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22nd March, 2016.
Last Sunday ie 20th March 2016, had been to Puzhal Thirumoolanathar darshan. One of my friend whose residence is very near to the temple wants to come my home along with his brother on Sunday afternoon in a hot summer heat ( I do not wants them to travel a long distance  especially on Sunday after noon ). Since  I visited this Puzhal Sri Thirumoolanathar temple about 10 years before, thought of visiting once again and pay a visit to his house.   To know more details about the temple,  searched in the web site and  I could not get  any details, except real estates.

From Velachery  chosen the outer ring road ( Chennai  by pass road)  which ends at Puzhal, to avoid traffic of Ashoknagar- VadaPalani- Koyambedu – Annanagar – Rettai Yeri route. The traffic was also less on Sunday. The route is okay to ride on my scooter  except on some places.

To my surprise there were lot of  changes in and around the temple. Outer prakaram was paved with tiles after raising the floor level of 2 feet, sannadhis are also constructed for  Anjaneyar, Mahaprirthyangara Devi, Sarabeswarar.  And inside tiles  also paved on the floors and walls are also fixed with tiles. 63var was also installed in L shape.  The inscriptions are  damaged  and some of the stones with inscriptions were used for  steps during renovation.

Iraivan  : Sri Thirumoolanathar
Iraivi     : Sri Sornambigai.
Some of the important details of this temple are...
  1. The temple is facing east with Dwajasthambam, Palipedam and nandhi.
  2. Sannadhi for Sri Maha Ganapathy, Sri Anjaneyar, Maha Prithiyangara devai, Sarabeswarar, Sri Kasi Viswanathar & Visalakshi, Nagar,  Navagrahas, Bairavar, Sandikeswarar.
  3. In the inner prakaram sannadhi for Sakthi Ganapathy,  Shiva Lingam, Gajalakshmi, Veerabathirar, Valli Devasena Subramaniyar, Astothara Lingam,  Maha sarasvathy, 63var, Swarna akarshna Bairavar, Chandran, Suryan and a mandapam.
  4. In koshtam Niruthiya Lingam, Dhakshinamurthy, Maha Vishnu ( in place of Lingothbavar), Brahma and Durgai. Moolavar looks beautiful in Nagaabarana kavas am.
  5. Ambal is in a separate temple like sannadhi with koshtam. In koshtam Maashentri Vaaraki, Brahmani, Maheswari & Narayani.
  6. There is a under ground passage and it is believed that it goes to Thirumullaivayila dn Thiruvotriyur.
  7. I was believed that Sundarar, Thirumoolar worshiped Lord Shiva of this temple ( Hence called as Thirumoolanathar ).  Agasthiyar had seen Lord Shiva’s kalyana kolam in the Shiva Lingam.
  8. It was believed that the temple is 1300 years old and constructed during  14th Century Pallava period.
  1. The temple is kept open between  06.30 hrs to 11.00 hrs and 17.00 hrs to 20.00 hrs
  1. Gurukal Natarajam may be contacted over his mobile 9566258425. For further details.
  1. Puzhal is on the way to Red hills on the Nellore route and lot of town buses are available from Koyambedu.
  2. Get down at overhead tank bus stop (opposite to Puzhal new prison ) and the temple is about 1 KM off main road.

 Mahaganapathy Sannadhi   
  Mahaganapathy Sannadhi Sri Sarabeswarar sannadhi 
  Anjaneyar Sannadhi & Sri Pritiyangara devi Sannadhi   
 Back side of Moolavar Vimanam 

 Back side of Ambal sannadhi 
  Sri Sarabeswarar sannadhi   
 Mandapam with Boothapothikai ( present office room 
 Main sanctum 

 Pallava Period pillar relief 
 Bottom grill is the under ground passage believed to passage for Thirumullaivayil and Thiruvotriyur 
 The painting near Ambal Sannadhi ceiling- can any one tell me what is this?

 Bootha pothikai
 Bootha pothikai
 Bootha pothikai

 inscription stone is used as a step

 inscription back side of Ambal sannadhi 

.... to be continued  for Madras war cemetery. 

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