ruled between 3rd and 9th centuary by Pallavas. Chozhas and Vijayanagara kings also ruled Kanchi.
  11. It was believed that Dharmabalar, Head of  Nalanda University, Professor Thinnanaakar and Bodhi Dharmar who had written Buudhist philosophy belongs to this place.
  12. Also Chanakyar who wrote Artha sasthiram, Parimelazhakar who wrote the meanings for Thirukkural, Poikaiazhlvar, Vedhandha Desikar, Vannakazhangiyam Naagalinga Munivar and  Syama Sasthirikal are belongs to this place.
  1. Frequent buses are available from Chennai and buses also available from district capitals of Tamil Nadu. The temple is about 2 KM distance from Bus Stand.
  2. Town bus facility is also available.
  3. Train facility is available from Chengalpattu and Arakkonam.
  1. The temple is kept open between 06.00 Hrs. to 12.30 Hrs and 16.00 Hrs. to 20.30 Hrs.
  1. The land line number is 044 - 2722 2084.
 16 Pillar mandapam 
 A relief of Sri Vishnu  in 16 Pillar mandapam 
 A relief of Shiva and Parvathi
 A relief  in 16 Pillar mandapam
 Relief of Sri Vishnu in Varaka Avathar worshiping Lord Shiva  in 16 Pillar mandapam 
Relief of  Varaki  in 16 Pillar mandapam 
 A relief in 16 Pillar mandapam
The 4 Pillar Mandapam 
 The Nine tier Rajagopuram on the south side 
 Sri Parvathi worshiping Lord Shiva Lingam made out of sand by her
 A relief in the  Front ( anbe sivam ) mandapam. 
  A relief in the  Front ( anbe sivam ) mandapam.
  A relief in the  Front ( அன்பே சிவம்  anbe sivam ) mandapam.
Front mandapam 
 Front Mandapam with 2nd stage Rajagopuram
 Front mandapam
 Sudhai nandhi mandapam 
 Palipeedam Dwajasthambam and Nandhi mandapam 
 63var  - with mural old painting of 63var on the top
 Sri Pralayathamman sannadhi
Maavadi - Sthala Viruksham Mango tree
Nandhi mandapam in front of Maavadi
 A Bairavar relief in the front mandapam pillar
 A shiva's relief in the front mandapam Pillar
 The beauty of the pillar in front of Sri Mayaneeswarar Sannadhi

An Open mandapam where the functions are held

On the way to Sri Kamakshi Amman temple visited Sri Murugan Temple called Kumara kottam. The temple has a Rajagopuram on the west side and Sri Subramaniyar is  also facing west.


Some of the important features are ....
  1. Here Sri Subramaniyar is in Brahma sastha Kolam which he forcibly took over from Brahma, who do not know the meaning of pranava manthiram “AUM”.
  2. Kachiappa Sivachariyar has composed the Kandha Puranam in this temple, starting with “Thikada chakkaram”.
  3. Kandha Puranam was composed and placed in front of Sri Subaramaniyar during 11th century in a mandapam, is still in good condition.
  4. Arunagirinathar’s poem “arivillaa pithar” was also composed in this temple only.
  5. Bamban Swamykal was guided to this temple by Lord Murugan in the form of a small boy.


There is also a shiva temple in front – South east corner - of Sri Kamakshi Amman Temple.  Lord shiva of this temple is called as Sri Kowsikeswarar. It is a small temple. The temple is of complete stone structure constructed during 9th century.



There is no sannadhi for Ambal in any of the Shiva Temples in Kanchipuram. Amman temple is about a KM from Bus stand and Sri Ekambareswarar Temple.

The temple is facing south east direction with a 5 tier Rajagopuram with lot of sudhai sirpangal.

Some of the important features of this temple are...
  1. This is one of the 51 Sakthi Peedams.
  2. It was believed that Pandasuran was killed by Sri Kamakshi as a 9 year old Child. After killing, her ugram ( anger ) was not reduced. She was pacified to Santham /normal by Sri Sankarachariyar through installation of Sri Chakkaram.
  3. It was also believed that Amman’s moola moortham was installed by Rishi Dhurvasar.
  4. Dwajasthambam with Palipeedam are in front of Sanctum Sanctorum near Rajagopuram.
  5. Amman is in a 24 pillar mandapam, called Gayathiri mandapam. It was said that 24 acharam  is in the form of 24 pillars. There is also another Amman moortham in dhabas /  standing posture on one leg in the same mandapam.
  6. Amman Vimanam and Aadhi Sankarar  sannadhi vimanams are covered with golden plates.
  7. It was also believed that  all the Navagrahas are under the feet of Sri Kamakshi Amman, hence devotees need not worry about  Navagrahas fear, when they worhip Sri Kamakshi.
  8. Sannadhi for Gana Saraswathy Lakshmi, Aruba Lakshmi, Shyamala Varaahi, Annapoorani, Arthanaare, Pilakaasam, Sri Chakkaram, Dhabas Kamakshi,  Bangaru Kamakshi.
  9. Perumal in this temple is called as Kallvan, since he over-heared the conversation of Sri Lakshmi and Sri Kamakshi Amman through hiding. This Perumal temple is also one of the 108 Divya deasams and mangala sasanam was done by Thirumangai Azhlwar.
 South east side Rajagopuram 
 Temple complex view - Aaadhi Shankarar's sannadhi  gopuram is gold plated
 Front Mandapam with Rajagopuram view 

 The front mandapam
After dharshan of Sri Kamakshi Amman, closed my week end’s Temples visit and proceeded to Bus stand to catch a bus to Chennai. As usual there was a lot of rush to Chennai. This time I was waiting near the entrance of the Bus stand  to get a seat.  I was able to get a seat in a bus which came from Cheyyar.  Reached home around 21.30 Hrs.   
------- OM SHIVAYA NAMA ------


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